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Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Movie:

This 1993 VCA production stands as the final feature from director Eathen Marcs (who gave us the brilliant Max Bedroom!) but sadly, he doesn't go out in a blaze of glory here so much as crashes and burns.

At any rate, the film follows Gail who plays a real estate agent tasked with selling a house that once belonged to a good friend of hers before she mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. A friend of Gail's (played by Ashley Dunn) decides that the house is a bargain and expresses interest in buying it and so the two go off to look into things. Of course, once they embark on this normally mundane task, they find themselves surrounded by strange characters and odd, potentially supernatural, activity.

Chapter 1 - Gail Force: Gail gets off the phone and then gets off herself! She hits the bed wearing some crotchless black nylons and lets her fingers do the walking. She diddles her skittle from a few different angles, first lying on her back and then down on all fours, until she finishes up. If you find Gail attractive, this scene will work for you, otherwise it's a pretty generic solo scene set to bad music.

Chapter 2 - Teddi Austin, Don Fernando And Tom Chapman: Tom and Teddi are a couple and Tom decides to show off to his pal Don just how much Teddi loves him by getting her into a three way. The guys suck her tits and then she kisses Tom while Don eats her out. Don fucks her pussy missionary style and then doggy style while she swallows Tom's cock. She gets on top of Don and rides him cowgirl style so that Tom can get in there too for a little double penetration action. After a bit of that, they pull out and she sucks them both to a finish resulting in some spooge on her face and her cleavage. This scene is alright. Teddi is a cute woman and a decent performer and she seems to be enjoying her quality time with the boys despite the terrible soundtrack.

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Chapter 3 - Gail Force, Ashley Dunn And Ted Williams: Gail is showing Ashley and Ted the house and once they get to the master bedroom Ashley gives Ted hell for not watching her carefully enough (he's her bodyguard). Ashley gets Ted into bed and they start making out, and then she gives him head. Gail takes the initiative and strips down so that she can sit on Ted's face. Ashley and Gail switch places and then she gets down on all fours to blow Ted while Gail fingers her from behind. The girls move into a sixty-nine and Ted fucks Gail from behind and once he's had enough of that he pulls out and shoots his goop onto the top of her ass. This scene isn't particularly hot. The chemistry seems forced and Gail and Ashley don't really connect the way the best lesbian pairs do, though compared to the chemistry between Ashley and Ted they're on fire. Oh, and the music sucks.

Chapter 4 - Gail Force, Ashley Dunn And Teddi Austin: In a flashback scene, Ashley and Teddi are fooling around in the bedroom. They catch Gail spying on them and let her into the room to watch Teddi finger Ashley's box. Soon she moves in even closer and helps Teddi with her task before busting out a strap-on and fucking Teddi with it, then Ashley. They pull out some dildos and give Teddi some double penetration love from a couple of different positions before calling it a night. This is a decent scene even if it doesn't set the world on fire. The girls are having fun and they look alright. The soundtrack, on the other hand, might have actually gotten worse.

Chapter 5 - Madison And Tom Chapman: Madison and Tom are making out in the basement. He strips and she gives him a pretty enthusiastic blowjob. He lies back and she sits on his face before moving down his torso and riding him reverse cowgirl style for a bit. She pulls off of him and lies on her back so that he can have her missionary style, and once he's finished with that he pulls out and shoots on her face. Madison looks good here and at least appears to be trying to generate some heat but it never quite works and these two just are not convincing here.

Chapter 6 - Cameo And Don Fernando: While the girls stand around chanting, Don lies on his back so that Cameo can move in on his boner and give it a good tongue lashing. From there she gets on her back and he mounts her like your dad mounts your mom. After a bit of that she gets on all fours and he fucks her pussy from behind before pulling out and putting pudding on her cute face. This scene is poorly shot and devoid of any heat whatsoever. These two are definitely just going through the motions and Cameo looks stoned. The music still sucks.

It should be noted that the extremely well constructed brunette who adorns the front cover of VCA's DVD doesn't appear in the film, nor does anyone who really even looks like her, or dresses like her, or is seemingly connected to her in anyway whatsoever. Which is a shame, as she's got a mighty impressive rack and the lace-up 'fuck me' boots are a nice touch.



This feature was shot on video and is presented on this DVD fullframe. For a movie that's roughly fifteen years old, Vampirass doesn't look terrible here though the lighting in the film is pretty poor and as such, it's a little on the dark side. The colors are a little faded and there's a lot of heavy aliasing in some scenes and there are minor problems with the contrast but the picture is clean and clear and stable for the most part. It's far from reference quality but for an older shot on video production, it's perfectly watchable.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is in English and is pretty standard stuff, no better, no worse. Dialogue comes through clear enough and there I didn't notice any problems as far as synching or levels are concerned. It's hardly an Earth shattering mix in any way, but it serves the film just fine and the cheesy Casio soundtrack sounds alright.


Extras are limited to trailers for seven other VCA/Hustler DVD titles, a still gallery of ten hardcore images set to music from the movie, an internet link, phone sex ads, still menus and chapter selection for the feature.

Final Thoughts:

Considering how massive VCA's catalogue is and how many classics they have, it makes you wonder who decided that Vampirass should rise from the grave and make it to DVD. Puzzling, to say the least. The movie is poor, the sex is uninspired, and the disc is mediocre. Skip it.

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