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Kimono Kronicles, The

Studio: Third World Media » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 4/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Kimono Kronicles
A Third World Media Release
In Japanese with English Subtitles
Starring:  Mirai Haneda, Yuzuru & Junko.
Runtime:  90min
Condoms?:  Yes (Yuzuru's scene only)

Brief Synopsis:  Three Japanese ladies, clad in kimonos, and the hotness that follows all are included here!  The garment itself serves as a loose thread tying the scenes together, though it's peeled off quite quickly in favor of total nakedness.  But something tells me that you won't miss it!

Scene One:  Mirai Haneda

We meet Mirai as she undresses for the camera, which fades into a paw-off with a tightly-fitted gentleman.  Her exposed chest and neatly furred underneath get the digit treatment as she handles his soft bar a little, his jutting motions overtaking her to a babbling squirt atop the white bedsheets.  Mirai's pelt is soon penetrated, but not before dangling her suitor's now stiffened member into her open mouth.

She takes to licking her partner's nipples, working her way down toward his upswung cock, gingerly easing it into her mouth before mashing her breasts together for a brief tit fuck.  They continue the previous cycle of hand grabbing until Mirai finally has enough and admits, "I need it."  Our guy twitters his tongue along her dark grass pad before teasing Mirai with his staff, finally going in for a shallow amount of thrusting before the deluge of gentle banging begins.  The two veer into spoon and onto standard cowgirl, Mirai rocking back and forth and into an all-fours doggy session.  Another extended bump of missionary causes our stud to pull out and rush to Mirai's turned face, on which he deposits a gooey trio of shots, landing a precious few drops into her mouth.  She toys with the results, and he disappears, arriving back with a towel to clean up his happy accident.  Mirai performs a congratulatory suck before her man positions back into missionary thrusting, and he lifts her up for even more deep dicking before unloading a second time atop her face.  Swell work from both here, as Mirai's enthusiastic squirt and squirms of joy are mixed with a steady jolt of closed-eye cries for more.  The subtitles added a resonance that could already be felt in each one of Mirai's pleas, and that tiny reassurance heightened the overall enjoyment of the scene.  Well done!

(Mirai:  With a pinky; in rings.)

Scene Two:  Yuzuru

Back in town following a post-graduate sojourn, Yuzuru, in voiceover, details her return plan to visit a former teacher of hers, a real prankster.  In the other direction, dear teacher readies his marital role-play with his new, off-screen wife.  Coincidence fells both professor and pupil soon after, with Yuzuru's unexpected visit becoming a solution to an unrequited, semi-conscious relationship.  Sneaking up behind her, dear old prof takes her under, and soon it's onto the floor, chest out and legs up, where Yuzuru finds herself.

-- sponsored by --

Eyes still covered, Yuzuru awakes to the prying fingers of her unknown assailant, who kisses and pokes her with every ounce of his frenzied energy.  He lifts the mask over his head, still unaware of the mix-up, and stands at attention for a knelt blow job.  Looking down, he pulls off his cloak, and the two stare at each other mystified, the horniness in the room literally busting out of the paper thin walls.  It's a believably disarming moment, however unlikely, that causes both Yuzuru and her new partner to up their sexual antes.  She lathers up his upwardly mobile dinger with her mouth before he descends, kissing all the way down, toward her tastefully patterned crotch.  As the missionary begins, short glances between reveal a condom, though the appearance is scant through the heavy amount of grinding and close sliding being done in the forefront.  Yuzuru revels in a fleeting cowgirl ride, veering into doggy and a final missionary set of jolts, ending with a load burst onto her left breast.  They smile a bit before gathering themselves as the doorbell rings.  The characterizations here were quite refreshing, especially the euphoric moment between the pair upon realizing just who exactly had been toying with the other.  Quite randy, totally hot, and just plain exciting!

(Yuzuru:  Anchors aweigh!; going downtown.)

