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I Love Maya

Studio: New Sensations » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 3/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Intro: This vid is a 2-disc, 9 scene, 4+ hour Maya Hills fuck fest.

So before we go any further, the question you need to ask yourself is, "Do I think Maya Hills is hot?"  And the bottom line on this video is if your answer to this question is yes, you should definitely check it out. If your answer is no, then you should probably pass.  The box cover has an unusual totally nude shot of Maya. It's soft and glamoru, in sharp contrast to the filthy fucking this girl throws down inside.  It's a very nice shot.  So let's pop it in!

The menu screen is pretty sparse with a soundtrack that consists mainly of a crunchy guitar playing one cord over and over and over again with some mildly annoying sound effects and a drum beat that kicks in about one second before the loop. Hmmm.  The screen is attractive with a nice still shot of Maya in a cute, pink outfit and some motion pics of Maya in various states of cock worship.  The menu itself is terse: "Play Movie", "Scene Selection", and "Special Features".  Selecting "Play Movie" gives us a fifteen second new sensations promo followed by a bunch of short clips of Maya getting worked set to a surfish track.

Then we get right into it.

Scene 1: Maya Hills and Mark Ashley, boy/girl, from "All American Cream Pie".

Maya looks smokin' hot in this scene. We start with a nice tease set to some ethereal music as Maya shows herself off and repeatedly beckons us to, "Come here."  Did I mention that Maya looks smokin' hot in this scene?  Mark comes on camera naked with a boner, and Maya gets right to work on him.  This is a very nice looking blowjob complete with lots of throat work along with some decent head fucking. Very nice indeed.

Mark then buries his face in her business for a bit. Maya even lets him lick and tongue her ass. What a sweetheart!  The sex in this scene is all shot on a couch. A couch in Mark Ashley's living room, if I'm not mistaken.  Mark bangs her good in missionary and it is just hot, hot, hot with Maya busting a nut on Marks dick within minutes.  Then were off to doggy where once again, Maya looks absolutely fuckable. Another hot position.  Next we have some cowgirl, reverse, then Mark Ashley's patent pending side saddle, then back for more missionary before Mark squeezes on off in Maya's guts.  She dutifully scoops some of it out and sucks it off her fingers.  Maya is very in to the sex in this scene and spends most of the scene screaming for Mark's dick. The energy is good throughout.  My only real complaint with this scene is that there is some incoherent mumbling between the performers that might have been some hot dirty talk, but we'll never know.

This is a hot scene!

Scene 2: Maya Hills and Tom Byron, boy/girl, from "Dirty Little Stories #2".

This scene starts with Maya sitting at a desk dressed as a receptionist/secretary.  She's lookin' at a porno mag, and starts getting hot. Pretty soon, she's messin' in her own business.  Well one thing leads to another, and shortly the boss (Tom Byron) has Maya crawling around on the floor picking things up for him. Maya is sporting some kick ass black stockings and a garter with no panties. If this doesn't make you wanna fuck this girl, you're either dead, gay, or blind.  Pretty soon the sick little bitch is sniffing his dirty jockstrap out of his gym bag. Tom catches her putting his dirty clothes back in the bag, and asks her to come into his office.  Tom explains to Maya that she's a dirty, filthy girl who needs to be punished. Then the spanking begins. Maya looks great, and Tom's got a nice touch on the bun bongos.  Tom then demands that Maya touch her own asshole.

Next thing ya know, Maya's got Tom's dick in her mouth. Maya delivers another sweet bj here. This one with extra ball sucking. Why can't all porn girls suck dick like this?  The fucking starts with Maya in doggy on Tom's chair. There's some good posing here, and Maya looks super. Also, safe to say from his reaction, Tom seems to be enjoying his pussy du jour.  After some more dirty dick sucking, we do on to cowgirl also on Tom's chair.

Then Maya spins around for some reverse where she shows us for the second scene in a row that she really knows how to wiggle on a dick. Finally, Tom puts Maya back in the chair for some missionary before pithcing a shot all over her face.  This is also a hot scene! And just so ya know, I don't say that real often.

Scene 3: Maya Hills and Chris Charming, boy/girl, from "Fresh Outta High School #3". 

