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Psycho Cheerleaders

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/18/08

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Sophie Dee and Lee Stone

Psycho Cheerleaders

Wicked Pictures

Rebecca Lane and Chunk

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mark Stone

Ricki White

Cast: Sophie Dee, Lee Stone, Rebecca Lane, Jack Venice, Ricki White, Voodoo, Stefanie Cane, Alan Stafford, Riley Evans, Alex Sanders, Ashley Steele, Mya Luvana, Marlie Moore
Non-sex performance by Chunk (as Dr. Vincent Calamari)

Stefanie Cane

Length: 125:49 minutes

Date of Production: 6/29/2007

Riley Evans and Alex Sanders

Extra's: For some of you, the 14:23 minute long bonus scene between Presley Maddox and Marco Banderas from Kung Fu Nurses A Go Go will be the best extra. It wasn't a bad scene and fans of the pair will certainly find it appealing. For others though, the 30:48 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mark Stone will be of more interest. It consisted of the cast getting interviewed along with some photogallery material, clips from the sex scenes, and cute bloopers with Mark keeping it all under control. There were 9 photogalleries, 11 trailers, a promo reel, spam, the usual DVD ROM material, a double sided DVD cover, and a slip cover case for those that care.

Ashley Steele, Mya Luvana, and Marlie Moore

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Psycho Cheerleaders was presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio color as shot by director Mark Stone for Wicked Pictures. The lighting was not bad, usually limiting the grain and video noise as well as the shadows but each of these were present slightly more than usual (an improvement from the previous volume in the series). The composition of the shots enhanced the look of the ladies in most cases although I wanted a few scenes to last a lot longer and I wish it had been done in anamorphic widescreen to enhance the clarity too. In all, the visual appeal of the movie was decent with no glaring problems other than the rare over saturation of the colors. The audio was offered up with the standard minimal choice for Wicked Pictures; a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track (in 384 Kbps), or a 2.0 track in Spanish (in 192 Kbps). I spot checked the foreign language dub and found it to be okay if nothing special. The 5.1 track was fair though I believe the vocals were recorded in monaural with the music score added in later on in perhaps a 2.0 mix (there wasn't any noticed separation between the channels) though it didn't get in the way of the vocals. There seemed to be some ongoing issues with microphone noise this time, distracting me as I watched and listened to the show, the score sometimes too loud to appreciate (sounding like Mark's band playing the same riff all the time).

Body of Review: Mark Stone is the journeyman director at Wicked Pictures these days known mainly for his vignette based shows. They tend to have a little humor in them and often rely on the chemistry of the performers more than the feature based releases of his peers at the company, but he hits the mark as often as not while also providing some of their best BTS features so I take an interest in most of his work. His latest release is a series of six vignettes called Psycho Cheerleaders, not to be confused with another company's recent blockbuster called Cheerleaders that is slated for release next month. In each of the scenes, a quack shrink gives advice to cheerleaders that seem on the verge of mental breakdowns, played to the hilt in terms of comic material. The sex was the kind using condoms and light on the raincoater filth but the action also struck me as generally fun to watch and strokable at the same time. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Sophie Dee, the British anal expert, was up first as a wannabe cheerleader in need of seed in her anal cavity, so she played with the massive Lee Stone in a locker room. They felt each other up and she was soon slobbing his knob, Lee having warmed her up slightly in the first place. It was not her most sexually aggressive work but she was loud and the two glistened with sweat as they bumped uglies. I lowered the score for the scene since she became so passive during the anal, his cock a lot to handle and her pissing routine looking like her taking a leak. The scene ended when he rubbed out a load to her face and she appeared to swallow it but the scene faded out before that was clear.

Scene Two: Rebecca Lane, a lean light haired cutie with an oral fixation, was up next as a gal that had little believable to do with cheerleading, holding her pom poms on the couch before inhaling the cock of Jack Venice on the bed. The room was made up as though belonging to a young gal and she appeared to be in her mid to late 20's, so the dynamic at large here took too much stretching of the imagination to make up for it. The vaginal ride was slow paced and she was passive, his wad of spew missing her face thanks to poor aim.

Scene Three: Ricki White, a curvy brunette with a cute face, was up next facing electro shock therapy on the couch before jumping the bones of partner Voodoo. It was a funny scenario overall and if that was all it took to get a gal in the mood, I'd be carrying an auto battery, jumper cables, and a plasma globe around with me on dates. The two made out like lost lovers before savoring each other's tastes. His cunnilingus was far too short and her blowjob spent too much time with her looking at the camera. She was passive except in a single position (on top of his lap) so the scene lacked the kind of punch I prefer them to have, his semen gracing her face at the end.

Scene Four: Stefanie Cane, a newcomer brunette with long hair and a stripper...err, I mean cheerleader mentality, was up next as she engaged in some BDSM lite with another newcomer, Alan Stafford, in a dungeon. He was initially tied to a cross but she freed him to please her orally, there being no real power exchange or other fetish mentality on display as suggested at the beginning. She blew him first, showing she was no stranger to having her lips wrapped around a cock, and he gave her a few licks before they screwed vaginally. He did most of the work and the two lacked any sense of rhythm but his wad ended up on her tongue all the same. She showed some potential but it wasn't realized much here.

Scene Five: Riley Evans, a really hot looking blond in a patriotic outfit straight from a Texas cheerleader camp, was up next as she explored anger management using a rubber chicken and blow up doll. Alex Sanders asked her what she was doing and offered her some loving as an alternative form of therapy. The BTS had a different take on this scene that was cute too but his expert tongue seemed a more appropriate way of dealing with the stress of her day, licking the labia folds carefully before she reciprocated in a sweet fashion. I liked that she was actively riding him right out of the hummer part of the scene, bouncing on cock as though it was going out of style; her great ass jiggling as she impaled herself soundly. They tapped out in a few more positions until she drained his nuts dry of population pudding, marking a turning point for the movie in some ways.

Scene Six: Ashley Steele, Mya Luvana, and Marlie Moore, were up last as a lesbian trio who were given to responding with a hive mind that the good doctor wanted to fix. His comedy dance was about as silly (but amusingly so) as the one Wankus performed in a police comedy for the company a few years back but the lesbian antics had some appealing footage. The fleshy ass worship was too short but appreciated, the oral ministrations delightful but not going far enough, and except for the introduction of the four finger club act; it was another reason to like the show. The gals ended it by diddling themselves with their pom poms, the minimal dirty talk something that could have been better.

Summary: Psycho Cheerleaders by director Mark Stone for Wicked Pictures made good use of Chunk as the wacky doctor trying to help cheerleaders adjust to their mental problems with his unique brand of therapy. The ladies were a varied bunch but some of the performances were decidedly lackluster, not really embracing the cheerleader dynamic all that much but worthy of a Rent It rating or better depending on how tame you like your porn. In short, the technical values were decent and the extras about the same as one would find on most titles by the company, Psycho Cheerleaders offering cheerleader themes more frequently than most such titles on the market but adding in the zany humor Mark is known for.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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