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Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Date of Production:  March 1992

Directed By: Chi Chi La Rue

Run Time: 1 Hour and 12 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!


Joey Stefano, Adam Grant, Andrew Michaels, Lon Flexxe, Chris Stone, Michael Moore, Chris Ramsey, Dusty, Vic Summers.

The Movie:

Commercial artist Joey Stefano is having trouble with his latest billboard for Jock Underwear until hunky Vic Summers lends a "helping hand".

Scene One:

Joey Stefano (handsome with dark hair, toned/smooth body) and Adam Grant (good-looking with 1980s brown hair, toned/hairy body) get down to some heavy soul kissing and "petting" leading Joey to sink to his knees taking Adam's hard clipped cock down his throat. Joey goes wild on that hog sliding his wet mouth up 'n down with plenty of nice cock sucking close-ups.  He moves over and lays down on a desk allowing Adam to fuck his mouth and then his tight shaved asshole in the missionary position. Joey digs getting plowed fast 'n smooth making his pleasure known with such nuggets as, "Fuck my ass! Oh man, fuck!" There are plenty of tasty close-ups of the penetration here shot from above and below.  Switching positions, Adam drills Joey's delicious hole from behind. "Fuck my ass! Come on man, fuck my ass! Give it to me!" Joey jerks his hard cut dick and dumps a small thick load of jizz on his stomach and dark pubes. Adam beats his meat cutting loose with thick jizz on the side of Joey's face, neck, and shoulder.

Scene Two:

Painters Andrew Michaels (good-looking with brown 1980s hair, toned/hairy body) and Michael Moore (cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body) are hanging out when delivery dude Dusty (cute with long blond hair, toned/smooth body) arrives with a "special delivery".  The dudes quickly forget about work and get down to an erotic free-for-all leading Dusty to chow down on Michael's rigid clipped member deep throat all the way to his new pal's brown pubes as Michael sucks Andrew's stiff cut prick. Michael is up for some deep throat of his own taking that dong all the way down while rubbing Andrew's mouth-watering plump hairy balls, gooch, and butt crack. The dudes get into a traditional sixty-nine with Michael on top and Andrew on bottom wildly slurping hard meat while Dusty rubs Michael's tight shaved bunghole and then finger fucking him.

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Andrew fucks Michael's man-chute from behind using fast, smooth strokes with some nice penetration shots from above. Michael plays a quick 'n lubed game of the ol' sink/bounce riding Dusty's hard cut dick while stroking his tool as Andrew lays next to Dusty and pulls pork. Andrew shoots a wad on his fist and inside thigh, Michael shoots a thick load that flies everywhere, and Dusty cuts loose with a hot load of juice on his stomach and brown bush.

Scene Three:

Lon Flexxe (good-looking with brown hair, toned/smooth/tall body) practically breaks his neck racing into his boss Chris Stone's (handsome with dark hair, toned/smooth body) office to tell on co-workers he saw fucking. Naturally, Chris doesn't get pissed off and responds with a lusty, "I've never had a guy suck my dick before. You wanna try?" Lon answers by sinking to his knees and sucking Chris' hard cut cock working his mouth up 'n down the shaft giving some very good head. Chris also must be curious about sucking cock and he's soon down on his haunches taking Lon's big clipped tool down his gullet, licking balls, and nursing that purple knob.

Joey Stefano (scene one) barges in as the dudes are making out with wet tongues. I want to mention that Joey is dressed in a male version of the "Flashdance" look complete with tight black shorts and ripped sweat shirt. Ha! Lon chows down on Joey's stiff clipped prick giving a tasty blowjob when Joey announces, "I'm gonna take both your dicks" and proceeds to give some excellent deep throat as he works those two cocks with his hungry mouth switching back 'n forth. Wanting some butt sex, Lon fucks Joey's tight shaved bunghole from behind fast 'n smooth with hot penetration close-ups while Chris fucks Joey's throat. The scene is accompanied by some cool "spacey" 1980s new wave type music as the dudes pull their pork. Joey shoots a large thick load all over Chris' chest and stomach and then licks up his own cum. Chris busts his nut on Lon's back 'n butt, and Lon shoots wet clear jizz on Joey's face.

Scene Four:

Andrew Michaels (scene two) chats plumber Chris Ramsey (good-looking with brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) up when he comes to make some repairs and ends up in a playful water fight. Chris kisses and licks his way down Andrew's body, pulls those briefs down, and reveals full dark pubes, plump hairy nuts, and a hard cut cock. He gives excellent head sliding his mouth up 'n down which leads to a smooth face fuck.  Andrew soon pulls Chris' stiff clipped dick out and begins sucking like a vacuum cramming it down his gullet and really going to town. Andrew ends up fucking Chris' tight shaved asshole in the missionary position fast 'n smooth as Chris moans 'n groans, "Fuck me with that dick of yours! That big dick! Yeah keep fucking me!"  Andrew busts his nut on Chris' hairy stomach and dark pubes and Chris cries out, "I'm cummin'!" and cuts loose with a tasty thick load on his fist and pubes.


Scene Five:

Joey Stefano (scenes one and three) and the man of his dreams Vic Summers (handsome with dark mullet!, toned/smooth body) make out with plenty of hot wet tongues and body rubbing leading Joey to his knees where he chows down on his new buddy's stiff clipped tool giving excellent head. Joey bends over exposing his tight shaved bunghole as the dudes switch back for some more soul kissing. Vic feels Joey's hot bubble butt as the dudes make out and begins finger fucking him with two digits smoothly sliding in 'n out of that snug bung with some hot close-ups. Vic has other things on his mind and sucks Joey's hard cut cock giving some very good head. Joey pulls out a large ebony dildo and slides it up his own butt hole working the fake dick in 'n out of that tight hole from behind while cramming Vic's cock down his gullet.

Vic asks Joey, "Can you suck me and fuck yourself at the same time?" Dude! That's what he's been doing! Ha!  "Ram that big dildo, man!" Vic drills Joey from behind using fast, hard, and lubed strokes with some nice penetration shots.  Vic cries out, "I'm gonna leave it in 'til the last second!" to which Joey responds, "Keep fuckin' me!" Vic shoots a small load on his fist and Joey's back.  Joey climbs up on that rigid pole for a wild ride all the while moaning, jerking his hard cock, and groaning orders. "Come on! Give it to me! Give me that! Fuck my ass!" As Joey is about to cum, Vic murmurs, "Do it, baby" and Joey shoots a thick load on his stomach and eats his own cum.


"Billboard" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Josh Elliot is strong providing full coverage of the action with plenty of close-ups. For some reason, the videography in scene four isn't as good and misses some close-ups. The picture quality is a little grainy but looks damn good for a sixteen year-old movie and it's not bad enough to ruin the viewing.


The sound is a mixed bag at times being clear and other instances of sounding like a tin can. The score by Costello Presley (love that name!) is very cool 1980s new wave instrumental.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, PopShot-On-Demand, and the safe sex PSA "Wrap It Up" starring Chi Chi La Rue.


"Billboard" is an entertaining movie and it's fun to watch one of Chi Chi La Rue's earlier directorial efforts. Even back in 1992, Chi Chi knew what the audience wanted: sexy dudes and plenty of close-ups. The direction is strong as is the videography (except scene four lacking some close-ups) and editing (Chet Thomas). The dudes are all appealing, give energetic performances, and look to be into one another and the action. My personal favorites here are Andrew Michael, Lon Flexxe, and Vic Summers. I'm going with a Recommended for Joey Stefano fans and those who want to see some early work from the one and only Chi Chi La Rue.

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