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Jenna Jameson in Heartbreaker

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/8/08

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Heart Breaker

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Dee, Nicole Sheridan, Felecia, Bobby Vitale, Janine, Rachel Rotten, Savanna Samson, Ashlyn Gere, Tom Byron, Kobe Tai, Briana Banks, Taylor Hayes, Raylene, Taya, Mercedes, Sunrise Adams

Length: 120:23 minutes

Date of Production: 1/30/2008 (box cover); 1/4/2008 (credits)

Extras: There were some trailers, some spam, and advertising as the second side of the DVD cover but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Heart Breaker by the directors at Vivid Entertainment over the years was presented in the former standard of 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as the scenes were originally shot. Now, if you've been watching porn for any length of time at all, you will understand how weak a lot of older scenes look under modern scrutiny; the jump to DVD alone really making it clear how videotaped shows could look inadequate. That said, there really isn't a lot of processing that can be done to material that starts off looking kind of weak but the good news here was that even the weakest looking of the scenes did not completely turn me off. The fleshtones were accurate and the lighting, while spotty at times, was covered by some pretty fair editing at times. The camera work was decent too and there is no doubt in my mind that the crews did the best they could with the resources at hand; many smaller companies with scenes this old will likely never release their contemporary scenes as they look substantially worse. The bitrate typically hovered in the mid 6 Mbps range so it seems as though someone at Vivid has wisely decided the best way to enhance such scenes (short of going Blu-Ray on them) is to minimize the clutter on the disc; eschewing extras for better looking movie material which is an idea I agree with. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English although there was no separation detected on the audio tracks. The vocals were similar to the video in how varied they were (remember that some of these scenes came out in the mid 1990's) but they sounded fair for the source material.

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Body of Review: Jenna Jameson may have fallen a notch or two in the eyes of the industry of late but her retirement comes at the end of a long career of elevating the status of said industry. Looking at the big picture, no one else has achieved her level of fame, notoriety, and success for performing in front of the camera "with their legs spread" so some consideration is due the lady. While I have long believed that her work at another company was the best she offered when taken as a whole, her scenes with Vivid Entertainment run a close second, some of them arguably the best of the best. That is why I picked up Heart Breaker, a compilation of Jenna's earlier works for the company in the form of ten full scenes or "blasts from the past" as I call them. The age of the source material aside, I find myself still drawn to the little blond vixen of yesteryear even years later. The scenes relied heavily from Jenna's lesbian exploits but her fiery chemistry with Bobby Vitale matched what she had with Janine and others, making this a nice selection of strokable "Jenna smut" for fans to appreciate. The back cover said it like this: "Of all the stars in the adult galaxy, none has ever shined as bright as Jenna. Now you can see why, one last time. It's Jenna in all her beauty, all her glory and all her incendiary sexuality. Jenna Jameson is a Heartbreaker. And if you ever doubted it, this DVD will put an end to that..." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jenna's Gallery Blue: Jenna Jameson, Dee, and Nicole Sheridan, were up last in a lesbian tryst on a bed supported by poles from the ceiling, giving it an Aladdin feel as if they were floating on air (Trading Spaces once had such a bed made in their show in fact). The brightly clothed hippy gals licked and fingered each other for all their garish make up and I hardly recognized the other two as they gave each other some modest amounts of gal pal fun. Face sitting, fingering, and none of the toys I expected ended the scene and the show both. It was far from Jenna's best scene but as an unpolished (and unreleased) gem, I liked it enough to smile a time or two.

Scene Two: Photoplay: Jenna Jameson, Felecia, and Bobby Vitale had a scene at night on a hotel room bed. Bobby and Felecia never touched but Jenna sure loved his penis, sucking it while Felecia went down on her. The sex was kind of slow but this was early Jenna so most fans won't mind.

Scene Three: Where the Boys Aren't 7: Jenna Jameson, practically a kid back when this was made, was up next with Janine; an already established lesbian hotty of epic proportion. They were in a bathroom set, Janine taking the time to coach her new friend in the ways of the world, a far cry from their later work where the tables were much more even. It was a slow, seductive and moody little bout of babe boning; some face sitting, pussy eating, and caressing to make it special. There was no population pudding on the screen but given the appeal of the scene, there could have been. I only wished it could have lasted longer, much longer.

