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Bros Before Hoes

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Directed By: Doug

Production Dates: December 2007 to August 2007

The Movie: Good-looking straight dudes get down with each other for cash.

Run Time:  1 Hour and 53 Minutes

The Dudes:

"Bros Before Hoes" offers up ten appealing dudes with an age range of early to late twenties; short and buzz cut hair; black, brown, blond, and reddish-brown hair colors; muscular, toned, and average body types; hairy, lightly hairy, and smooth chests; full, trimmed, shortly trimmed, and shaved pubes; cut and uncut cocks.

Condoms: Yes

Diesel & Max:

Diesel (good-looking with short brown hair, cool sideburns, toned/smooth body) is sleeping when Max (cute with dark buzz cut, soul patch, tattoos, average/smooth body) wakes him up by sliding his hand under the covers and playing with that hard cut cock. Diesel digs the attention and comments, "Great way to wake up!" Max is soon sliding his mouth up 'n down Diesel's stiff shaft deep throating down to shortly trimmed pubes with ease. "You like it when I suck your dick?" "I love it!" Max sucks 'n licks his buddy's big plump hairy nuts while Diesel pulls his pork shooting jizz on his pubes. The dudes take a relaxing hot shower with Max showing off his full dark pubes, hangy balls, and hard clipped tool. Diesel takes a powder leaving Max along to jerk off switching back 'n forth between left and right fists and rubbing those tasty nuts. To finish up, Max cuts loose with a large thick load on his fist.

Brock & Skyler:

Skyler (cute with short brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) is laying in bed pulling his big fat cut cock with Brock (good-looking with short dark hair, bitchin' sideburns, toned/hairy body) next to him wagging his own large clipped prick. The dudes watch straight porn while pulling their pork when Skyler reaches over and starts jerking Brock's member and Brock rubs his buddy's balls. Both dudes are friendly and have hot full dark pubes. Skyler chows down on that rigid dong taking his time to savor the delicious taste of man meat and sliding his mouth up 'n down giving excellent head.

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Brock rolls a condom on, spreads Skyler's butt cheeks exposing that tight hairy hole, and slowly slides in from behind. Heavy breathing and moans from both horny guys fill the room as Brock fucks his pal fast 'n hard. There are no good close-ups of the penetration here but we do get another tasty close-up of Skyler's bunghole. Brock beats off busting a large thick nut all over Skyler's back and butt. Hot load! Not finished, Brock sucks Skyler's dick giving some mean head as he works it with his hot mouth. Skyler shoots a thick load of jizz on his hairy stomach. Hot dudes!


Tom is a good-looking twenty three year-old with short dark brown hair, cool sideburns, and a toned/smooth body. He's a friendly dude who easily talks about hanging out partying and how he likes older gals who take charge and fuck him. Opening his blue jeans, Tom reveals his shortly trimmed pubes, plump hangy balls, tasty clipped pork, and hot hairy bum. Dude watches straight porn that contains exotic music and some gal moaning on the soundtrack.

Switching back 'n forth between fists and over/under-handed techniques, Tom jerks the heck outta his hard cock when Director Jay arrives and immediately takes that stiff tool down his hungry gullet giving excellent head much to Tom's pleasure. Jay (cute bear with brown hair, husky/hairy body) easily deep throats that pole leading Tom to thrust his hips upward to fuck that hot mouth.  Tom reaches the point of no return and shoots a large thick load on his fist and arm. Jay licks the cum off of Tom's cock and chows back down as another unseen gal on the television squeals with delight.

Bosco, Kai, and Spence:

Bosco (cute with short blond hair, toned/smooth body), Kai (good-looking with short reddish-blond hair, muscular/lightly hairy body with tattoos, and Spence (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) are hanging out in someone's home gym shooting the breeze. Bosco gets to call the shots here and soon has the two hot butch dudes competing during arm wrestling, leg wrestling, pull ups, and thumb wrestling. Losing the competition, Spence is soon down on his knees taking Kai's hard cut dick down his gullet working the knob and stroking the shaft in tasty close-up.  Bosco strips down and Spence takes that rigid cut dick down his throat giving some very good head. Bosco sinks to his haunches and chows down on Kai and then switches over to Spence's big hard clipped tool giving both dudes something to write home about much to their lusty delight. To finish up, the dudes gather 'round pulling their collective pork shooting their thick loads on a black gym mat.

David, Peter, and Skyler:

David (good-looking with short dark hair, full beard, toned/hairy body), Peter (cute with short blond hair, toned/smooth body), and Skyler (from previous scene) slouch on a sofa shirtless wearing blue jeans while watching a live sex show performed by a pretty blond gal named April and her hunky boyfriend. We cannot see what tricks Miss April has up her sleeve but the viewer does get to see that she has a hot pink dildo . There is one quick shot of her big tits and at the end, a quick shot of her pussy and her boyfriend's big hard cut cock. The dudes strip down with David revealing his full dark pubes and large uncut cock, Peter showing off his brown bush and clipped dick, and Skyler allowing a nice look at his shortly trimmed pubes and clipped tool all while watching April do her "thang". The guys definitely like what they see as they begin jacking their hard pricks with David working his mouth-watering foreskin back 'n forth over the purple knob in hot close-up.

For some unknown reason Peter blurts out, "I wish I had two dicks and four hands!" Ha! David is busy with his legs spread wide rubbing his hairy butt crack, hangy nuts, and stiff tool.  Always hungry for cock, Jay (cute bear with brown hair, husky/hairy body) chows down on Skyler's stiff tool giving expert head cramming it down his gullet while wildly stroking the shaft. David and Peter are just as busy watching the free show while sliding their fists up 'n down each other's rigid dongs. Skyler shoots a thick load on Jay's palm and then Jay laps it up. David squirts a large load and moans, "I hope I didn't shoot on my fuckin' clothes!" and Peter cuts loose with a large load of jizz on the rug.


"Bros Before Hoes" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full frame. For the most part, the hand-held videography is strong providing plenty of groovy close-ups of the jacking off and cock sucking but descent close-ups of the butt sex penetration are far 'n few between. The picture quality is sharp and clear with just a few quick pixel problems from time to time.  The pixel problems are definitely not bad enough to ruin the watching experience as there are only a few and last mere seconds.


The sound is nice 'n clean allowing the viewer to easily hear as the dudes shoot the breeze and plenty of heavy breathing, moans, and sighs as they get down to some man-love.


The disc includes an interactive menu and scene selection.


I love me some Amateur Straight Guys and Doug 'n Jay have created another fun-filled release with "Bros Before Hoes".  The dudes are all very appealing, friendly, and comfortable in their sexuality to get down with other dudes for cash. They give energetic performances and definitely do not shy away from sucking cock and fucking. My personal favorites here are: Max, Brock, Spence, David, and Diesel. My only complaint is with the videography where there are missed opportunities for some additional butt sex penetration shots.  It's not enough to ruin this hot movie but lowers my score. I Recommend for fans of straight dudes who go "gay for pay".

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