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Ejacula 2

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/24/08

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The Movie:

When we finished the first part of Max Bellachio's Ejacula finished with Ron and his sinister bitches having harvested a bunch of man chowder so that his two vampire masters could complete some sort of evil vampire ceremony in their castle. Just as things were looking up for the vampires, none other than Joey Silvera, the one man vampire hunting squad that he is, showed up at the door. What happens next?

Basically Ejacula needs a virgin to complete his ceremony and Joey, there on his honeymoon with his virgin wife, might hold the key that Ejacula and his vampires need to finish their job and make things right in their vampire world. Or something like that. The plot is a little odd here. Regardless, we don't watch movies like this for the plot, no matter how hard we try to tell ourselves that we do, so here's a look at who fucks who and how they do it.

Chapter 1 - Babette And Joey Silvera: Joey's sleeping bride wakes up when he kisses her. They strip and she gives him a handjob while Ron Jeremy fucks Sandra Grey in the hallway outside. Babette sucks Joey's cock and Sandra does the same to Ron. Joey eats her out (but doesn't fuck her), and Ron drops a wad onto Sandra's big ol' titties before running into the room where Joey and Babette are to interrupt them before Joey can slip it in.

Chapter 2 - Tonisha Mills And Joey Silvera: Tonisha knows Joey needs to bust a nut and so she moves in on him. She strip and he laps her pussy up before fucking her missionary style. She rolls over and he fucks her from behind, doggy style, and they start to get pretty into it. He gets on his back and she rides him reverse cowgirl style, and then she has him lie back so that she can finish him off with her mouth and her hand, taking his facially placed load with a smile.

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Chapter 3 - Orgy!: All the vampire men and all the vampire women are going at it in a big fancy bedroom. Everyone starts by giving one another oral before the actual penetration party gets started. Lois Ayres gets tag teamed by Rocco and a pal while Lynn Lemay gives generous amounts of head. Everyone looks rather silly in their K-Mart Halloween capes and make up but as dumb looking as they all are, they remain in the moment and fuck with a bit of spark.

Chapter 4 - Babette And Ron Jeremy: Babette is horny as horny can be and so when she gets some alone time she decides to let her fingers do the walking. As she diddles her Skittle, Ron decides to move in and get himself a piece. He sucks on her tits while she rubs, and then he slips his greasy digits into her hole. He goes down on her and eats her out, and then she gives him head to finish the scene but again, she has to remain 'virginal' so he doesn't fuck her.

Chapter 5 - Tonisha Mills And Yves Ballait: Outside in the carriage, Tonisha gives this lucky S.O.B. a blowjob. Nothing like an open mouth in the open air to get the blood running, and she sucks him like she means it.

Chapter 6 - Orgy! Everyone In! The entire cast get together for this, the grand finale. Honeymooners and vampires alike all say to Hell with it and start fucking one another. This scene is a bit of a mess, as like the orgy in the first Ejacula it's shot in a very claustrophobic manner and it's hard to figure out just who is fucking who at any given time. There's also a lot of partner swapping here. That said, it's all oral and vaginal sex here, no DP's or anal and only fleeting moments of girl on girl action. It all ends with Babette getting it on the table in front of everyone else once they've all finished (lots of facials and coming on tits). What the orgy participants don't realize is that the vampire hunters are still out there and waiting until they're all distracted to strike!



This feature was shot on video and is presented on this DVD fullframe. For a movie that's roughly fifteen years old, Ejacula 2 doesn't look terrible here, in fact it looks identical to Ejacula which makes sense as these were probably shot back to back. The colors are a little faded and there's a lot of heavy aliasing in some scenes and there are minor problems with the contrast but the picture is clean and clear and stable for the most part. It's far from reference quality but for an older shot on video production, it's perfectly watchable.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is in English and is pretty standard stuff, no better, no worse. Dialogue comes through clear enough and there I didn't notice any problems as far as synching or levels are concerned. It's hardly an Earth shattering mix in any way, but it serves the film just fine and the cheesy Casio soundtrack sounds alright.


Extras are limited to trailers for seven other VCA/Hustler DVD titles, a still gallery of twenty hardcore images set to music from the movie, an internet link, phone sex ads, still menus and chapter selection for the feature.

Final Thoughts:

If you dug the first film and want to know how the story ends, then Ejacula 2 is worth a look. Again, it features reasonably good production values and despite the hokey acting, the story is resolved fairly well here. Don't look for much added value from VCA, the extras are pretty uninteresting but at least the DVD makes the whole story available for those who want it. Like the first part, it's not a classic as the packaging would have you believe, but it is a solid rental.

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