Scene Three:  Junko

In display during a brief tease are Junko's eraser-like nipples, erect and shot out from twin pairs of enhanced breasts.  Our mature cover star dissolves into a lying down, eyes-closed nestle with two men, one already lapping up her furry tent while the other kisses and gropes, angling over for a blow job.  Fingers follow and pry apart Junko's pussy as she takes turns slushing the boy's members in between shrieks, cries and even banter, and soon after a wand vibrator is put to good squirting use. 

The fellas take turns pile driving their pricks in rocks-off, attending to Junko's open mouth before shifting from missionary to doggy, and onto standard cowgirl.  A touch of POV-styled action carries the scene along nicely (in missionary), and each of her partners aim their white and wet mixtures onto Junko's taut and twitching stomach.  Some may find her yelps of delight to be somewhat painful to hear (akin to hearing someone cry tears of pain, perhaps), but the fit nature of the fucking was too great to let even a little intonation mess it up.  Highly enjoyable, with orgasms galore, and quite exciting (rightly so!).

(Junko:  from the top; down to the well.)

Bonus Features

(Mirai sits and stares; Junko attends to her erasers)

A Photoshoot with Mirai (brief and uneventful), a Masturbation Scene with Junko (featuring a pink bullet and the aforementioned wand, held until a gripping climax) and a Full-Length Scene (from Pretty Little Asians 43) clock in at approximately 34 min total, the bulk of which is devoted to the kimono'd and submissive Haruku.

It begins with an outdoor suck, Haruku opening her outfit for her partner (and soon second) to fondle her breasts and softest parts as she sits atop a make-shift stool.  She leans over for doggy while the other fella lurks in the background, making his way to the forefront as a standard and reverse cowgirl play continues on a bare, grassless area.  After a well-trodded series of delightful bumps, indoors the strategy continues.  One lifts Haruku in a side-saddle position, landing upward in standard missionary before shucking out a few reeds of seed past her face and down the right side of her cheek.  She turns to let loose the remaining drops in her mouth as the other baller furrows down with his lady's legs up, staying shallow at his peak to drop his load inside of her.  Haruku closes her legs as the goo oodles out in a single, heavy drop, and from there, it's all over.  Relatively stunning footage, though Haruku's face seems to get buried at times, with a few post-production split screens keeping the fuck runs at a common quell.

In addition, a Cum Shot Recap, a Subtitle Option (English: On/Off), a Photo Gallery/Slide Show presentation (less than 3 minutes) and the usual Company Info round out the package, with a few Trailers for similar titles, too.  Overall, a fitting inclusion (especially Haruku's scene) to the main feature.

(Haruku: a Portrait in Three Stages)

Audio/Visual Quality
The video was presented in 1.33:1 full frame (with the small exception being the short introductory shots, which last no more than a minute during Mirai and Junko's segments), with the bulk of footage shot indoors with a steady amount of lighting filling the frame succinctly and without any outright flaws.  The 2.0 stereo track stayed on a similar path of steadiness, maintaining an even keel with the events at hand.  Junko's scene was a touch under-lit (based around mostly fill light from outdoors), though that didn't take away from any enjoyment of her scene, and the intros for both her and Mirai's entries were pulsing toward amber/ochre coloring, for mood, I suppose.  Overall, a nice blend to both hear and see.

Overall Thoughts
While the outright emphasis on kimono-themed fetish, The Kimono Kronicles delivers a well-honed trio of lengthy, smoldering scenes starring three equally desirable ladies.  And though I preferred the feather-light dramatization of Yuzuru's pairing (okay, I loved it) to the otherwise gonzo "let's do this" style of Mirai and Junko's, the overall tone stayed within an easygoing realm, even when it seemed harshest (the pseudo-abduction was handled in a playful, loving manner).   Unlike other Third World titles, this one extended the scenes (roughly 30 min each) while attending an overall higher quality to the proceedings, crucial when the main feature is based around three strong performers (and their equally skilled, otherwise anonymous partners).  The bonus scene was a boon as far as extras, and kept with the kimono theme to a surprisingly high degree (more than the actual feature, but I don't feel cheated whatsoever).  I recommend you seek it out, and hopefully Third World will continue tapping this enjoyable vein of product in the future;  it's downright habit forming.

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