Scene Four: The New Devil in Miss Jones: Jenna Jameson, all dolled up in fetish garb, took advantage of a moment with Goth gal Rachel Rotten on a table in a dark room as Savanna masturbated in the shower. The lesbian duo were suitably talented and the contrast between young and old, light and dark, and even pretty and exotic, were the focal points of the scene that used a strap on dildo, tongues, and fingers to get one another off. Jenna seemed to almost put her full hand in the brunette but stopped short to keep out of trouble. Jenna even took a technical DP with toys before the scene was interrupted.

Scene Five: Photoplay: Jenna Jameson, dressed in a loose white short and black skirt, was up next with aging Ashlyn Gere, and long haired Tom Byron. They were in the studio and Jenna was flipping through some snap shots, turning her attention to Ashlyn's cookie before both ladies savored the taste of Tom's meaty member. It's been awhile since I've seen his "pirate" look but Jenna was very sweet looking and nearly innocent (if she ever was while in the industry). He boned both of them vaginally, preferring doggy style most of all, but it was over quickly as he launched his population pudding on their chests and the scene faded out.

Scene Six: Jenna Loves Kobe: Jenna Jameson, and Kobe, after prancing around a bit, start to work each other over. The music reminded me of something you'd see in a costume drama set in the 1700's, but then changed to a more techno-beat type of tune. In any case, it over powered the moans and groans, which wasn't a good thing to me. Jenna then put on a strap on dildo and the music reverted back. The multiple angle allowed a second point of view here and Jenna got a bit rough at one point. The two ended up tasting themselves and kissing each other goodbye. I'm a Jenna fan and I liked it...a lot. While I disliked the art special effects, I'm willing to put up with pretentious effects to see the hottest performer in the business.

Scene Seven: Where The Boys Aren't 14: Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Taylor Hayes and Raylene all got together in a big lesbian bash with male strippers in the background. The scene was hot!

Scene Eight: Where The Boys Aren't 17: Jenna Jameson, still in character of the rich, stuck up bitch, was then given a tour of the coach section by Taya and Mercedez. This was, of course, a means to get her alone for some lesbian action but this being a porno, you knew that already, yes? In any case, the ladies all gave and received some oral from each other with Jenna taking an active role in the proceedings. The fingering employed seemed too much like she was searching for something she lost inside her friend though and there was only one time I thought Taya was having fun (when Mercedez was going down on her as Jenna dug for gold, and Taya laughed out loud). For their part, Jenna and Mercedez went through all the right motions but seemed nearly as distant as Dasha did in the previous scene. This is the underlying weakness of many lesbian movies; the gals appearing to be gay for pay, even in instances when I think it just has to do with a relative lack of chemistry between the performers.

Scene Nine: Starting Over: Jenna Jameson, in a body tight metallic top, was then up with her former love interest, Bobby Vitale, as the pair made out romantically in the bathroom. The candles were thankfully not the sole means of lighting but it was on the dark side, Jenna using her slow mode to seduce him with her lips wrapped around his cock. The piano music placed here to provoke a certain mood seemed hokey and her skills were not fully developed but her potential to become a true porn star was clearly in evidence. Bobby spent a lot of time eating her out too and she rewarded him with an active session of boning where she literally impaled herself on his rod vaginally. It ended with his load to her lower abdomen/crotch, Jenna tenderly rubbing it in like skin lotion.

Scene Ten: Where the Boys Aren't 16: Jenna Jameson, all made up like her friends but obviously in charge of the cast, had some fun with Sunrise Adams next. She offered up her pussy for the young starlet to suck and Jenna was not disappointed by Sunrise's desire to taste the best pussy in all of porn. Their makeup and fetish style outfits were similar to the others but I overcame caring about them as the scene progressed. The gals had fun and while there was some fingering going on, most of the action centered on orally pleasing one another.

Summary: Heart Breaker by Vivid Entertainment had ten scenes of Jenna Jameson but sadly there was nothing new here for long time fans to appreciate. There was nothing on the DVD cover to indicate it was a compilation of older scenes (not everyone keeps up with the porn world that closely) and with such limited extras, the slightly enhanced visuals thanks to the higher bitrate really weren't enough to merit a rating of anything but a Rent It for me. There have already been so many compilations starring Jenna that have come out and so many of these scenes have been used in them that anything higher for a rating would be ignoring that fact. Still, if you are new to Jenna Jameson's work at the company and you'd like a nice sampler of it in a single volume, you could do a lot worse than Heart Breaker so check it out.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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