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Sensual Intimacies

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 4/25/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Sensual Intimacies
An Abby Winters Release
Distributed by Wicked Pictures
Starring:  Indiana, Jilly, Irene, Sahara, Kiki, Gillian, Kitty M. & Mandy M.
All-Girl / No Condoms / No Mechanical Devices
131 minutes
Ahhhh, those Abby Winters girls.  Just thinking about them fizzles my thoughts into a haze of the sweetest girl on girl naughtiness, always miles ahead of the standard categorical leanings that fill the shelves these days.  Sensual Intimacies, in particular, features a few pairs of young ladies dipping (and sometimes co-mingling) their digits for a session of twin cinema in equal parts of grinning and getting off.  The single-camera focuses on capturing co-habitual and solo masturbation, as well as gentle caresses and kisses galore.  Tonally, the scenes are akin to spying on your sexy neighbors on a Saturday afternoon:  light, happy, and, well, intimate!

[Scene One]  Indiana and Jilly  (49:25)

(Jilly and Indiana:  seeing eye to eye.)

Brown-haired Jilly runs her fingers down rosy-cheeked cover girl Indiana's calf and thigh, eyes locked with one another, soon leaning together to kiss in a natural progression.  The petting soon becomes a topless affair (and button-less, too) as the deep kisses migrate chest-bound, pecks elevating into sultry drags, and by this point the two are nestled face to face, trilling themselves down below as legs are cocked open and hands veer south. 

Jilly decides to extend her legs out, cutting a clear view (unfortunately, not of her beautiful bush) of both her and Indiana's significant climactic excursions nearly against one another, still working solo, but always in tandem.  Their lidded eyes open to return and catch the other's glances, keeping the whirring and buzzing of shuttling fingers all the more exciting to watch.  The girls switch places for more close and post-peak cuddling, falling into each other's arms as they cross their respective finish lines.  But just as the action seems to settle down to a lull, Indiana drapes her legs across Jilly for a final bout of simultaneous self rub n' tug.

As brief as it all may have seemed, both Indiana and Jilly seem quite keen on each other, even though their lips may have been the only co-crossing either were willing to do.  The entwining pairs of legs, the everlasting gazes, and the incredible amount of buildup were the touchstones of the scene - like two giant waves crashing together, but still holding their own, quietly, rapt, and in time with the other.

(Indiana and Jilly:  briefly frozen in time.)

[Scene Two]  Irene and Sahara  (30:03)

(Irene and Sahara:  evaluating their prospects.)

-- sponsored by --

We join Irene and Sahara already in recline, nudging each other with their eyes in a delicate act of mischievousness, and it all plays out quite swimmingly.  They first peel their tops off almost in an act of defiance, their palms gliding into their panties as they stare longingly at each other.  Giggling continues as their wrists grind away furiously, and the girls kiss and strip themselves of their confining underwear.  Shed bare, they pull closer for more cheek-to-cheek lip locking, soon taking turns exchanging furry triangle handshakes via four extended fingers.  At one point, they similarly exchange leg slides, erupting a few times down the line before it's all said and done.  Irene and Sahara overtake each other in such a symbiotic way that the time flies by, leaving a pair of joyously shaken, silky crotches in their wake.  And while I certainly could have enjoyed seeing the action go on for hours more, the solemnity of the scene was awe-inspiring in its quiet, effortless rapture.  I actually gasped!

(Irene and Sahara:  let's shake hands.)

[Scene Three]  Indiana  (16:53)

Indiana, this time, goes at it alone, glancing into the camera for a split-second before tossing away her thin t-shirt and massaging her beauteous bosoms and pulling back her constantly falling sandy blond mane.  Her blue jeans soon fall to the floor, and Indiana casually glides and wriggles from one gymnastic stretch to the next in pursuit of solo glory.  She tosses and whips her hair back to front as her cycle of devil-horned fingers whittle down on her now-pulsing cherry, her eyes closing and lips puckering as she knocks herself into a series of taut shimmers of gooey joy.  She parts her knees apart and slaps her envelope down as the boil begins to turn down, and Indiana soon spends her last coin as a few fingers peer into that nearly bare slot of hers.  The scene comes off as a cross between personal self-shooting for a displaced boy/girlfriend and cracking the door open on a session of intimate self-love, though still maintaining a high, uninterrupted amount of energy throughout.  Aces!

(Indiana: smack the light fantastic.)

