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5 Deep

Studio: Hot House » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 5/4/08

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Gay Adult Movie
Robert C. Drake
2 Hr 1 Minute
CAST: Geoffrey Paine, Rick Powers, Josh West, Joe Damon, Jesse Balboa, Wolf Hudson, Dak Ramsey, Rick Powers

The Good Stuff

The next release from Hot House and their fetish line of Club Inferno is 5 Deep. Prepare yourself for four scenes of extreme dildo and fist action. The faint of heart need look no further.



Scene 1
Geoffrey Paine a sexy leather clad, red bearded muscular guy with an awesome all over back tattoo and Rick powers a red bearded muscular guy in a red jock strap are making out in the shadows and make their way over to the rubber covered bed. Geoffrey unleashes his cock for some hot lip action from Rick before placing Rick on his knees and getting some ass. Now that Ricks hole has had its first stretching Rick whips out the dildos starting with a 2 foot long double headed cock that ricks hole takes in without a problem. That 2 foot dildo is swallowed whole by his hungry pucker. Next up for Ricks ravenous hole is an equally long dildo but probably twice as wide. When it makes its exit...yuck some red lube comes out. Gag. Geoffrey isn't done yet putting on his black gloves for some double fisted anal pummeling. This rough anal action is what both guys have been looking for and they both finally bust their nuts and end the scene.

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Scene 2
Josh West a true leather daddy with trimmed body and facial hair starts testing out Joe Damon's hole to see if he is ready for some action. Joe Damon is a heavily tattooed guy with awesome ear stretcher earrings and sweet round ass. Josh decides that hole is ready for some heavy action and starts out with a black dildo that looks somewhat like a squat curved down penis. He reaches his hand into a pail of some kind of clear lube that looks like alien slime and lubes up the dildo. After working the beastly large dildo in he switches to a massive corkscrew looking dildo and twists that into Joe's hole stretching it open more and more. Joe's hole is ready for some real fist action and Joshe is ready willing and able to provide. He works one then the other handin for some double fisting. Josh is ready for some fucking and he gets his big rod right into Joes hole and fucks him hard and rough even at one point fisting and fucking at the same time! Josh pulls out and nuts on Joe who still wants more. Josh gets a large bullet plug out and forces it into Joes hole and Joe finally wads.



Scene 3
Jessie Balboa who is model handsome is locked in a cage riding a large dildo. His hungry hole takes it to the hilt when Wolf Hudson strolls on in stroking his large tool. Wolf teases Jessie through the cage before letting Jessie suck on it. Wolf gives Jessie some dildo action while still in the cage before letting him out and working his fist in up to the forearm before alternating fists. Wolf tells Jessie to fist himself and he does while Wolf strokes his big ananconda. Wolf props his fist on the top of the cage and Jessie slowly lowers his quivering hole down on it up to the forearm. Jessie rides Wolfs lubed fist while jacking and Wolf shoots his load. Jessie hole still wants more so he rides on a wide red plug dildo before Wolf gives him some more fist action and he finally nuts. Wolf follows Jessie's load with another of his own. Now thats a man.



Scene 4
Rick Powers is ready for some more extreme anal fun this time with the Tattoed hunk of man Dak Ramsey. Dak comes in and unpacks his plethora of massive dildos and plugs. Dak progresses from medium sized toys getting bigger and bigger interspersed with some fist action. Finally after various toys Dak pulls out a truly gigantic three foot long ultra wide dildo. I almost passed out just seeing it but Rick takes it all in like it ain't no thang. Rick isn't done yet Dak pulls out what is called "the cone" according to the website and it is over 10 inches in diameter. Rick rides the cone while Dak jacks off and shoots his load.






The full frame transfer for this DVD was clear with good lighting for each and every scene. The Dolby 2.0 sound provides you with clearly heard dialog and moaning.


The only real extra is the xxx gallery. Snore.

XXX Gallery: A mixture of promo pics and stills from the film totalling 63 pics.

Trailers: Previews for Knucke Sandwich, Mister Fister, Slam Dunk

Mr. S. Leather: Lets you know where to find the aforementioned store.

Dungeon Beds: Looking for a dungeon bed? The link on the DVD lets you know where to find one.

At the End of the Night

5 Deep is a four scene fisting and extreme dildo flick from Club Inferno, the fetish line of DVD's put out by Hot House. I have to be in the right mood to enjoy an extreme flick like this one and I was in one of those moods today. Unfortunately right when things were getting hot and heavy in the very first scene a little red goo had to make an appearance and that kind of ruined it for me. I'm up for a lot of things but blood ain't one of them. Hot House has gorgeous alternative looking guys with body tattoos and ear stretching earrings etc and that is totally my thing. The guys were hot and for the most part the anal action is thrilling except for that redness. If you think a rose bud is a pretty un-opened flower you are way off course, try to picture just the opposite of that...and instead of a flower...an asshole. Again this is probably someones cup of tea just not mine and in my opinion I say "Rent it". Fans of extreme anal play would most likely at least "Recommend" it.

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