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Sausage Fest

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production: May 2007 to September 2007

Directed By: Doug

The Movie:

Amateur Straight Guys' resident hornsters Doug and Jay have assembled a tasty group of dudes to do thangs that straight guys usually don't participate in...unless there is cash. 

Run Time: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One:

Axe (good-looking with short brown/blond hair, muscular/smooth body with plenty of cool tattoos), Kai (hot with short reddish-brown hair, muscular/lightly hairy body with heavy tattoos), James (very cute with short dark hair, cool sideburns, goatee, toned/smooth body), and Marcus (handsome with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) are enjoying a country weekend getaway 'n hanging out on the front porch slinging back some brews. The dudes get revved up, strip down showing off their hot bodies and race through the house surprising Doug and Jay's housekeepers. Once upstairs and settled on the sofa, the dudes watch straight porn and begin playing with their hardening cocks. The guys become frisky 'n playful joking around, laughing loud, and even licking some hard nipples.

The dudes soon get down for some hot man-to-man action when Axe is chosen to pull an oral train starting with Marcus' big fat clipped cock and giving some excellent head as he crams his throat full of that stiff pork. Switching to Kai, Axe takes that stiff clipped dick into his mouth continuing his top-notch blow job techniques with some deep throat and then heads on down the line to James' big chubby cut tool jacking the shaft, sliding his mouth up 'n down and filling the room with loud slurping sounds. 

Axe rejoins his pals on the couch and begins stroking his large cut dick with plenty of hot camera shots as the dudes pull their puds.  James has a tattoo of a grinning Cheshire cat that I think is very cool. Heading down the lusty highway of no return, Marcus dumps a thick load on his fist 'n closely trimmed pubes, Axe shoots a thick load of jizz on Kai's upper stomach, Kai busts a thick nut on his fist and shortly trimmed pubes, and James offers up a small thick load on Marcus' chest.

Scene Two:

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Wow! This really is a sausage fest! Amateur Straight Guys roll call now! First timer Chris (cute with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body), Giovanni (cute with closely cropped brown hair, funky plucked eyebrows, toned/lightly hairy body with tattoos), Guzzo (cute with short brown hair, cool facial hair, toned/smooth body), Ty (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth moca body), and Vince (hot with brown spiked hair, goatee, toned/lightly hairy body) have all gathered to watch straight porn and throw back some beers. Chris admits to never jacking off in front of another dude before and is a little nervous....but not enough to stop him from pulling that hard clipped cock out and begin doing what comes naturally.

Guzzo, wearing a "I Love Hot Moms" tee shirt, pulls his blue jeans and boxers down and strokes his stiff clipped pole while Vince jacks his own hard cut cock, Ty flogs his turgid clipped tube steak, and Giovanni releases his long cut meat and hairy plump nuts for some manual attention. Giovanni can make his big dong dance with the use of his groin muscles and puts on quite a performance. Doug and Jay generously provide some sex toys including dildos, anal stimulators, and a variety of pocket pussies! Giovanni fucks the hell outta one of the fake "mounds of Venus" quickly sliding his lubed prick in 'n out making it meow with pleasure while Vince tries out another phony ussy-pay with some tasty close-ups of his beautiful hangy nuts.

Vince pulls the oral choo-choo train first sliding his hot wet mouth up 'n down Giovanni's big dick giving excellent head and then headin' down the line taking each 'n every available dong down his gullet giving full pleasure to all. At the same time, Chris finds a battery operated anal stimulator and slides it up his tight hairy hole for some new-found delights. Vince digs sucking those dongs and even makes the comment "It's a real dick fest in here!" One by one the dudes shoot their loads of love juice on a glass topped coffee table until it's completely covered making one of the guys laugh and remark, "Look at all that nut! You know many millions of babies are swimming on the table!"

Scene Three:

David (hot with brown buzz cut, toned/lightly body and heavy tattoos), Brock (cute with short dark hair, husky/lightly hairy body), and Dirk (cute with brown spiked hair, mustache 'n beard, and toned/smooth body with cool tattoos)  have the straight porn going and are ready to get down for come all-male fun. Brock pulls his hard clipped cock while Dirk yanks his stiff trimmed tool making it jump up 'n down and David takes care of his rigid cut prick. Brock spreads his hot thighs apart allowing Dirk to lube that tight hairy bunghole and rub 'n tease the pucker with some nice close-ups. Brock bends over offering up his snug touchhole as Dirk slowly sinks his stiff manhood in from behind. Brock is having his cherry busted and fills the room with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure and pain.

Brock soon gets into the groove of having his asshole fucked for the very first time huskily asking Dirk, "You like that tight hole" to which he responds with an eager, "Yeah!" Brock laughs, "Lucky mother fucker!" leading all the dudes to crack up. Dirk soon picks up speed and begins fucking Brock fast, smooth, 'n hard while Brock chows down on David's stiff member giving excellent head as he slides his mouth up 'n down the shaft.  There are some penetration shots from above and from behind that are simply okay and could be much better. To finish up, Dirk shoots his load on Brock's bum; David busts a thick nut on Brock's shoulder, and Brock cuts loose with a large thick load on a red chair.

Scene Four:

Grant (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth/very defined body) and Spence (handsome with dark hair, muscular/smooth body with tattoos) want to use Axe's (scene one) mouth as a "fuck toy" and he's more than willing to oblige! He starts off by chowing down on Spence's large cut cock with expertise sliding his hot mouth up 'n down the shaft making Spence moan with pleasure.  Axe is soon wildly switching back 'n forth between Spence and Grant's rigid cut tool really going to town stroking 'n twisting those hot man-shafts and the dudes fucking dig the blowjobs filling the room with heavy breathing and lusty sighs.

There are plenty of hot close-ups here and each dude gets equal screen time during Axe's oral sex romp. Dude is like a crazy vacuum cleaner loudly slurping on those two peckers. Grant shoots a large thick wad of jizz on Axe's chest, Spence cuts loose with thick jizz on Axe's chest, and Axe does not cum this time but at least his chest is covered with tasty man milk.


"Sausage Fest" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography by Doug 'n Jay covers all the basics with plenty of nice close-ups of the cock sucking and a nice close-up of Brock's tight hairy bunghole. My only complaint is that the penetration shots while Brock is being fucked could have been better. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


 The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they kick back drinking beers, laugh, and joke around with one another. Once the man lovin' begins, there is plenty of deep breathing, sighs, moans, and groans.


The disc includes an interactive menu and scene selection. There are no bonus materials.


I just love me some Amateur Straight Dudes! Once again, Doug and Jay do not disappoint with their hot selection of straight dudes who are willing to go "gay for pay".  The title correctly describes the movie as it really is a "Sausage Fest" with plenty of tasty hard cut cocks ripe for jackin' and suckin'. The dudes really get down to the nitty gritty giving some excellent head and stroking their dongs to fulfillment. My favorites here are Marcus, James, Vince, Dirk, and Brock. I Recommend for fans of horny straight dudes.

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