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Control 8

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenna Haze!!!  (click for trailer)

Control 8

Digital Playground/Hand Held Pictures

Karlie Montana!

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Hannah Hilton

Cast: Jenna Haze, Johnny Sins, Karlie Montana, Hannah Hilton, Lacey Maguire, Sarah Vandella, Mick Blue, Tony DeSergio, Faye Valentine, Renae "J-Ho" Cruz, Chris Charming, Shawna Lenee, Angel Rain, Scott Nails, Audrey Bitoni, James Deen

Lacey Maguire and Sarah Vandella

Length: 257:04 minutes

Karlie Montana!

Date of Production: 12/4/2007

Hannah Hilton

Extra's: The first disc had a cumshot recap from the scenes, a photogallery, a slide show, and trailers for movies such as Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge, Pirates 1, Island Fever 4, Control 4, Hard Candy 3, Filth Cums First, Black Cock Slut, and A Jungle Story; as well as a lengthy trailer for movie itself (lasting 11:34 minutes). The second disc had a cumshot recap but was much longer and had precious little space for extras.

Faye Valentine

Condoms: None

Hannah Hilton

Audio/Video Quality: Control 8 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground later this month under their Hand Held Pictures label. The lighting was reasonably solid here, as expected given this was Robby's standard type of gonzo, and that meant that the limited amounts of grain and other visual elements used to lend a sense of texture were minimal. While I generally prefer flood lighting in my gonzo porn, Robby has a way of showing it all with less light, the tint of the colors only slightly off as a result. The way the scenes were shot and edited was markedly similar in the scenes, though the composition of the angles was changed up a bit depending on the scene in question; providing a variety of styles to enjoy. The composition of the shots and the editing enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little bit too, proving what this critic has to say about the production team led by Robby (who did all the camerawork to allow the talented "Brothers P"; presumably including both Nick "The Wiz" P. as well as Joey "The Master" Pulgadas with the task of cleaning up the goofs with the editing & music again) with the DVD mastering revealing few compression artifacts (the bitrate varying but often staying near the mid 3 Mbps range in order to accommodate the wealth of footage included this time). Robby told me to my face that he was loosening up on using his best production crew more aggressively in the Handheld titles; maintaining control but realizing that he could trust them to do more than he had been letting them in the past. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English (using 384 Kbps) with a minimalist leaning that seemed unique in most ways to productions outside of the Jack series, with the vocals always dominating the audio track as I like it. While there wasn't much separation between the channels, if any, the ladies were almost always clearly heard and their moans added to the enjoyment of the show.

Renae "J-Ho" Cruz!

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Body of Review: Robby D. and Digital Playground are so closely tied together these days that aside from a handful of upcoming projects, they are synonymous with one another after all these years. As such, Robby seems to feel the need to expand his horizons a little and does so using his production company, Hand Held Pictures, to make slightly edgier gonzo productions that rarely follow the same limited formulas he provides for his bigger "name" releases, though there is none of the increasingly lame circus act sex populating his works that his peers elsewhere feel obligated to provide. The results of Robby's experimentation are not as consistent as his work in the Jack Universe titles but they have the added benefit of unpredictability, keeping the viewer from knowing exactly what to expect at any given moment since a scene might be an ongoing teaser, a hummer, or a full fledged scene without warning. The latest release for the company that comes out next week is Control 8, the ongoing saga of a guy flipping imaginary channels of a porn cable box continues. The cast had stars like Jenna Haze and teasers like Karlie Montana but the variety of this lengthy outing was such that it could not be pinned down except to say that there was a lot more tease provided this time. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Shawna Lenee!

Scene One: Jenna Haze, perhaps the biggest name in porn these days that still shoots regularly, was up first and the adage "you get what you pay for" certainly came to mind as this opening volley presented itself of her in the house getting ready for something. Johnny Sins was outside stalking her as she pranced about in her sexy animal print bikini, cleaning up in the bathroom, getting an ice cream cone, and otherwise enjoying her day. Those that have seen this fine young lady eating anything (or anyone) will know what I mean when I say that I appreciated the additional tease footage, the part where he jumped out at her was a nice starting point for the couple to bone as well. The transition to the sex could have been a bit more gradual for me but Jenna sucked a mean cock and he reciprocated well enough to get some praise too. It was almost exactly at the 30 minute mark when he started pounding the turned on hotty, going balls deep inside her tight biscuit with some PTM making it even better. Jenna was an active rider of cock (as expected) and her dirty talk made the resulting blast of population pudding a wonder as it went from her chest all the way over her head with plenty sported on her face too. Whew!

Angel Rain

Scene Two: Karlie Montana, a beautiful young lady with incredible eyes and curves, was sort of up intermittently between the other scenes with some heated tease footage, the hallway allowing her to show off her perfect ass and legs before she eventually settled in for a few minutes with Mick Blue by the end of the first disc.

Audrey Bitoni and James Deen

Scene Three: Hannah Hilton, a busty blond trying to get some rest in bed, was up next as the camera captured her curvy figure as she woke up and carried on about her day. This tidbit included her going the bathroom on the toilet but cut short of any action to speak off. It also picked up after the additional Karlie footage that showed the hotty teasing, Hannah getting some cereal and spilling it all over herself as her nipples poked through the wet t-shirt she wore.

