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Sweet & Nasty Teens Vol. 4

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 4/8/08

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Intro: This vid is five scenes of teenage girls being defiled in a variety of ways. It clocks in at just under two and half hours running time, and the box cover is nice shot of Jaelyn Fox and her boobs. The menu screen is sparse, but attractive. Now, let's get to the sex!

Scene 1: Jaelyn Fox, boy/girl

Jaelyn is cute blond teenager. Sweet! The setup for this scene is a street pickup. Jaelyn plays this more believably than any girl I've ever seen. For starters, she actually asks why the guys have a camera as soon as they drive up. Also, her tits look great in that top! Naturally, she ends up getting in the car with the filthy perverts, and well, one thing leads to another...eventually. We're nine and a half minutes into this before the pussy really comes out, and fourteen minutes before Jaelyn gets a penis in her piehole. Jaelyn gives a very nice blowjob, but it's is far too short.

The entire scene is shot inside the vehicle while it's on the road. The lighting is typically uneven, the positions look awkward, and -- most surprisingly -- there are some focus problems. All of this is only partially made up for by the fact that Jaelyn is totally into the sex. And is barefoot.

We get to see her in missionary and spoon, and then the big surprise: the police stop them! We don't actually get to see this which is too bad because I'm sure it would have been very entertaining. All we get to see is a cut followed by our performers being dressed and talking about how much the police suck. After this, we get a couple more minutes of missionary and then a pop on her belly.

This is an average to poor scene simply because the sex is too little and too late. But it is worth noting that Jaelyn is hot and horny throughout.

Scene 2: Mia Grey, group, anal, dp, interracial

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Mia's a cute little brunette with tiny tits. The setup for this scene involves a bunch of black guys going to a grocery store and picking up Mia so three of them can plunder her orifices mercilessly. It's all pretty silly really, but before too long Mia's on her knees with three big, black dicks waving in her face. Sucking three cocks at once is a difficult thing for any girl to do well, and Mia's only average at it. It doesn't last long though, and then the violating begins in earnest. Mia gets fucked, sodomized, and dp'ed by her new friends and then they thoroughly coat her face with spooge.

What can I say? This scene is what it is. Mia's cute and dirty, but I generally like my sex scenes one-on-one and dp seldom works for me since it's just too many dudes. Nonetheless, the camera work and lighting are both good although there are some shadows, and everybody -- especially Mia -- seems to have a good time.

A decent scene.

Scene 3: Jamie Elle, Frank Major, boy/girl/girl

Jamie's a teeny girl with long blond hair dutifully pulled back in pigtails. She looks like she's twelve. And she talks and acts like it too which really doesn't do it for me. The pervs pick her up off the street and bring her back to their place. I think I've seen this movie before...

When they get back to the pad, Frank's "wife" is there, but it's all cool 'cause their swingers. A lot of blah blah ensues, but then the girls end up naked and sharing Frank's dick. The sex is shot on a bed, which is a nice change of pace, and the two girl blowjob is one of the highlights of the flick thus far.

The sex is pretty energetic, but I just couldn't really get into it. Again, what can I say? The lighting is good. So is the camera work. We get to see both girls in a number of positions, and Frank is solid throughout Finally, the scene ends with a nice pop all over little Jamie's face. Nonetheless, this scene is pretty average.

Scene 4: Brianna Love, Julie, girl/girl

This scene starts with the super sexy Brianna Love trollin' for pussy with her cameraman/sidekick at a shopping center. She spots Julie, a pretty cute and pretty clueless teen with straight blonde hair, and goes in for the kill. Brianna feeds her a line of shit about how she's looking for models, and she invites Julie back to her "studio" to "try on some clothes" so she can see if "she can use her". Brianna plays a great pervert. So good in fact that I'm pretty she ain't just playin'. Nicely done.

They get her into a bedroom, uh I mean Brianna's studio, and pretty soon Brianna's got her down to a bra and panties. Brianna is so hot and so smooth and so deliciously pervy putting the moves on this girl, I was absolutely fascinated.

It's not long before Brianna starts trying to get her smooch on. Julile expresses some doubts, but Brianna kisses and carreses her defenses down. Then Brianna pulls her own dress off over her head. The talkin' stops and the moanin' starts. We get to see both girls sucking and working each other with a variety of toys. They even double dong each other at the end.

I'm not normally that into girl/girl scenes, but this scene is the hottest of the vid. The lighting and camera work are solid, both girls get into the sex, and Brianna is just smokin' hot as the lesbian seductress. Well done, ladies.

A very good scene!

Scene 5: Renee, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana, boy/boy/girl

Renee is a pretty average looking blonde nineteen year old. The pickup starts on a beach at the ocean. Nice. Renee is lying on the sand when the pervs approach. She ends up on a couch back at their "studio". They use cash to ply her into nakedness, and pretty soon she's blowin' the both of 'em. They fuck her in a number of positions and blow on her face.

The performances, lighting, and camera work are all good, but this is still just an average scene.

Audio/Video: All of these scenes are 4:3 fullscreen. The audio is stereo and good quality.

DVD Extras: We get a bonus scene with a redhead named Jessi that's pretty good, some behind the scenes of some really hot girl who isn't even in this movie doing stills, a striptease of some cute, skinny blonde with a sweet ass, a bunch of trailers, and some more shameless advertisements.

Not a bad haul.

Final Thoughts: This is a rather disappointing video compared to some of the other teen fare out there. Brianna's super sexy performance is the highlight of the film and watching Mia get totally defiled is pretty entertaining as well, but beyond that this vid doesn't have much to offer.

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