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This scene doesn't quite start off with the punch of the previous two. There's some awkward dialog as Chris Charming in a cheap suit puts moves on Maya that could only ever work in the magical place we call Pornoland. Fortunately, that's where we are, and it isn't long before Maya, in her school girl outfit and pigtails is nursing on Chris' schlong.  We can now mark this as three great blowjobs in a row, and it is now absolutely clear that Maya is an A list fellator.  A hot, young, American girl who really knows how to suck cock? This is the kind of girl that should serve as role model for young women everywhere.  Chris munches Maya's muff before burying his bone in her on the red couch where all the action for this scene takes place.  At this point, I feel that Maya still has too much clothing. This would have been better if she'd been more naked. Then we get reverse, spoon, cowgirl, and doggy before Chris pops a nut right across her tongue.

Maya is hot and into the sex. It is pretty well shot, but there are some lighting issues. Maya's skin is pretty fair, and at points we have a bit too much light here. While she doesn't get blown out, her skin gets an odd, mottled appearance that changes when the camera moves. This is most noticeable on her inner thighs, but it still isn't that drastic.

My major complaint about this scene is simple: Maya is wearing too many clothes. The school girl outfit is cute, but not cuter than Maya's sexy body. And once the pussy comes out, the wardrobe is really just in the way.  This is merely a good scene.

Scene 4: Maya Hills, solo girl, from "I Film Myself #3"

So now after three straight scene of watching Maya being turned inside out we get a thrity minute solo girl scene?  Well since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to check it out anyway, and as it seems to almost go without saying at this point, Maya looks great in this scene. She also mugs and shows herself off really well in this scene while she talks dirty to the camera.  There's really not that much to this scene, and it's kinda slow being almost ten minutes into it before Maya really breaks out the pussy.  Finally, after almost fifteen minutes she gets out a toy that she sucks and titty fucks herself with. Then she buries it in the beaver.

Watching Maya dig herself out with this thing grinding away in her guts like a hand mixer is the hottest part of this scene. Unfortunately, the illusion that she's just hangin' out filming herself is blown by the flash of photographic strobes from the foreground.  Other than that, the scene is pretty well done, and if you like watching hot girls play with themselves you'll probably like this scene. But I thought it was a bit dull compared to what we've already seen.

I also would have liked it better if she'd shot this barefoot instead of in her little white socks. But I'm pervy that way.  The scene ends with Maya yelling as she puts a nut on her little friend and then licking it clean.

Scene 5: Maya Hills, Micah Moore, and Mark Ashley, boy/girl/girl, from "All Teens #2". 

Obviously we're all here to see Maya, but I think Micah Moore is hot as shit. However, her performances are often not up to Maya's level of cock craziness. Nonetheless, I was very excited about this scene and was really hoping that Maya would inspire Micah to raise her game a bit here.  The scene starts with a tease of the two girls wearing bikinis and rubbing on themselves set to a nice, grinding guitar riff.  Pretty soon, Maya's kissin' on Micah and the music stops. Then we get to see Maya demonstrate her pussy licking skills. Not bad...for a girl, and Miss Moore seems to approve too.  This gets even hotter when Micah drops her shoes and bends over. Maya even tongues her asshole a bit.

The whole scene is shot on a couch, and it isn't long before Mark comes in naked with a boner which we promptly plants in Micah's head. Pretty soon Maya joins in the fun, and Micah goes to work on Maya's tail.  The bj is rather short, but looks good.  We get to see both girls drilled in a variety of positions and lots of pussy to mouth.

It's all pretty well shot and both girls look great. And the sex is pretty hot with both girls shoeless and into the dick. However, I thought the cowgirl with Micah lasted too long.
Micah's pretty good in this scene, but she isn't the fuck or even half the cocksucker that Maya is.  The scene ends with Mark popping across Micah's tongue. Naturally, Micah shares her treat with Maya.  This is a good scene...but not great a great one.

Disc 2:

Scene 1: Maya Hills and Mark Ashely, boy/girl, from "Soft in the Middle".

Well at this point, it seems like Maya and Mark are practically dating. This scene starts with a nice tease set to some chill club music. Shockingly, Mark enters the scene with all of his clothes on and starts rubbing Maya down. It takes him about 10 seconds to get his tongue on her pussy.

This scene is lit with natural lighting from a large window in the background. This is a brave choice, and the cameraman makes it look easy. Nicely done! This scene is shot on a couch in a nice living room, and has a softer feel from our earlier Maya and Mark outings. The bj looks good, but isn't as aggressive as many of the others. Neither is the sex. In fact, this scene has a feel that's almost...romantic?