Scene Four: Lacey Maguire and Sarah Vandella, a couple of curvy blonds in search of sexual fun, teased outside before going into the living room to jump studly Mick Blue and moper Tony DeSergio. I really liked the ass oiling up footage a lot as the plane soared overhead, each gal savoring their moment of making the fine butts glisten in preparation. The time the ladies spent in the laps of the men was interesting, mostly due to the lengthy shots of their asses, but did manage to markedly slow down the pace of the scene until the oral and vaginal action started ramping up the dynamic a whole lot with time. I wasn't particularly keen about the gals looking at the camera so much either since it detracted from any possibility of chemistry between the couples, the active riding saving the day to a large extent if not completely compensating for the issues at hand. The ladies getting into a 69 with a guy at each end to blow or tap pussy was kind of cool too, the mixture of the ladies getting each other off while the guys drilled them a treat. The ending facials and cumswapping were a mixed bag but on points alone, the scene worked more often than it didn't so fans will appreciate it despite any thematic limitations.

Scene Five: Faye Valentine, a redhead with more freckles than Stoya and Penny Flame put together, was up as the first scene of the second disc while playing pool against Tony DeSergio. He was cheating and Robby jumped up to play cock blocker, not succeeding as Tony made up for it by kissing Faye and doing as she asked. Faye claimed to be 18 years old and did not appeal to me a whole lot though her body was more to my liking than her face (by a wide margin). She slowly inhaled his knob as he cupper her head and ass, spanking her ever so lightly before he began banging her. Once she got used to his cock inside of her (and she climbed on top of his lap), she began showing she could be an active gal when it came to pushing herself onto a throbbing cock. That she did so enthusiastically with a guy like Tony should give hope to all the other third tier talent too, the living room and stairs getting a lot of testing out by the two until she took the resulting load of semen onto her mouth for swallowing. If you like freckles and a decidedly different look, you might like Faye here.

Scene Six: Karlie Montana's tease was up again as Mick continued to finger her wet pussy, her eyes glowing with desire as he did so. As with the first disc, this was simply some material split out for intermittent fun, along with more work by curvy Hannah Hilton tease that included oiling up her chest out by the pool and related indoor antics.

Scene Seven: Renae "J-Ho" Cruz, a curvy Latina in need of cock, begged with her "pouty face" and promised to even laugh at the jokes of Jack so his penis stand in, Chris Charming, stepped up to the plate for her to anxiously blow. Renae is a fine oralist and legal issues relating to her unreleased showcase movie aside, her blowjob here was among her very best observed to date. I might disagree with her statement about "19 year olds sucking cock the best" but she was no slacker in that regard as she used her hands, eyes, and mouth in unison; even employing some hand to gland combat during the sloppy hummer. I was admittedly surprised that she pulled out a plastic bag to capture his semen, Chris barely heard in the background as she delighted to the minor load in the bag. If you like POV blowjobs, you will like this one though I wished there was more penetrative sex included.

Scene Eight: Shawna Lenee, a very cute gal that has reinvented herself of late with this new name, was up next as she was stalked by Mick Blue and Jack outside of the house. Shawna gave them something to appreciate as she slowly removed her clothing to reveal herself in much more detail, leading them on until she met them outside where she engaged in sexual misconduct with Mick. She blew him with a great deal of care as he pawed her, Mack licking her a few times before banging her welcoming cookie with his cock in a standing bone. They kissed a lot in a show of chemistry and she impaled herself when they took the act to the deck. The multiple positions were nicely done and I enjoyed her dirty talk but the moment she got up to check on her sister, coming back for the load to get rid of the guys, I wondered what was up. It was a spontaneous scene with a lot to like but the rough edges were a bit weird too.

Scene Nine: Angel Rain, a brunette with a nonchalant look to her face, was next up with Scott Nails in a bed after some more of the tease tidbits starring Karlie and Hannah. The scene was already underway and showed her watching the clock or something as he pounded her biscuit, the resulting PTM showing her just as lackadaisical as the scene continued. Whatever the full circumstances surrounding the scene being shot, the generic manner in which the admittedly attractive lady going through the motions was a downer; her face of stone never showing much going on any more than her lack of verbal cues showing anything worth getting into. It ended with a titty fuck and jerk off session but the blank look on her face was about as indicative of a low end performance as I can recall in recent memory, certainly nothing coming out of Robby's titles.

Scene Ten: Audrey Bitoni, a busty brunette favorite of the director, was up last as she had a light BDSM scene with James Deen in the living room. I liked her lingerie and generally playful attitude, her implants looking best while covered by her bra but her ass always fine while it gyrated (when she was handcuffed to the living room pillar). James used a riding crop to tap her and she was into it as well, leading to him pounding her senseless with a bit of oral from Audrey from time to time. They moved to the floor and offered up more tease as the scene played out, their skin tones heavily contrasting (her tan versus his frog belly white look) as they actively tried to outdo each other. Audrey was one of the most active rides of the movie and while I'm not exactly her biggest fan, she did a fine job of giving her all to provide some heated replay value this time. The scene finished up with a load to her face, Audrey giving post coital sucking as a reward to James for almost keeping up with her.

Summary: Control 8 by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground next week was a movie with a lot of highlights and low points, depending on what you are looking for in a porno. There was a lot going on and the tease sessions starring Karlie Montana and Hannah Hilton certainly provided some needed diversity of action but the fact that the viewer was left hanging after over four hours and two discs was a bit of a disappointment. Still, in terms of lots of fuck for the buck going on, Control 8 was at least worth a rating of Recommended or better, the movie a "must have" for fans of Jenna Haze thanks to the wealth of tease and action she gave.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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