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Head Hunters, Inc.

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/31/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: November 2007

Directed By: Steven Scarborough

The Movie:

The horny men of Head Hunters, Inc. are more interested in their next man-on-man tryst than big money deals.

The Cast:

Tony Mecelli, Vinnie D'Angelo, Ty Lebeouf, Dillon Crow, Nick Moretti, Park Wiley, Jackson Wild, Jack Bond, Ross Hurson.

The Dudes:

"Head Hunters, Inc." offers up nine hot dudes with a nice age range of early twenties to late thirties; black and brown hair cut short; hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and clipped cocks.

Run Time:  2 Hours

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One:

Ross Hurson (handsome with short dark hair, goatee, muscular/hairy body) calls his wife with the age-old excuse of "having to work late" as horny co-worker Ty Lebeouf (hot with shaved head, goatee, muscular/hairy) watches with approval. The dudes get down with some very passionate heavy kissing with tongues, body rubbing, and hard nipple licking/sucking. Ross sinks to his knees taking Ty's fat clipped cock down his gullet giving excellent head and deep throating all the way down to those closely trimmed pubes.  Ty fucks Ross' willing mouth making his plump nuts slap back 'n forth. 

Ty sinks to his knees sucking Ross' large unclipped tool licking the shaft, slapping it against his tongue, sucking those plump balls, and giving one heck of a blow job. Ty relaxes spread eagle on a desk as Ross spreads those butt cheeks exposing that tight pink bunghole and munches down eating that ass with gusto while Ty cries out, "Oh! Eat that ass!" and pinches his own hard nipples.  "Oh yeah! Get it!" Ross teases his co worker's man-pussy sliding his long shaft back 'n forth over the pulsing pucker followed by some very fast 'n smooth fucking in the missionary position.

There are plenty of penetration shots here from behind where we can see Ross' plump nuts swingin' as that stiff rod slams in 'n out of that tight chute.  Switching up, Ty spreads Ross' butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved touchhole and fucks him from behind fast 'n hard from behind with plenty of penetration shots from below. Ross wildly beats his meat while Ty drills him in the missionary position making him shoot a thick load on his hairy stomach.  Ty shoots a thick load on Ross' balls and inside thigh.

Scene Two:

Delivery dude Dillon Crow (cute with short brown hair, cool sideburns, muscular/smooth body) has a "package" for businessman Nick Moretti (good-looking with short dark hair, sideburns, muscular/hairy body). Nick quickly sinks to his knees pulling Dillon's tight cycling pants and white briefs down revealing closely-trimmed/almost shaved pubes, plump 'n hangy nuts, and a stiff clipped cock with nice long piss slit.  He slides his hot mouth up 'n down the shaft cramming as much down his hungry gullet and deep throating all the way and giving some A+ head. Dude practically goes crazy on that delicious dong. 

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Dillon bends over offering up his hot bum leading Nick to pull those cheeks apart and exposing that tight shaved bunghole murmuring "sweet ass" as he munches down. As payback, Dillon gets down on his haunches and blows Nick's stiff cut cock deep throating all the way down, working his mouth up 'n down, and giving excellent oral pleasures. Nick slides his tool in between Dillon's buns and then sinks in from behind fucking that hole fast 'n hard making Dillon hunch back demanding more stiff cock up his bum with penetration shots from above and from the side.  "Man, that dick feels so fuckin' good!"

The dudes kiss with plenty of deep tongue and then Nick drills Dillon in the side/missionary position for some very hot fucking. Both guys are completely into each other and the action filling the room with heavy breathing, moans, groans, and sighs.  There are also some nice penetration shots from behind where we can see Nick's tight lightly hairy bunghole as he pulls all the way out of Dillon and slides back in. Dillon cries out, "Let me sit on that dick and ride that fuckin' cock!" and that's exactly what he does wildly humping up 'n down. Dillon shoots a thick load on Nick's ultra-hairy chest and Nick sprays a large wet load all over Dillon's bum.

