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Greedy Girl

Studio: Anarchy Films » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 3/21/08

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Genre: Straight

Cast: Mya Gates, Kani Lei, Kelly Wells, Katie Morgan, and Venessa Lane.

Length: 1 hr 48 min

Production Date: 11/5/2007


There are no bonus features included on this disc.


Despite the fact that this video was produced recently it has some pretty glaring flaws with its quality. The picture is blurry and soft, there is grain, and the contrast is way off at times. Then again there are moments where the image is sharp and the colors are accurate. It's a very unbalanced release that speaks volumes about a low budget. The audio doesn't fair any better with balancing issues and some moments where the content is muffled. It's also worth mentioning here that there are no chapter stops other than the start of scenes. That means you can't skip through the action and get to the good stuff.

Body of Review:

Greedy Girl is a throwback to porn the way it used to be done. In some ways that's a good thing but in other ways it's not. On the downside you have poor video quality, "interesting" scripts, and strange editing choices. Apart from those nitpicks the sex here is actually very good. Katie, Kani, Mya, and Venessa all put out some fantastic scenes, though Kelly's leaves something to be desired for sure. This isn't a complete package and much of it feels amateurish but if you're looking for some hot sex scenes you won't be disappointed.

Scene 1:

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Greedy Girl kicks things off with Katie Morgan who is a superb looking blonde with nice tits and a very "classic" look. Her scene starts out with her working rigorously on a dick as she sucks and licks to her content. After a couple of minutes Katie lays on her back as her partner returns the oral favors which I assure you, she apparently enjoys. Granted she sounds a little like Minnie Mouse which makes her trash talking kind of amusing but this is hot just the same. The sex here is fantastic and though it takes the performers some time to get going, they definitely get into each other. Right up to the end Katie and her partner went at it with a lot of energy and there was a big connection. Sure some of the acting was a tad over the top but it was charming just the same.

Scene 2:

Venessa is up next and her scene matches the intensity of Katie's with a nod to the more extreme. The action starts right away with Venessa and her partner licking each other's genitals and teasing. At the beginning they were wearing military hats but I don't quite understand why. Whatever the case the sex here is fantastic as both performers really form a connection. After some vaginal sex Venessa even gives up the anal but what makes this particularly hot is the fact that she rides up top and uses a vibrator on her clit. The anal action pauses long enough for Venessa to clench up in an orgasm and suck his dick quickly but she hops right back on. This scene was simply stunning and very primal in nature. 

Scene 3:

Ok, now I'm all for hot Asians getting sexed up but Kani's scene (or is it Keani? This release calls her both) is kind of strange. For starters it begins with the action already in progresses as Kani is in the process of having her pussy lapped all over. From here she sticks to the formula and gives some oral satisfaction of her own which leads to the sex. Like the previous scenes the sex here is quite energetic and there's definitely a connection between the performers. Granted Kani's constant moaning and groaning was a tad over the top but that wasn't what made this scene strange. Right at the very end before it cuts to the next bit her eyes glow red and she talks in a demonic voice. Huh? What the hell was that?!

Scene 4:

Mya (again, or is it Maya?) is up for some grease monkey love. Taking place in a garage with a bike behind her Mya really heats things up in the longest scene of Greed Girl. For the most part this one sticks to the formula just like the others but considering its length things are changed up a tad. First of all Mya and her partner have the same great connection felt by the other pairings on this release. That's definitely a big plus as they both are apparently totally into the sex. Second of all both performers go the distance here. The action pauses only long enough for his dick to go into Mya's mouth. Thankfully the freaky stuff was left out of this scene.

Scene 5:

Finishing things off for this release is Kelly Wells who states at the very beginning that the only way she can get men to love her is by having sex with them. Aw, poor Kelly. Unfortunately her scene is probably the only one on this release that I didn't dig. She never really gets into her partner and though he has a huge cock the sex just seems awkward and uncomfortable. Making matters worse is the fact that Kelly makes some damn strange noises during the scene and starts foaming at the mouth. I think it was spit but it could have been rabies for all I know.


Greedy Girls is an interesting release. It's very classic with the approach it has for its material and for all intents and purposes it feels like a film that came out in the 90's. Mya, Katie, and Venessa churn out some amazing scenes with sex that stays hot the entire way through. Unfortunately Kelly does absolutely nothing for this release and Kani's strange devilish finale doesn't help matters either. If you can get past those two things you'll find a strong release with some great sex worthy of a rental or purchase if you can get past the glaring presentation flaws.

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