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Evan Rivers 5

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 4/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Director: Andles and Big Lou

Cast: Evan Rivers, Travis, Abraham, 2 unnamed models

Length: 72 minutes

Production Dates: February, March, August and September 2007

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Five scenes from this internet-based series have cute and tan Evan Rivers talking to the viewer as he sets up the action, jacks off or encourages one of his subjects in a mix of solo, oral-only and fucking (one scene) action.

Scene 1
Evan returns from lunch with tall pal Trevor: "I wanted to blow him the whole fuckin' lunch!" he proudly exclaims. Soon, Trevor's shirt comes off and Evan grabs his friend's bulge, and the two head to the shower. They strip down and get wet as Evan soaps up Trevor's whole body, and seeing the tall, muscular (and really, really, REALLY tan) Trevor tower over little Evan is hot. Even then drops to his knees to suck away, although most of the shots reveal a not-so-rock-hard Trevor, who finally dumps a nice wad on Evan's face (Evan does not come and is never hard). This scene sets the tone for the couplings here, which don't have too much connection or enthusiasm.

Scene 2
Evan gets some alone-time in bed, talking to the camera and promising to put on a show for us. He unbuttons his shirt to reveal that smooth chest, then slowly teases us by pulling down his jeans, revealing part of his cock. It all comes off and he gets to work lubing up his stuff cock and showing it off nicely. He then grabs a dildo and pops it in, jacking off as he dildos himself in a variety of angles. The camera doesn't move from its fixed position until the end, when he unleashes his load.

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Scene 3
Tall, dark and handsome Abraham is welcomed into Evan's home, where the unseen host films his bud. It's funny to hear Evan ask "Do you work out a lot?", cause clearly Abraham does. His whole body is to die for, and he spends ample time flexing his pecs, abs, biceps and back for the camera (Evan gets his hands on the goods a few times). Evan talks a little too much in the early goings, and it's almost like Abraham isn't even paying attention; he's just doing his own thing. Thankfully, Evan eventually shuts up and we get some quiet time with the hunk, who reveals a bright purple thong under his jeans. Abraham lays on the couch and starts jacking--partially clothed at first--but unfortunately his hand covers up most of the goods. But since we have his chest to look at, that's okay. Evan begins to talk some more, but Abraham (who keeps his eyes closed most of the time while stroking) just tunes it out, dumping a load on himself.

Scene 4
Pajama-clad Evan tells the viewers that he met a cute guy and the two are about to have a movie night, with the unnamed co-star--a bald, half-hairy guy with a decent build--bringing the flick, which "accidentally" turns out to be porn. Evan quickly gets into his bud's pants for some brief sucking (it's all soft), and then the action edits to the fucking. This is a highly disappointing sequence, with the actual fucking being cloaked in darkness. The few shots that get close reveal some wood problems (look for that bunched up condom), although a few positions later seem to be at least mildly hard--when you can actually see the action. This scene also suffers from some pretty frantic camera work: the camera moves and moves far too much, with some blurry shots and up-too-close shots making it a sometimes nausea-inducing experience. We finally get a nice shot of the top's hard cock when he jacks out a nice load on Evan's stomach (once again, just one cumshot here).

Scene 5
Evan lays in wait for a massage, with another unnamed co-star (a twink who looks a lot like Helix Studio's Aaron Tyler) soon providing the hand power. He mounts Evan and rubs his back, then oils up his butt. He soon strips and gets back to work, and the two trade sucks. Once again, Evan doesn't squirt, and the final sequence with Evan jacking off his bud--and then watching his bud jack off--is three minutes of boredom. Evan looks bored, and you will be, too. His co-star is soft most of the time, eventually letting his load go on the side of Evan's face (a disappointing facial).  Rivers is cute, but he seems to be going through the motions here, like in scenes one and four--there's a disconnect with the action, a sense of "just another boring day at the office" that translates into chemistry-free sex. That laid back vibe is sometimes too laid back, and really becomes apparent in this scene.

When the camera isn't moving too much or trying to get in focus, the actual colors and picture are solid, and the audio is equally good. Some grain appears in spots, but nothing too distracting.

Just trailers and a picture gallery.

The Naked Truth:
For diehard fans of Evan Rivers, this is more of what you have come to love. But for others, this is a disappointment. Three scenes miss the mark; a decent solo and the hot body of another jacking model are pretty much what you get, with soft cock spoiling the other scenes. Skip It.

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