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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Savana -Silent G-Spot

Savana -Silent G-Spot

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys these days, the chills they can send about one's body when handled correctly known far and wide.  Since the popularization of the generic vibrator, all sorts of variations have been marketed in order to secure your hard earned dollars.  One such type of toy addresses the Grafenberg of "G" spot that women are supposed to possess, a place inside the lining of their vagina's that allows for a very powerful orgasm if properly stimulated.  Medical science has debated the existence of this pleasure center for years, especially since the term "G-Spot" was popularized in the early 1980's, but whether or not a special place exists with a neural cluster that can be manipulated for extra intense orgasms or not, many ladies swear by it and that alone merits attention by men wanting to satisfy their mate.

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In response to demands for toys that allow for the easier manipulation of this area on a women, companies like Doc Johnson spent considerable money researching what works best and most effectively to get a woman off.  They have a wealth of toys to do this but today's review is only on one of them, the <b>Savanna Silent G-Spot Vibrator</b>.  The version that came into our bedroom testing laboratory was the pink model (the box and my assistant insisted that the color was "fuchsia" but I'm a guy and having watched plenty of Pink Panther cartoons in my youth, I know what pink looks like.  Still, in order to keep getting the occasional glimpse of pink from my assistant Nadine, I went along with her on the color at the moment.

The device was not a small one, it measured about eight and one-half inches long, and had a circumference of five and three-quarters inches.  The package advertised that it was phthalate free and non-toxic but there was an issue with that I will address in a moment.  Taking two AA batteries at the twist off base, the multi-speed vibrator had a decent level of vibration to it on the high setting; not the most active but quite pleasurable all the same.  The package even insists that it is waterproof if you screw on the cap tightly and this seemed to be an accurate statement while the toy is new.

Testing the duration of the batteries took patience as the toy was happily buzzing along three+ hours later so I popped in a new set of batteries to see just how well it worked on Nadine.  Once properly moistened (this was achieved by rubbing the vibrator at moderate speed along her labia and clitoris), the vibrator was inserted slowly.  Nadine appreciated the strength of the plastic since this was not a flimsy device.  The curved head at the end did allow for additional stimulation in the region reportedly known for the g-spot and the effect was to make Nadine very happy in short order.

The efficiency of the vibrations aside, another concern arose concerning the smell.  No, not Nadine smelling bad, but the vibrator itself.  even out of the package and washed, the vibrator smelled like burnt plastic, the odor getting stronger as time went on.  I couldn't say if it was the motor burning out or causing issues with the plastic sleeve or what but it got to the point where Nadine stopped the testing.  Even using a condom on the toy, it felt warm to the touch; not that this is necessarily a bad thing but it might have been an explanation of the smell getting worse.  At that point, Nadine questioned just how "non-toxic" the vibrator was since she equates foul smell with toxicity (and I can't fault her logic).

So, the toy was inexpensive, worked like a charm at stimulating a g-spot, and was a colorful little bed buddy but I simply couldn't approve it given the results of the testing.  Even after a cooling off period, the smell was still present and just as the aesthetics were well handled and the toy was not very loud (clearly earning a place in the quieter toys I've tested over the years if not quite "silent"), the only rating that makes sense for a sex toy that offends the olfactory senses I can give is a <b>Skip It</b> so if you're in the market for the <i>Savanna Silent G-Spot Vibrator</i>, be forewarned that it might not be the best choice for your bedroom pleasure.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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