We get to Maya drilled missionary, doggy, cowgirl, on her side on the arm of a couch, and reverse before Mark spooges all over her face and chest. This is a very good scene and gives us a nice contrast from the other more aggressive fare we've mostly had thus far. Well done, guys!

Scene 2: Maya Hills and Riley Shy, girl/girl, from "The 4 Finger Club #23".

This scene starts with Riley and Maya on a couch muttering mostly incoherently. They're both wearing t-shirts, shorts, and white socks. Evidently, Riley is having boy problems and Maya is supposed to be a lesbian. That's a stretch, but it isn't long before Maya starts puttin' the moves on Miss Shy.

I should probably confess that with limited exceptions girl/girl scenes typically don't do that much for me. But both these girls are hot, and that's always a good start. We get lots of caressing and kissing. Then Maya goes to work on Riley's pussy with how many fingers? Yes, that's right, four. Riley seems to like this. Then it's Maya's turn.

Both these two girls have some pretty wicked nails, and I found myself wondering how they kept from shredding each others cervices. The two girls 69 for a while, and continue their digit dipping ways before they break out a Sybian.

Riley's the first to ride while Maya works the controls. Maya revs up the machine until we can practically hear Riley's teeth chatter, and the way her tits bounce while her body quivers is just hot, hot, hot. Eventually the machine bucks her off, and again it's Maya's turn. Interestingly, even though Maya is supposed to be the lesbian seductress in this scene, Riley seems to have turned the tables on her by the end. Riley works the controls on the machine like a pro. She takes Maya up and down and gives her some very nice clit licking along the way, and by the time it's over, Maya seems like putty in Riley's hands. Meow!

This scene is well shot. Both girls look great. And it's a good scene for what it is.

Scene 3: Maya Hills and Manuel Ferrara, boy/girl, from "Young as they Come #21".

This scene starts off where? If you guessed on a couch, you'd be correct. Maya is sleeping in a pink top and panties while Manuel fondles her. This really took me back to my college days! Except she doesn't wake up and start screaming. When she does finally wake up, Manuel starts tonguing her. Shortly thereafter, they move from the couch to...another couch! In the same room even!

Were almost ten minutes into this scene before Manuel breaks out his dick. He immediately starts boning her in spoon. Afterwards, we get to see Maya worked in cowgirl, reverse, and doggy. Then some more spoon. Then some more doggy. All interspersed with Maya slurping Manuel's uncircumcised member. Maya even foot fucks him for a bit. What a sweetie!

The scene ends with Manuel draining his balls on Maya's oh so pouty lips.

A good scene.

Scene 4: Maya Hills and Donny Long, boy/girl, from "Fuck for Dollars #4".

Maya is a college student jogging in the park on a hot day when she is approached by a couple of low life pornographers who feed her a bunch of bullshit about having a treadmill and wanting her to do some "modeling" for them.

My kinda guys!

They wave a nice fan of Benjamin's in her face, and after a quick cut, she's back at their place. Sloooowly but surely, they coax her into nakedness with cash. We're ten minutes into this scene before Maya is naked with a dick in her mouth. But the blowjob is mixed in with a lot chitchat that I mostly just found annoying.

Finally, Donny gets his dick in Maya. We get to see Maya take the cock in cowgirl, doggy, reverse, and missionary before Donny pops on her face.

The sex in this scene is pretty good once it actually starts, but Maya looks less hot in this scene than the others on this vid with her hair pulled back. Also, I disapprove of girls wearing tennis shoes in porn. Not hot. This scene is well shot, but is merely a decent scene.

Audio/Video: This vid is a compilation, we get a mix of scenes in 16:9 widescreen and fullscreen, but widescreen is the most common. I counted only three scenes in 4:3.

The audio was stereo and good quality.

DVD Extras: We get a photo gallery with just over 20 pics, a web trailer for New Sensations, and that's about it.

Final Thoughts: If you like Maya Hills, this is a very good video. And if you don't, why did you waste your time reading all of this? She looks generally super hot, and let's face it, this girl sucks and fucks like a champ.

My biggest disappointment was that with nine scenes, we didn't get to see Maya take it in the pooper one single time. This girl does do anal, and this compilation seemed incomplete without even one anal scene.

I also felt that the earlier scenes were the hottest.

Regardless, if you're a Maya Hills fan, this video is highly recommended.

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