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Sounds of Obsession

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sunrise Adams (click for trailer)

Sounds of Obsession

Vivid Entertainment

Kylie Ireland!

Genre: Feature

Director: Eli Cross

Christian and Moxxie Maddon

Cast: Sunrise Adams, Evan Stone, Kylie Ireland, Moxxie Maddon, Christian, Mike Striker
Non-sex role by Eli Cross (voice role only as a therapist)

Length: 98:25 minutes

Kylie Ireland and Sunrise Adams

Date of Production: 2/24/2007

Sunrise Adams and Mike Striker

Extras: The best unique extra for the movie was the 16:20 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Fraulein Fist. Sunrise got plenty of screen time here but Kylie shined as the driving factor as far as cast was concerned, elevating the worth for me substantially as it would for any fan. Of interest to most porn fans with small collections of Vivid movies will be the 99:45 minute long set of five bonus scenes from Blush, Kayden's First Time, Off The Hook, Pay Or Play, and Sex Addict that I described below. There were four trailers, a photogallery, a text biography for Sunrise Adams, some spam (like at the beginning of the DVD), and a second side to the cover that had advertising on it.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Sounds of Obsession was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as shot by director Eli Cross for Vivid Entertainment. Knowing up front that this wasn't going to be one of his yearly extravaganza's, I still knew enough that I could count on his sensibilities in directing gal pal Kylie to fully effect; the resulting effort nicely played for sexual heat and feature quality even if it was never meant to be a blockbuster. That said, the lighting was interesting and helped reduce the shadows as well as grain in some cases but it looked like two cameras were used in many scenes that had different settings (making for jarring edits). It was shot on video and presented in the usual MPEG-2 codec, perhaps not the first selection for an HD upgrade (in blu-ray of course). The composition of the angles favored the ladies with the editing coming across as too aggressive but the fleshtones were fairly accurate and the bitrate hovering around the upper 3 Mbps mark (so there were some compression artifacts). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps bitrate standard at the company these days. The music was fair but not too obtrusive with the vocals the dominant part of the aural experience. There was some dirty talk (kudos to Kylie) but the general lack of separation and minimal dynamic range weakened the effort.

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Body of Review: Eli Cross is one of the hottest directors in porn these days, primarily due to his excellent works at Sex Z Pictures. He does one big flick a year for them as well as some smaller titles that appeal on an equally smaller scale, reminding me that he has shot at companies such as Adam & Eve and Vivid Entertainment in his sorted past. Today's review is of one of those smaller budget movies of his from Vivid called Sounds of Obsession, a showcase piece starring Sunrise Adams as a housewife upset at the possibility of her husband (the mighty Evan Stone) having an affair with a hotty porn star (Kylie Ireland) and her need for revenge. The back cover described the movie like this: "Krista, is the frustrated wife of a radio producer who leaves her every morning to work side-by-side with an ex-porn star and sex-talk radio host. Her husband is distant and unaffectionate at home, and is extremely focused on work. Meanwhile, Krista's friends are cheating left and right, and Krista is having fantasies about banging someone else for revenge. It's not surprising that she becomes fixated on the idea that her husband is having an affair. When Krista finally breaks down and gets off with a studio engineer right on the floor of her husband's inner sanctum, the guilt drives Krista towards drastic measures that will ensure her husband's co-host never gets in the way of her home life ever again." If you like darker themed shows, this will be right up your alley since the reduced size of the budget might have truncated Eli's grander nature in movie making but could not kill off his ability to make a tight little fuck flick worth checking out. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Morning Sex: Sunrise Adams, the sexy young blond featured on the front cover, was up first in bed with the mighty Evan Stone; waking him up with a blowjob like a wonderful little lady would do. The visuals satisfied the needs of the feature as well as provide something interesting for the sexual part of the deal, a slightly soft focus adding visual texture. Her very frisky nature was evident as she slobbed his knob, using two hands as she wrapped her lips around him before straddling his face for some 69 action. This eventually led to him boning her with a rubber, her hips bouncing as she impaled herself using a thrusting style almost as if she were doing the penetration herself. They wrestled in bed a bit and switched positions, showing a happy couple at play. The sex ended when he busted a nut of population pudding on her chest, leading to the radio show starring Kylie in a polished role as a talk show host.

