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Evil Anal 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Kathy Anderson in Bonus Scene 1  (click for trailer)

Evil Anal 5: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Sarah Blue, Melissa Black, and Sandy Style in Bonus Scene 2

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Jandi Lin

Cast: Jandi Lin, Manuel Ferrara, Britney Stevens, John Strong, Steve French, Steve Holmes, Bobbi Starr, Dana DeArmond, Summer Storm

Length: 186:40 minutes

Britney Stevens

Date of Production: 2/4/2008 (cover); 2/5/2008 (credits)

Dana washing Bobbi Starr's ass

Extras: There were two bonus scenes on the second disc this time, both described slightly below. They lasted 29:02 minutes and 39:19 minutes and came from Anal Expedition 3. The Behind the Scenes lasted 56:13 minutes (wow!) and began with Dana claiming that she doesn't wear deodorant (no kidding!) as Bobbi was getting her hair done. These two were the only ones covered in the feature but it was done from beginning to end so fans of the pair might enjoy it even more; though it shorted the other ladies (still, cute comments about Tony T., porn relationships, and the additional sex made it fun to appreciate). The 33:17 minute long Photoshoot feature was of a similar nature, also focusing on Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond's antics; from Dana complaining "like an old person", comparisons of her to Meryl Strep (I could see the resemblance), and the weather. There was a cumshot recap, a photogallery, a cast list, some limited filmographies, and trailers to three of Manuel's previous flicks.

Summer Storm's sweet ass

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Anal 5 was presented in a 1.78:1 non anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel. The colors were saturated and tinted much of the time, the lighting levels suboptimal, and there was a fair amount of grain but once again Manuel brings home the raw energy despite these technical issues. I know that he and some of his friends are working on making even better looking movies for the future so I'll patiently wait but this was again not as good looking as it should have been. The video bitrate hovered on the low end, often in the mid 2 Mbps area, and there was a little bit of aliasing going on but the composition of the camerawork was decent enough. In short, whatever technical limitations were present was not erection killing even if a guy like me wants improvement. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps and were almost average compared to the video as all the gals could be heard (though the lack of separation and limited dynamic range could also be worked on).

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Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara has been distributed by Evil Angel for some time now, his previous career elsewhere almost forgotten except for his extensive use of bonus scenes from them that are otherwise OOP. Manuel is a Renaissance man type of guy that does it all: he performs, directs, and otherwise assists his friends with their productions in porn, typically charming the veritable pants of his female coworkers at every turn. His latest title making it my way is Evil Anal 5: Special Extended Set, the sequel to Evil Anal 4, where Manuel's focus is on shapely asses getting penetrated by him and his pals. While there were only four scenes (if you don't include the previously released scenes), they were lengthy enough to really show the ladies off completely, from head to toe and all that was in between so if you're a fan of any of them, this is a sweet stopping point for you to rush out and get your own copy of the double disc set. The Evil Angel website described the movie like this: "Manuel's recent work has been characterized by the combination of the best, most hard core action, almost always with anal or at least with double vaginal (Jaelyn Fox in Slutty and Sluttier 5) set in the context of a storyline, which often encompasses an entire movie (The Jenny Hendrix Anal Experience about an anal deflowering, and the psychology that goes with it). Scene 1 is a must have for Asian fans as beautiful Jandi takes an anal ride with Manuel. The highlight of Scene 2 with Britney and 3 men is multiple double penetrations, most airtight, and a long round of double anal with the requisite ass to mouth cock sucking. Scene 3 features multiple double penetrations as 4 veterans - Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Star, Steve Holmes, and Manuel - conspire, even featuring a story which purports to have Steve mad at Manuel for fucking Bobbi in the car ride. In scene 5, Manuel drills blond, big butted Summer Storm up her ass, which recalls the best Bend Over Babes in the Evil Empire. Bonus Scene 1 in particular features a hot anal coupling between Ferrara and Kathy Anderson, a blond we like to remember here in Booty-land." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jandi Lin, the Asian with the expansive tattoos as seen featured on the front cover of the two disc set, was up first as she teased and interviewed outside by the fountain for Manuel Ferrara. Unlike scenes where this section would last a few minutes, there was a lot of footage here, the gal masturbating before eventually taking his cock in her mouth around the 17 minute mark so if you hate this kind of thing, you are now on notice that it was indicative of each scene of the movie. Manuel wanted a lot more from her too so they went inside where he cranked up the choking (again), Jandi appearing to like his hands wrapped around her throat, until he began boning her in the yellow tinted room. His dick was so fat that she had trouble riding it actively, matters made worse during the anal portion of the penetrative acts. Manuel continued to screw her in a number of positions though, pussy, ass, and mouth while giving her some head from time to time before unleashing his load of population pudding on her face.