Scene Three:

Hunky bottled water delivery man Vinnie D'Angelo (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/hairy body) forces business man Jack Bond (hot with shaved head, muscular/hairy body) to his knees because he's been acting like he "needs some dick".  Jack quickly slides his hungry mouth up 'n down that hard cut pole cramming his throat full and totally pigging out on that tasty hog. Vinnie reaches down and begins stroking Jack's stiff clipped tool while continuing to be orally serviced. Jack bends over the desk showing off his hot bubble butt when allowing Vinnie to spread his cheeks exposing that tight shaved hole.

Vinnie fucks that chute from behind fast 'n hard using long full strokes with plenty of penetration shots from above and below. He chows down on Jack's hard clipped dick working his mouth up 'n down giving one heck of a blowjob. The dudes are completely into each other and the action. Vinnie continues pounding by fucking the snobbish business man fast 'n smooth in the missionary position. He shoots a large thick load of love juice on Jack's chest and stomach. Jack busts a large thick nut that practically leaps outta his purple knob. Hot!

Scene Four:

Tony Mercelli (handsome with short black hair, muscular/smooth body) is conducting an interview with Park Wiley (good-looking with brown buzz cut, beard stubble, muscular/smooth body) and quickly forgets the matter at hand when Park offers up some "special services". The dudes kiss with deep tongue action leading Park to fall to his knees and haul Tony's hard clipped cock from the fly of his trousers and chow down. Park gives some very hot head here sliding his mouth up 'n down the stiff shaft, licking 'n sucking those tasty plump nuts, and going wild on that meat.

Tony is definitely the aggressor here quickly yanking Park's pants and briefs down and fucking him fast 'n hard from behind with nice penetration shots from above.  Switching to the missionary position, Tony drills Park quick 'n lubed as Park jerks his hard cut cock. Tony is still wearing his blue silk shirt. Tony bangs the heck outta that man-hole and there are some nice shots of his tight hairy pucker and plump balls from behind and ends up shooting a large thick load on Park's shirt and face. Hot! Park cuts loose with thick jizz on his shirt.

Scene Five:

Dillon Crow (scene two) has another delivery and this time it's for Jackson Wild (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body). The dudes soon find themselves in a red-hot make-out session with plenty of wet tongue kissing and body rubbing.  Dillon chows down on Jackson's hard clipped cock licking the shaft, sucking those very plump balls, and working the entire package with his talented mouth. Jackson gladly fucks Dillon's mouth with his tasty beefy meat and Dillon really pigs out on that pork 'n beans.

Jackson bends over allowing Dillon to spread those butt cheeks showing off that tight shaved hole and then munches down for some succulent ass eating. Horned up from having his cock sucked and ass eaten, Jackson sinks to his haunches and sucks Dillon's rigid clipped cock down his gullet deep throating and giving an excellent blowjob.  Jackson fucks Dillon's tight shaved butt hole from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes. Jackson squirts a large wet load on Dillon's face. Dillon dumps a small load on his fist.


"Head Hunters, Inc." is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full frame. For the most part, the videography by Richard Board is excellent providing full coverage of the action with nice juicy close-ups of the cock sucking and butt fucking. For some odd reason, there are absolutely no close-ups of the ass eating. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewers to easily hear the dudes' dialogue along with the usual heavy breathing, moaning, and groaning that accompanies all-male lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a Fuck compilation and Cumshot compilation, and a cool slide-show of high quality publicity and action photographs.


"Head Hunters, Inc." is a high quality romp through the corporate world of man-on-man sex. The direction by Steven Scarborough and videography by Richard Board is strong, with the exception of no close-ups of the ass eating, provides full coverage of all the hot action as the dudes get down to some hot cock sucking and butt fucking. I have reviewed many Hot House releases and this is the first one that does not contain close-ups of the butt munch. The dudes are all very appealing, give energetic performances, and are clearly into the action and each other. My personal favorites here are Ross Hurson, Ty Lebeouf, Nick Moretti, Vinnie D"Angelo, Tony Mercetti, and Park Wiley. I Recommend for fans of sexy muscular dudes who dig getting off with each other.

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