Scene Two: Sex With Pam: Kylie Ireland, tired and stressed after a series of lame callers, complained at length to Evan Stone, the man doing his best as her producer to relieve her stress in the studio. This meant, of course, the pair had sex as he nuzzled her breasts and they kissed like it was a frequent occurrence. They ripped off clothing and went at one another, providing the impetus for the jealousy angle the plot needed while never bogging down in it as they embraced for a splendid performance. Skipping the blowjob for the moment, he pounded away at Kylie's cookie with both of them actively riding even if Kylie was the one that shined the most. Her dirty talk was well played and she moved into anal penetration with an ease that proved up her BTS comments about liking it more than vaginal. He tore into her backside as she pushed back against him, the camera too close for my tastes but showing it detail how deep he was going. She did some ATM and the scene strangely ended with him rubbing out his wad on her stomach. While I was unaware of the big market push for that kind of ending, the action itself was heated with plenty of enthusiasm. Yum!

Scene Three: Pool Boy: Moxxie Maddon, a curvy brunette with a different kind of appeal from the other ladies in the movie, was up next with Christian on the couch. Sunrise asked her where her boyfriend was and there were some hilarious insider jokes regarding how the Ramone's cover band "sucked" and his name was "Kurt" (referencing a performer known for a lot of negative behavior). The pair pawed each other when Sunrise left and she started going down on Christian's rod, some abrupt edits seeming out of place but her oral skills in great shape. She was active in most of the vaginal positions and while she sported a few extra pounds, I could not fault her performance for the most part, not on the same level as Kylie but sufficient to add replay value all the same. She did some taste testing and took to the anal fairly well, even doing ATM without hesitation as they continued their lengthy romp. As the scene continued, it struck me that the music and editing gave the scene a 70's porn scene type of dynamic only more hardcore. The ending semen spray went to her mouth and the modest load did not appear to be swallowed but she was better than I thought she'd be. Nice!

Scene Four: Unhealthy Obsession: Kylie Ireland, made up more than the last scene she was in, played a sexual aggressor to spicy little Sunrise Adams as part of her fantasy. Kylie was good in her dominant role, spanking her subbie until her cheeks flared red; fingering her and rubbing all the right places too. They took turns going down on each other, Kylie again providing the better aural experience with dirty talk and taking more fingers inside herself (eight) as Sunrise serviced her. I found the pairing erotic and felt that Kylie wanted to get even nastier, perhaps not allowed to per the agreement but giving off that vibe all the same. It was too short by half yet provided some solid lesbian loving that I admit to liking.

Scene Five: Patching The Board: Sunrise Adams, having planned to take care of her problem off camera, was up last as she sexually seduced Mike Striker in a revenge fuck to get even with her significant other. Her blowjob was again well given, both hands enhancing the moment before he reciprocated briefly until the bumped uglies. The scene almost looked like it was shot in a completely different way but someone else, still offering up an edgier performance than her usual work as he banged her without mercy, even tossing her onto the couch to go after. I know this was her preferred partner when the movie was shot and there was some chemistry between them but it was lacking somehow too. In any case, she was active during the ride and took the small facial (licking it in fact) so I have to say she upheld her end of the show.

Bonus Scene: Blush: Lauren Phoenix, a gal I haven't seen nearly enough of lately, was up next in a lesbian scene with Kylie Ireland that took place in a very familiar dungeon surrounded by brick walls (guess where). The two kissed and ate each other out far more passionately than the gay for pay crowd seems able to do; using toys and tongues as well as hands to get one another off. The two seemed to share a sense of chemistry together that most lesbian pairings fail at all too frequently though it seemed to end too quickly (time flies when you're having fun).

