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Gay Arab Club

Studio: French Connection » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
None Credited
2 Hour 2 Minutes
CAST: None Credited
PRODUCTION DATES:05-01-07, 02-15-07, 03-02-07, 11-14-06, 02-23-07, 02-08-07, 02-21-07, 01-23-07

The Good Stuff

Put some guys in fezzes and some Aladdin costumes and let them go at it in tent and you have Gay Arab Club.


Scene 1
A cute Arab guy wakes up from a snooze and seems surprised that he has an erection. He strips out of his clothes and is so proud of his hard on that he dances around a bit, flexes his smooth muscular body and flops his long, fat, cut cock around for a bit before jacking and shooting a load.

Scene 2
Two guys in Fezzes and Aladdin gear are sitting side by side. A pale guy in a black fez and a tanner guy in a red one. They get out of their clothes and Red Fez sucks off Black Fez's uncut long cock. There is a nice shot of Black Fez's hairy hole while he is being blown. Red Fez gags down Black Fez's cock and gets smacked in the face with it a few times before having his shaved bung tapped in doggie and spoon. Black fez nuts on Red Fez's pecs and he shoots a tiny load in his own pubes.

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Scene 3
This scene starts right off the bat with the guys already in action. Again one guy is pale and one tan. Both guys slimly muscular and decently hung. The pale guy sucks off his tan compatriots nice sized cock really working it over. This isn't this cock suckers first cock as he shows off some nice oral skills. The tan guy straddles the pale guys neck and gives him some face fucking before the guys get in 69 position. Our tan friend looks grossed out and never gets more than 6 inches near his friends boner. Our pale friend fingers his hole while his partner gets a condom on. They screw in doggie, spoon and missionary and the pale guy nuts while being screwed. Tan guy then strokes his load over pales chest as he writhes on the bed.

Scene 4
Two Arab guys are in a tent mutually jacking each other off. One guy has curly dark hair, muscular body, trimmed body hair and an olive complexion and the other is pale slim and muscular. They suck each other off for a while before 69ing and moving into screwing. The pale guy takes turns fucking his curly haired mate in missionary and doggie. His cock is having a difficult time staying hard and you can tell because he is doing the squeeze the cock maneuver to keep it hard. The guys end up side by side and both jack out small loads. Not real exciting.

Scene 5
This scene is a three way between three young twinky guys. Their looks range from a dirty blond guy with gorgeous blue eyes and slim muscular body, to an Arab looking guy with caramel colored skin, a shaved head and lean toned body, and the third guy who is the top for the scene looks almost Latin with a short haircut, slightly more muscular than the other guys and pale tan coloring. The blonde an the Arab take turns sucking off the Latin guys average cut cock for a while before they get to screwing. Blue Eyes rims his Arab friend before Latin gives Arab some dicking while sucking off Blue Eyes. These three guys are enjoying themselves and Latin enjoying it most of all because he has his choice of asses to plunder. Latin takes turns on both guys holes before everyone is side by side jacking. The spooge starts flowing from Arab first, then Blue Eyes ending with Latin all shooting small loads.

Scene 6
This scene starts off with the two guys already naked. Francois Sagat is muscular with trimmed body hair and a fat uncut cock and his Arab friend is slimly muscular with a long uncut cock of his own that Francois is busy sucking on. Francois sucks his friend sitting and then standing and then gets his perfect muscular ass fucked in doggie on all fours and then standing and bent over at the waist. Francois friend nuts on his hairy chest and then Francois lays down and strokes out his own load on his now sweat slicked washboard abs.

Scene 7
A muscular black guy is asleep in the tent when a twinkish Arab guy comes in and wants to see if Black guys really are bigger down there. The Arab guy takes a peek at the Black guys big dick and this wakes up the black guy but he doesn't seem bothered. Twinky takes his chance and starts sucking on that big black meaty pole. The Black guy isn't satisfied with some oral action and needs to screw so he fingers and licks Twinkys hole before dogging his ass rough and hard showing Twinky that black guys like to fuck. They end up side by side stroking their cocks with Twinky nutting first and then the black guy shooting his own creamy load.

Scene 8
Francos Sagat and our friend with the black fez from scene 2 are partying with a pretty, tan girl with an almost Latina flavor to her. The girl takes turns sucking of Black Fezs and Sagats cocks. While Sagat has the girls lips wrapped around his fat hog he takes some time to suck off Black Fez's long cock. Black Fez is next playing with the girls vag while she sucks off Sagat and Sagat plays with Fez's asshole. Fez gives the girl some cunnilingus before taking a turn slamming her from behind while she gags down Sagats fat dick. Sagat is on all fours next to the girl and his sweet ass is too much of an invitation and Fez switches holes and gives Francois some ass action. While being ass slammed Francois reaches over and gives the girls jugs some half-assed squeezes and even gives one a lick. The scene ends with both guys nutting on the girls tits.



The full frame transfer of the film was okay. Some of the scenes did get fuzzy as the guys moved around. The lighting looks like they were using floodlights or spotlights and for the majority of the scenes the colors started getting washed out. In scene seven they used natural light and everything was much clearer. The dolby 2.0 sound was adequate and everything was clearly heard.


Not even the pretense of an extra.

Bonus Tracks: Trailers for Wassup Bro, Black Street Muscle, Ali and His Buddies, Black Street Muscle 2, Black Training.


At the End of the Night

Gay Arab Club gives you eight scenes of Arab guys and one girl getting it on. The cheesy costumes aside the film was pretty good. Two scenes have the love of my life Francois Sagat in them so that just made my day. For me he made the entire film worth watching and was the best looking dude in the entire thing. You can tell this was a pretty low budget film with the costumes, lighting and camera work. For the most part everyone gave a good performance and the limp dickage was kept to a minimum. As a positive or a negative depending on your viewpoint the last scene even had a woman in it. If you are a total vag hater skip that one because there is some box eating and pussy pounding but then again it does have Sagat in it so it is worth watching. Also there is not even the glimmer of an extra so this one gets my rating of "Recommended".

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