Scene Two: Britney Stevens, a curvy brunette popular with the director, was up next as she smoked a cigarette and masturbated in her pantyhose; even urinating while outside for those of you that like that kind of stuff. Her partners for the scene were John Strong, Steve French, and Steve Holmes; each waiting for her in turn with Steve getting to go first after she stuffed her urine soaked pantyhose in his mouth during her quality hummer. The men were dressed in black and after she made herself acquainted with their cocks orally, they were eating her out and drilling her other holes to make her airtight. The DP showed her rocking back and forth on the dicks, gagging on cock with those noises that some of you love, others hate, and some find amusing (such as myself). The empty warehouse setting with a couple of leather couches was a bit bland but otherwise served her well as she aggressively tackled all three of them. Say what you will about her lack of exotic looks (like Jandi) but as a meat & potatoes type of porn performer, she proved her qualifications as a nasty slut better than many of her peers (helping redeem the movie early on). I wasn't keen on the dicks being rubbed together or the breaking up of the gang to do smaller clips in various parts of the building, but fans of circus act sex like DAP (two dicks in the ass at once) and sweaty hijinks will find this one a winner. The scene finished up with her masturbating on the rooftop where the camera settings were once again optimal (different colors of light impact the tint if you don't reset the white balance), the semen dripping off her face from the loads she took.

Scene Three: Bobbi Starr, a well liked anal queen, and the matron of alt-porn herself, Dana DeArmond, were up next with Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes. Bobbi started blowing Manuel in the car traveling down the roadway after some pantyhose fetish, savoring his load that had to be explained to Steve who fussed at him since he didn't want to kiss her after that once they got back to the house. He called Dana to come and clean her up, the two ladies retiring to the bathtub where Dana's really hot looking ass crack jeans came off as she serviced Bobbi's all natural body. Say what you will about Dana's age or tranny looking face (I've never seen her that way but she acknowledges it publicly), but she knows how to give some lesbian fun with a forced water appliance. This heated little side step continued until the ladies were brought back to the living room and tested to meet with Steve's approval; his preliminary oral finding them both to his satisfaction. The sexual antics then picked up to full speed as the two men worked the two women over, Bobbi with Steve and Dana with Manuel, swapping partners after they all did some oral. Bobbi wanted Manuel's dick in her ass and Dana was content to let Steve drill her biscuit, both ladies servicing Steve as Dana tossed his salad while Bobbi blew him; just one set of sex acts in a scene full of variety. As expected, the emphasis of the scene was on the anally penetrative sex, Bobbi providing the most active ride of the day and Dana the loudest in her over the top way of handling things. The DP's did little for me thanks to how passive they were for the most part (especially Dana's) but each gal licked man ass and did permutations of taste testing from their own holes to each others, enjoying the facials and cumswapping more than a little bit. Bobbi seemed turned on most of the time and Dana gave a decent performance though so it was worthy of your time, money, and seed.

