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Teenstravaganza! #5

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Teenstravanza! #5
A New Sensations Release
Starring:  Julia Bond, Jenna Doll, Ellie Idol, Courtney James, Kat, Tori Black, Alexis Texas, Audrey Bitoni, Tatiana Kush, Jessica Valentino & Dakoda Brooks.
With:  Mark Davis, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Ashley, Brother Love, Tommy Gunn, Mario Rossi, Steve Holmes, Alex Gonz, Johnny Sins, Jack Venice and Jew Hefner & Leon Loveless (non-sex roles)
Runtime:  4hrs 40min (2 discs)
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  If you've had trouble keeping up with New Sensations' release flow (so much good stuff, so little time!), Teenstravaganza! #5 is here to help you wade through it all.  Of course, it would help if you preferred to see teen-ified ladies brimming with youth doing their best to get you off, because at nearly five hours, you'll need the strength to keep up!  Let's get it on...

- DISC 1 -

[Scene One]  Julia Bond  (with Mark Davis)
(from Young As They Cum #18)

We find Julia writhing on the floor of a red-soaked kitchen, an already soaked shirt getting damper with each ice cube from her handy cup of water.  Once her stable of cool bites is withered and sopped up, Mark arrives to finger bang a counter-bound Julia before she lays down a blow job.  Holding her right leg up, Mark lifts her for doggy, then leading her to a couch for a missionary pile-on, clit rubbing throughout.  After a taste, the doggy continues, with even more digit fucking, in both Julia's pussy and ass, and standard cowgirl begins a steady badunkadonk rhythm which continues in reverse cowgirl, as well.  A brief side saddle foray merges back into the tried and true doggy-style yet again, and thusly a pop is absorbed by Julia's open mouth quite craftily.  Mark is intent in adoring Julia's ass, a beautiful booty, and her eager will carries the scene along nicely.  It didn't turn me into a lifelong fan, but I'll keep a close watch, for sure, on Julia's future exploits!

[Scene Two]  Jenna Doll  (with Manuel Ferrara)
(from Ashlynn & Friends 3)

Jenna greets the camera from above, hovering and scooping up her gooey tits in both a sweater top and bare in a backyard.  Manuel discovers her mashing both chest and middle, and he keeps up quite agreeably, sucking and fingering a very receptive Jenna, leading her indoors to continue the dual brest batting.  Not oddly enough, they both seem equally engrossed in Jenna's chesticles, with Manuel venturing south to kiss her from below, Jenna stroking his humungous with her clasped hand.  He bends her over to lick her ass, making her giggle, and he sits up to insert his peen into her open mouth.  Manuel rides Jenna's chest before slipping into spooned side-saddle, Jenna oohing and aaahing with every thrust and diddle of his hand.  Cowgirl is a hot and sticky affair, with more spooning leading to reverse cowgirl, and finally doggy, wherein Manuel travels up for another chest stroke,  unloading his steed upward and in between Jenna's wonderous jugs.  A fine ending, indeed, to an equally fine scene.  Jenna burns up with every one of Manuel's love taps, nailing a few climaxes before allowing his throw to cover her already sweaty bosom.  Terrific!

(Jenna:  Bunchin' it up, the wonderland dairy)

[Scene Three]  Ellie Idol  (with Mark Ashley)
(from Stuffin' Young Muffins #8 ) (excerpted from my previous review...)

Slipping and sliding her body underneath a warm jet of water, Ellie manages to never soil her ravened mop a drop, and emerges from the shower to toy and rub her soft, covered areas at the foot of the bathroom.  Seeking another set of hands, she jettisons down a flight of stairs to find Mark, who bites and inhales her nipples before aiming his chin toward Ellie's crotch.  She revels in this, humping his open mouth as he slithers his tongue inside and out of her pussy.  Ellie cradles her legs up, knees pushed to her cheeks, allowing Mark to fully savor her every flavor.  She emits a loving assortment of coos, giggles, snarls and puffs as this is all happening, truly enjoying the moment, unaware of the camera.  Beginning to blow Mark, Ellie garbles as much as she can into her tiny mouth, flipping over into 69, Mark still marveling at her assortment and depth of goodies.  In doggy, Ellie's face blurs in a mess of hair and scrunched-faced reactions as Mark deploys his missile from above.  Her delightful ululations continue in natural cowgirl, during which each partner takes turns at the wheel (Mark hammers, Ellie twists and swivels her crotch in a flurry of hip grinding).   After a smooth taste, Ellie curves into spoon position, which Mark happily engages in, and standard missionary seals the deal, a shot of love onto and around Ellie's mouth (with a sample worming into her mouth, which she swallows).  Ellie's performance is eager and surprising, at times, with the level of joy she displays with Mark.  However, she has a habit of glancing toward the camera at times during the scene, but her improvisatory vocals and guile remain unaffected by this tiny hang-up.  A combination of nervousness and glee?  Any way you slice it, Ellie, I'll still love whatever you do to bits, as long as it rivals this performance!