[Scene Four]  Kiki  (14:50)

Cocoa bomb Kiki works her way past a tightly-gripped pair of jeans to stretch and dangle her leopard print g-string, a few pat snaps teasingly paired with a few soft strokes up and down her alleyway.  Her top is pulled away, fulfilling a full-body rub before Kiki supplies enough spit for her right hand to shuttle up and down her crotch in a closed-eyed diddle fiddling.  Kiki's head cocks upward as she erupts in orgasm, pointed farther south as she arches her legs for a maximum amount of hot pressing.  The hand-grinding flows further downward as she soon belts out a few last glory calls, her body shuddering in a warm glow, her eyes still closed - now trembling.  A nice bit of voyeurism here, with the atmosphere on the highly private side, allowing Kiki to truly win it all for the sake of our primarily solitary enjoyment.  Quietly fierce!

(Kiki:  tufts, twaddles, and after the rush.)

[Scene Five]  Gillian and Kitty  (6:31)

We fade into Gillian and Kitty already beginning to find their way past their summer outfits toward more succulent, soft locales.  Their clothes drift into the periphery as each whittles into their self-hand grasps, occasionally pausing to share a smile, a laugh, or sometimes match the other's undulating roller coaster ride.  Grunting and huffing perks up the grind as both girls peak and gnash their knuckles down, the other's voice nearer to their wrists (and, therefore, nearer to their glowing beacons).  Hair frazzles to bits at comedown, and the girls relish their post-sprint moment, awash with a cumulative co-habitant heat.  Both Gillian and Kitty are cute as can be, ruffling away like bunnies in a garden.  Short and sweet - what more can I say?

(Gillian and Kitty:  rally on over.)

[Scene Six]  Mandy  (5:23)

As with Kiki, Mandy (a voluptuous daydream version of the micro-thin actress Helena Bonham-Carter, to these eyes) frees her woven cotton huggers from her wonderfully pale chest and hips with her eyes shut.  An untrimmed and stubbly hedge gets worked over with her outstretched fingers, glotted down further with the assistance of a pink bullet vibrator, which pushes Mandy over the peaked tip of a highest excitement.  Though Mandy's eyes are seldom seen open during this solo scene, her swelled bosom and latched finger tactics were quite the sight to see.  Her quiet, restrained manner may be lacking for some, but being privy to those qualities is what makes them so enjoyable, after all.  Woosh!

(Mandy:  waking her kitten.)

Bonus Features

A bonus cut titled Indiana & Jilly Talk About Masturbation (4 min) is just that: the girls from the feature's centerpiece scene extrapolate, albeit briefly, on just what makes their solo excursions tick, with a touch of veiled teasing of one another (the interview takes place before their scene gets underway, i.e. horniness abound).  Inter-cut with footage from that great scene, the four minutes plays like a highlight reel.  You also have the option of selecting each scene one by one, separate from the feature (though selecting Mandy's scene glitched in this phase).  In addition, four Trailers for recent Abby Winters titles are included, as well as an ad for their website.  Minor vittles, but who needs that when the feature is so darn satisfying?

Audio/Visual Quality
The overall image quality was quite snazzy, bringing in a 16:9 presentation (letterboxed on older models) with a clean, even-lit picture.  Outdoor light tended to be minimal and lightly blue at times, lending a cool sheen to the highlights and an even darker tinge to the shadows.  Otherwise, the scenes were brightened with a balanced set of lights pertaining to the single-camera frame, which stayed at attention and never veered from on position.  You would think that such a camera placement would bring the events to a screeching halt, but the girls all seem to know the boundaries of their set-ups, making sure to keep their movements, tugs, jelly making and spreads within their ocular range (at one point, Jilly does stand on the couch, but only to tease Indiana, showing her, and us, her glorious bush.  I suppose that's a benefit, not a detriment, however!).  In fact, it's this tight frame that secures the intimate nature of the scenes, locking us into a mini-portrait of getting off all by our (the girls') lonesome.  The audio was presented in standard 2.0 channel stereo, with no bells or whistles to speak of, only the basic goods needed to enjoy the feature without any pops, futzes, or drop-outs.  While not stellar, it's a very appropriate and friendly presentation!

Final Thoughts
While not on the outwardly physical spectrum of most run-of-the-mill girl-on-girl action, Sensual Intimacies' genius lies in its willingness to wait for the heat to rise, so to speak.   The ebbing quality of buildup certainly has a tendency to yield a high amount of crest with patience, a trait other, more severe girl-oriented titles tend to eschew in favor of hitting a peak before the first minute.  This slow groove has been Abby Winter's go-to formula over the years, as Sensual Intimacies will no doubt convert naysayers and believers alike.  Sure, the hand-sharing may be brief, if not non-existent, but the side-by-side action is certainly a smoking conceit.  For the more action-oriented, the deeper-diving Girls Loving Girls  and their ilk may be more up your alley (and still full of those wonderfully snuggable, Earth-grown ladies), though any Abby Winters product, so help me, will always be a winner.  Keep it up, ladies!

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