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Suck It Up

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 4/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Cameron Marshall, Tyler Saint, Cort Donovan, Riley Burke, Nathan Sommers, Erik West, Wolf Hudson, Jude Collin, J.T. Ross, Turk Mason

Length: 2 hours

Production Date: November 2007

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
When big boss man Tyler Saint issues this decree: "We've got a busy day today with a lot of orders to fill...I hate to b a prick, but you've really got to suck it up!", a shipping warehouse with 10 horny men ignites with a bevy of sucking and ass eating, with two duos and a seven-man orgy. In the tradition of Oral Exams, this is an all-oral extravaganza from Chi Chi LaRue.

Scene 1
After twisting his ankle, dark-haired hottie Turk Mason sits down on some boxes and gets a foot massage from scruffy blond Cameron Marshall. But the masseur can't help himself, and is soon riding his hands up Mason's legs and chest, settling on the bulge in Mason's jeans. Soon, a rock hard piece of meat is released for Marshall to feast on--Mason has a stiff shaft that just won't quit, and it makes a strong, forceful boing when released from Marshall's mouth. Marshall covers all the bases, including Mason's shaved sac, then stands up to have his own piece worked over. Lots of kissing is placed within the action, and a hot shot below captures Mason sucking away, his fingers roaming to Marshall's hairy hole. Soon, Mason sits on Marshall's face, getting lapped up with another great angle right in front of the two men, with both of their cocks sticking straight up. Marshall then eats Mason form behind before the two jack off and plant their loads on Mason.

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Scene 2
Hairy stud Riley Burke can't stop starting at the ass of Jude Collin, who is perched on a ladder by the warehouse shelves. The tall hunk relents, pulling down his pants to reveal a jockstrap and his hairy ass, which is soon on the receiving end of Burke's tongue after Collin tells him to "Go for it!" Collin rubs his finger in his own ass, then feeds it to Burke, who does a great job of spreading Collin's cheeks to reveal the sweet pink center. Collin then turns around and strips, with Burke quickly on his big cock. Burke delivers a nice wet suck, frequently spitting on Collin's piece to work it up in a nice lather. Flexible Collin even bends over to get a few licks on his own dick head, with Burke sucking his balls. After returning the favor by sucking Burke, Collin lays on the floor, rolls his ass up in the air with his legs by his head and licks his own dick head some more as Burke laps up his hole (Collin is one flexible hottie!). The fabulous end has Collin giving himself a facial, with Burk dumping his load on Collin's hairy cheek, then licking some of it up--quite the finish! 

Scene 3
The final scene starts as a two man suck-off and ends as a seven-man tongue fest. Nathan Sommers cruises Cort Donovan, who quickly unzips and pulls his underwear down, with his instantly stiff meat flying out into Sommers' face (Donovan's cock reveal is always one of the hottest moments in any film...what a piece!). Cort delivers a lengthy face fuck, at one point grabbing Sommers' hair in a nice display.

Blond muscle an Erik West  then joins the mix, with all three kissing before both drop to their knees to share Donovan's manhood. West soon unzips and a suck chain ensues, and Marshall returns to watch the action. West face fucks Sommers before Donovan gets in a few licks--and if you haven't noticed it yet, check out Sommers' eyes when he sucks. He has them half closed, and you can see his eyeballs roll up in his head, with just the whites visible underneath. It's like he works himself into a hot state of Zen cocksucking, getting into a trance-like rhythm as he works any shaft. Some great shots below catch Sommers taking turns on Donovan and West, who kiss above him.

Donovan then makes his way over to Marshall, sucking him off while West drops to his knees to slurp on Sommers' uncut piece, nibbling on his foreskin. Soon, three more join and watch, as built stud Tyler Saint is flanked by Wolf Hudson and J.T. Ross, who both get groped by the muscle man. Donovan and Marshall up the heat as they kiss, their cocks grinding against each other in a hot visual. Saint--a great deep throater--sucks his buds (primarily Hudson, who stays nice and stiff).

Soon Hudson goes to slurp on Marshall and Donovan--engulfing both heads--while Sommers comes over to suck Saint, one of the hottest sequences in the whole film. His eyes roll up in his head again as he takes in all of Saint's huge cock, making it disappear and planting his lips on Saint's pubes. Saint thanks him by offering a kiss, and dripping hot wads of spit into his mouth to help him work up a wet lube.

The action shifts to all of the men together, with a little emphasis on rimming. Saint proves he's got one of the best tongues in the business as he dives into Sommers' hairy circle, while Marshall lays back and gets pleased by three men sharing his cock, balls and hole: Sommers, Donovan and Wolf, who also gets sucked by Ross. West jacks off while watching, then joins in to suck Saint. The action ends with Saint on the floor as five men dump their wads on his chest (Hudson delivers two loads!), with Saint and Sommers having their own private squirt session with some heated kissing. Sommers lets his wad loose on Saint's dick, and then jacks the two cocks together as they kiss (what a hot visual!) before Saint gives him a facial.

Presented in widescreen, this is a solid transfer that is pretty sharp and satisfying. The audio is fine, although the soundtrack overpowers the natural sound a little too much for my tastes, with the dialogue and sounds of sex being harder to focus on (perhaps the warehouse location provided some audio challenges). Still, an overall pleasing experience.

The PopShot-on-Demand feature offers a cumshot compilation, but the real fun here is the behind-the-scenes feature (7:26, presented in full frame). It gives viewers a glimpse of the cast and crew having fun between takes, with the last few minutes dedicated to photoshoot footage. The filmer gets some brief interviews in with much of the cast. Wolf Hudson shows off some dancing skills, but the real treat here is watching how crazy funny Erik West is as he hams it up for the camera with two sets of fake teeth (one like a monster, one like a bunny) and a switchblade comb ("I know I'm silly!" he proclaims). He acts, he sings...and he has his castmates shaking their heads and laughing hysterically, just like I was. You can put on a show for me any time, Erik.

The Naked Truth:
This is for guys who want oral, and want it now. No fucking is allowed, and it's nice to see LaRue continue his devotion to all of the cocksuckers out there. This entry isn't quite as voracious as we know it could have been (and a few semi-limp moments creep in), but this still gets an enthusiastic thumbs up (the ass).

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