[Scene Four]  Courtney James  (with Mark Ashley
(from  All Teens #3) (excerpted from my previous review...)  

-- sponsored by --

In white heels and khaki shorts, Courtney loosens herself free, revealing a plum of an ass, which she bumps down into the carpet for some self-flagellation.  Mark arrives and stands before her, propping her mouth wide, and she focuses on his mushroom head.  Likewise, he does the same to her clit, and a light and breezy session of missionary works itself into a pile driving beat, Courtney's back slid upward for maximum penetration.  The steady work continues via doggy and onto standard cowgirl, which allows Mark the chance to throttle Courtney from below as she hovers above him.  Plenty of mid-stroke tasting marks the transitions from spoon to reverse cowgirl (back on the floor), and Courtney accepts Mark's soft bullets, dappling her face and mouth.  While she is in possession of a killer set of curves, Courtney's performance feels somewhat shaky, and her coos and calls out are all delivered directly into the camera, huffs and puffs that certainly could use a bit of ironing out.  Still, she's a beauty, and I can't fault that for a second, now, can I?

[Scene Five]  Kat  (with Brother Love)
(from POV Fantasy #3)

Kat, fitted with a blue wig and schoolgirl skirt to replicate a cosplay heroine, isn't shy about her preferred positions, eagerly encouraging each moment with her brand of dirty talk.   She soon shows off her oral skills, downing Brother Love's cock deep down to the hilt, tickling her throat with his wild reed.  In missionary, she keeps her finger constantly on her clit trigger, violently rubbing and snubbing her fingers down and in entwined circles.  Standard cowgirl leads to a reverse play, and even into anal, with Kat's tiny ass engulfing Brother's thick blimp as far down as possible!  A few licks of ass to mouth later, Kat strokes him off with a smile, the pods landing over her mouth and face and hands.  Impressive and as adventurous, Kat dazzles in this point of view fantasy, giving her all, and even then some!  An ass-smacking good time!

[Scene Six]  Tori Black  (with Mark Ashley)
(from All Teens #3) (excerpted from my previous review...)

We find Tori lying in bed, restlessly waiting for Mark, who's busy in a nearby room, to join her.  Her distractions begin by stripping off her handful of clothes for the camera, straddling and tossing herself atop the bed, caught up in rapture with herself.  Still, she needs the assistance of another, and Mark supplies a welcome remedy with his tongue pressed against her pink, twinkling crotch candy.   Tori's subsequent blow job that follows soon turns to face fucking, and she comes up for air to run her studded tongue along Mark's quivering shaft, jerking his cane, staring into his eyes.  He flips her over, tickling her ass orally, toying with her bottom before slaying her in doggy.  A mixture of grunts, whispers and dirty talk flow from Tori as she receives, and the two carry their pulsing rate off the bed and onto a matching couch.  A missionary trek soon turns into spooning, and afterward a booming missionary pile drive venture leads back into doggy, Tori taste-testing Mark's dick all along the way.  She slathers his rod in spit and pussy juice, and they finally end in reverse cowgirl, where Mark hammers from below.  Her orgasms now puffing into a final cool down, Tori opens up and swallows her partner's every last bit of joint juice.  Tori's energy and vigor is electric in this scene, and dialing into Mark's frequencies, as well as her own, they become attuned with each other, battling onward from orgasm to orgasm.  Wonderful, wonderful times!
- DISC 2 -

[Scene Seven]  Alexis Texas (with Tommy Gunn)
(from Ashlynn Goes to College#2)

Wearing Tommy's leather cap, Alexis lifts her shirt and spins around for a backward licking following a short, floor-bound tease.  A face-to-face cowgirl session extends into full-on 69, then doggy, where Alexis' pro-style is on full display.  My goodness!  The two spoon and flips back into place for missionary, Alexi's dash of fur like a piece of garnish on the sublimest of dishes, enough for two or three, let alone just one!  After a few timely, conclusive bumps, Tommy expels his goo on Alexis' downright yummy belly and heaving breasts, which she toys with before the fade-out.  Alexis' performance is all that and more, with plenty of worthwhile vocals, stroking and munching to exhaust even the most virile dudes to take her on (Tommy is no slouch, either).  My eyes were practically bugging out!  Beautiful stuff!

[Scene Eight]  Audrey Bitoni  (with Mario Rossi)
(from Young As They Cum #21)

Audrey sucks and licks her fingers and tits before Mario eventually settles in to suck on her toes and snatch, a goodly amount before missionary begins.  He stays clothed until a lengthy amount of cowgirl succeeds them both, and Audrey slurps his unit before turning for a reverse cowgirl play.  A doggy pile-on continues, and Audrey grips Mario's pointy pink thing quite tight, stroking until an array of sauce covers her face, cheeks and lips.  Her enthusiasm isn't as great as her best work, though Audrey never turns in a scene worth skipping.  Her gigantic boobs (totally grope-tastic!) are always a good draw, but I found myself turning lackadaisical during the endless amount of cowgirl fucking.  Not Audrey's best moments, though there will always be more and more!