Bonus Scene: Kayden's First Time: Kylie Ireland, the curvy cutie with a legion of fans built up over the years, was up next with stud of the year Manuel Ferrara on a large bed. This scene also lacked the introductory tease I like but the MILF aspect of this talented lady should make fans happy nonetheless; both giving excellent head along with a solid titty fuck as Kylie coaxed him verbally with dirty talk. She did some PTM and also sat on his lucky face, moving to a energetic anal screw that she seemed to really appreciate. With ATM and some fine ass cheek rippling, they continued in other positions before he rubbed out a load to her face. In all, this scene was better than the last even though I got the impression that they wanted to do a lot more to each other but had to cater to the company's wishes since the intended audience was not hardcore raincoaters.

Bonus Scene: Off The Hook: Sunrise Adams, again playing a foxy little hotty in a skimpy dress (this time a black one at night), was up last as she took on drummer Evan "The Mighty" Stone who had dumped the rest of his band to set out on his own (giving some of his usual, funny dialogue). The couple met during the shooting of his video, Evan convincing her to dance around a little and join in the production, leading to the hotty stripping down to her thong and bending over for him. He picked up a camera to show some POV Sunrise, the gal nearly losing it in laughter as they got increasingly frisky. He then dropped the pretense and went down on her, sucking her pussy and ass as she panted in pleasure. They screwed vaginally and she aggressively slobbed his knob, her oral skills the best thing about the scene as far as her skills were concerned. There was a nice titty fuck and more vaginal plowing too but I remember the blowjob as her trademark move this time, the scene coming across as though they had some fun but little chemistry or spark between them. She practically posed when taking the facial he rubbed out, grabbing his cock too late for some post coital sucking that seemed like she was directed to do so.

Bonus Scene: Pay Or Play: Sunrise Adams, looking very fit in her cover outfit, was up last as she walked up to Mike Striker and asked him how much he would charge her for sex. Confused, he tried to clarify the issue since she was the street walker, not him, but they engaged each other all the same as he ate her tight clam like a man starving for affection. She gave as well as she got and was soon riding him actively; their sweaty bodies banging together before she relaxed to let him earn his pay. The camera work and editing again came into play for weakening the heat of the action but the sex seemed pretty heated, Mike getting his balls drained by Sunrise, who "loved being a whore" as she licked her fingers clean of his spew.

Bonus Scene: Sex Addict: Lisa Daniels, a busty gal with a bad attitude towards men, was up next in a lesbian scene with lovely Sunrise Adams as the two engaged in some floral work. After a minimal setup that included a few peek shots, the gals showed a propensity to appreciate the tulip more than any other flower, my hope that they spent some time on rosebuds increasing as the scene progressed. Sunrise went down on Lisa first, the role playing showing the seductive nymphomaniac a capable actress before the rest of their clothing came off and a large toy came out for them to work with. The red double headed dildo was inserted into both of them at the same time, the fake porn screaming weakening the scene with Lisa not showing nearly as much aptitude for girly love as Sunrise, who donned a strap on dildo (two scenes too late from the looks of it) to continue pounding her new pal. With minimal dialog between scenes, the pacing continued to show each scene getting nearly a half hour for those who care.

Summary: Sounds of Obsession by director Eli Cross for Vivid Entertainment will not likely be referred to as his masterpiece from 2008 but it was a strokable little flick that fans of the cast should enjoy enough to merit a rating of Recommended. The visuals were disturbingly off somehow but I have come to think that this is part of Eli's style given his bigger works in recent years, a willingness to provide something different rather than chase the gonzo pack as so many of his peers seem willing to do. That said, Sounds of Obsession was too loosely scripted for me to work strictly as a feature but as a complete package, I'm sure that fans of Kylie Ireland and Sunrise Adams will feel they got their monies worth, even the five bonus scenes weighing heavily on their participation.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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