Scene Four: Summer Storm, a delightfully fleshy blond wearing a fishnet body stocking, was up last as she teased outside by the pool on the sunny day. While looking slightly rough here, she followed the directions of Manuel Ferrara well enough, from her masturbating to allowing him access to plunge a large anal toy inside of her with relative ease. She did some ATM with the device and they then went inside where he ate her stretched out ass to her nasty appreciation, even shoving most of his hand inside of her before she sat on his face for some extensive face riding fun. The blowjob was the shortest of the flick and he went right to pounding her worn out pucker, her reddened ass cheeks the result of his constant spanking. She was an active rider during the anal too, not to the extent that Bobbi was but certainly more so than Jandi or Dana proved to be; some limited taste testing and oral leading to the ending facial she jerked out of him.

Bonus Scene One: Anal Expedition 3: Kathy Anderson, a lean blond wearing a mask and sheer black body stocking, was up first with a POV Manuel Ferrara, demanding money to sell her services that included some light domination of the horny lad. The sex lasted 29:02 minutes and included all the usual tricks, even anal, with the POV footage only used at the beginning. She overacted but was quite fetching and he was tapping into her very heard before depositing his load upon her face after the salad tossing she did. My take on it years ago was: "Kathy, a blonde gal wearing a sheer body stocking (I prefer fishnets but this looked good too), asked for money when Manuel tried to play with her. I had to give credit for the honesty of the premise even if my fantasy is to find a gal that likes sex for the fun of it (I'm not holding my breath though). In a point of view fashion, she toyed with his cock and then gave him a great blowjob, proving she could inhale a penis like no one's business. After feeding her some ass-juice coated fingers to suck on, he started hammering away at her tight ass in several positions, showing she had a lengthy gape time in between them. She kept up with him stroke for stroke and didn't slow down like most gals do during anal these days, making this energetic and chemistry filled scene solid. Foot fetish types might like that he used his big toes on her ass as well although if given the chance, I'd keep my dick in her if left up to me. She did do ATM, rimmed him, and took his load in her mouth for those who care."

Bonus Scene Two: Anal Expedition 3: Sarah Blue, Melissa Black, Sandy Style, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, and David Perry were up next in a bonus scene lasting 39:19 minutes. The ladies were engaged in a domination scene involving spanking Melissa when they led her red assed self up the stairs to be played with by Manuel. They then left her while seeking out Steve and David on a couch in a nearby room, inhaling the cocks presented them without a word. Melissa's POV scene with Manuel was then edited into the other, a lot of anal sex taking place as expected with all five of them hooking up together before long. It ended with anal creampies and farting them into Melissa's mouth for swallowing; the scene a bit took willing to engage in circus act sex for my tastes but looking better than usual for Manuel. My take on it years ago was: "Sarah, Sandy, and Melissa, were up next as Melissa was spanked for being a "bad girl". They each wore fetish style lingerie that made me hot and Melissa was brought to Manuel for training as he spanked and choked her a bit too. Sandy and Sarah left the couple and found a few guys of their own, in this case David and Steve on a couch, and the two started sucking the guy's dicks in no time at all. The gals knew how to milk a nut and after some serious boning in each hole, the trio was reunited in order to carry on the tradition of more extreme sex. ATM, PTM, facials, cum swapping for the rectal cavity and even swallowing took place but the energy levels were higher than normal too-a fact that didn't escape this reviewer during his repeated screenings of the movie."

Summary: Evil Anal 5 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel had some very distinctive sexual highs and lows but on average, there was enough replay value, strokability, and fuck for the buck that it merited a minimum of a Recommended from me. I would have liked to see a bit less circus act stuff and more personal chemistry (that IS Manuel's trademark after all) but Bobbi Starr and Britney Stevens, and to a lesser extent Summer Storm, all gave sufficient performances to outweigh the weaker stuff found here this time. The extras were decently selected as well so I doubt more of you will find this one a waste of time. In short, Evil Anal 5: Special Extended Set, like Evil Anal 4, will appeal to the masses of ass loving anal freaks out there, a variety of booty offered up for your personal stroking pleasure that should satisfy you until Manuel's next title comes out soon.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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