[Scene Nine]  Tatiana Kush   (with Steve Holmes & Alex Gonz)
(from Fillin' Both Holes)

Under the guise of a business venture, Steve and Alex do a final review of their impending purchase of Tatiana's company services, upon signature prompting a risky offer:  Steve wants all of her, to share with his fellow cohort.  Alex is embarrassed as Steve whips out a polka-dotted pair of undewear, though the two are grinning once Tatiana meets them downstairs, ready to pounce.  She teases them before using both hands to attend to their sizable slabs of meat, blowing one as the other sniffs and noshes on her spread bush.  Cowgirl and spoon positions are exchanged and swapped, while the other stuffs Tatiana's face, leading to an anal play in doggy.  Soon, a double penetration is at hand, and even that is turned and repositioned for maximum, equal effect.  Plenty of ass to mouth action, along with solo anal doggy strides by each fellow finalize with a sperm drizzle across Tatiana's Euro-esque visage.  All seem to enjoy each other's cyclical company, as evidence by Tatiana's ever-present grin and her willingness to down and concentrate on both men at once.  Dynamite stuff, indeed!

(Tatiana:  Smiling off.)

[Scene Ten]  Jessica Valentino  (with Johnny Sins)
(from Myplace 4: A Space for Whores)

Poolside, Jessica smokes and pulls out her teeny tits, lazily expressing her will to fuck.  A literally smoking blow job outdoors starts us off, a beach chair being the plinth holding Jessica up for doggy.  She tastes prior to missionary, after which she runs off to pee indoors (sadly, not filmed).  Inside, cowgirl and its reverse are worked out with Johnny, going back outside for more deep-plowed missionary.  Doggy awaits us again once the two sneak back inside, along with a cunnilingus stretch before a spooning falls into a final spark of missionary, with Johnny pulling out to aim and shoot on Jessica's face and chest. 

While I could have passed on seeing the extended horsepucky at the beginning (a cadre of behind-the-cameramen shouting orders toward their talent, and so forth), Jessica's pure enjoyment of the fucking is what makes the scene worth checking out, especially as she's such a cute little thing with a nasty streak inside of her.  Johnny pile into her with gleeful abandon, and she accepts his cockery and culminating blast with every bit of her being.  The variety of positions, both in and outdoor, can be dizzying, but if you can keep up, I assure you, it's stupendous and well worth it!

(Jessica:  Pound for pound for pound.)

[Scene Eleven]  Dakoda Brooks  (with Jack Venice, and Jew Hefner and Leon Loveless)
(from Fuck For Dollars #6

Almond-eyed Dakoda is found by Jew Hefner and his crew at the dry cleaners, offering a trip back to their place for a paid strip-tease.  She's quite skilled in the turn of a heel, and dazzles her audience of Leon and Jack, snapping up a few high-water bills when offered to suck Jack off.  She throats his schlong down, raising her ass up for doggy-style prodding from behind, with a brief taste to follow.  Missionary and cowgirl follow, with a reverse cowgirl pat pat dissolving into a facial cum shot for the not-too-electrifying conclusion.  While Dakoda is a spicy little number in mid-twirl, during all the pounding she displays a very underwhelming, slightly eye-rolling attitude.  Sure, a few chirps may arise, but overall, her performance is limp and undercooked.  My horny: it's gone!

(Dakoda:  Stripping is really her racket, she's pro all the way!)

Special Features

A Photo Gallery is presented in a slide show over the course of about four minutes, a Pick Your Pleasure menus allows access so scene-specific positions, and the usual Company Info is included on the disc.  Definitely not stellar, but the value of the main material on the discs outweighs any lack of substantial special features.

Audio/Visual Quality
Since this is a compilation, the material is varying slightly in quality, but a sturdy image is championed throughout.  All, except Kat and Jessica's scenes (capped in at 1.33:1 full-screen) were shot in 1.78:1 widescreen, and were lit with a combination of outdoor and indoor lighting, with emphasis on the latter.  A nice blend of the realistic-look (Jessica's scene) and almost purely artificial (Alexis' turn) make a quietly diverse presentation quite enjoyable.  The audio was presented in 2-channel stereo, and dipped in volume per scene only slightly.

In Conclusion
This, the sixth volume in the Teenstravaganza! series, is filled with great scenes, and even a few duds, but is definitely a good primer for the other highly regarded releases from New Sensations, et al.  Jenna's boobtastic voyage along the good ship Manuel was a definite highlight, as was Tatiana's three-way and Jessica's smoking public service schtupping.  Tori was pure dynamite, and I dug Ellie, despite her questionable proclivities.  Alexis and Kat, already veterans, rocked my socks off and across the room, and Julia's sopping ass was time well spent.  All in all, a value of a one-stop shop release is relatively high, though I couldn't recommend both the All Teens and Stuffin Young Muffins series enough, if this particular five hours of material just isn't enough.  Delightful, just delightful!

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