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Sebastian Young Reduxxx

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 4/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Director: Peter Z Pan

Cast: Sebastian Young, Jayden Holloway, Matt Havoc, Gabriel Cortez, Dani Jo, Taz

Length: 85 minutes

Production Dates: March 2006, January 2007, January 2008

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Sebastian Young is a tan hottie with tattoos, muscles and a killer smile. This is a collection of previous scenes featuring the model, now an exclusive at Jet Set, from his PZP Productions days. Two scenes each from The DaVinci Load and its sequel, Electric Twinkaloo, are here, as well as outtakes. The scenes are also edited to cut out any story and most dialogue, apparently justifying the "director's re-cut" label on the box. Young was originally named Phoenix when he started in the business.

Scene 1
This scene with Jayden Holloway is taken from The DaVinci Load 2, and has the two guys standing in a tub as they make out--check out their big cocks grinding away on each other--before the sucking begins. Holloway has a big, hot cock, and gets good service before returning the favor. Young's thick, beefy piece gets attention in a variety of positions, and he then drips hot candle wax on both of them before eating and fucking Holloway, who comes as he's fucked and then gets a facial from Young.

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Scene 2
From the first DaVinci Load, this pairs Gabriel Cortez with Young, who immediately tells him: "Why don't you suck my ass?" The thin, toned Cortez complies, which has Young winking at the camera. The two then trade sucks--Young has a nice throat that gets in some deep sucks during the 69--and Cortez then sits down on Young. Cortex jacks away, his own uncut, banana-shaped cock hard as he rides his friend. Young gets a load on his chest, Cortez on his face. This scene has very weak video quality.

Scene 3
From The DaVinci Load 2, Young is sitting on a couch and asks for a massage from short blond Matt Havoc. Young gives him a blowjob as a thank you, with a nice hard cock waiting for Young's mouth. Young soon gets a suck, too, with Havoc looking up at the camera. Some nice side shots capture Young's boner in all its beauty. After 69ing, Havoc eats Young, then gets fucked in a few positions, including one with Young holding on to Havoc while standing up. The sit-down shot is nice, with both men hard and Young reaching around to stroke Havoc. After squirting, Havoc gets a facial.

Scene 4
Another low-quality video scene from the original DaVinci Load, this has Young fooling around with spiky haired Dani Jo, with Taz joining them mid-way. Young gets sucked and eaten before briefly sucking Dani Jo back. Then Taz joins in and sits between them on the couch, with Young and Dani Jo slurping his cock together, from both sides, in a hot visual of cock sharing--the strongest sequence here. Dani Jo then sucks both of them, trying to get both cranks in his mouth at once, before he takes turns sitting down on both of their cocks. Dani Jo then gets fucked on the floor by Young, with both men dumping their loads on his face.

The two scenes from the original DaVinci Load look horrible, like a used-up VHS tape. The two scenes from the sequel are much stronger, but still weak by today's standards, with grain and some shots with washed out color. The audio is just serviceable, with the newer scenes being slightly stronger.

There's a slideshow of photos, but the main draw are the outtakes. "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" feature provides 23 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage culled from each scene, with a few fresh hardcore shots and angles included. But there are also a lot of loud interruptions from the director (after yelling commands at Young and Holloway, this title comes up on the screen: "Yes, the director is an asshole"). The outtakes from the finale also feature an odd exchange, with the director randomly warning Dani Jo as he gets fucked that HIV is killed upon contact with air, so even if he gets a facial, he shouldn't be scared. His scenemates seem surprised at the director's utterance, both proclaiming their negative status. And all three of them--as well as us--lose our sex buzz. It's a creepy, odd exchange that puts a damper on the outtakes--and the disc.

In addition, the film's opening credits seem to revel in taking a jab at Young, with the director writing, "This real-life badboy is a bitch to work with--who came very close to punching my lights out during the Jayden Holloway shoot." Uh, from where we're sitting, Young's behavior looks pretty normal...and he isn't the one who comes across bitchy during the outtakes. To some, bad-mouthing your own talent may seem like a good way to generate interest in your product, but it just comes across looking lame.

The Naked Truth:
Diehard Sebastian Young fans probably already have the original films that these scenes are taken from (both DaVinci Load titles), and new fans would get more bang for their buck by just getting those titles individually. The only "new" stuff here is some outtakes (even those might be repeats), and that footage isn't that fun to watch, anyway.

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