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Eden (HD DVD)

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Frankenlola » Review Date: 4/15/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: Daniel Dakota

Cast: Courtney Cummz, Bree Olson, Carmen Luvana, Ava Rose, Evan Valentine, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Jerry, Jean Val Jean 

Length: 3h36m

Condoms: As Noted

Disc 1:
Lady Scarface Trailer: Preview of a hardcore remake of the classic Scarface.  The main character is Carmen as Mrs. Toni Luvana. [4m30s]
Disc 2:

Eden Extras:

Behind the Scenes: Talking and interaction with the actors discussing the location of the film (Hawaii).  There is some nudity, and brief sex.  There are some interesting parts, but nothing to really spank to.  There is a large amount of level variation. [15m41s]
Interviews: Cast and crew discussion of the movie and characters.  Again, there was some nudity and brief sex. [12m54s]
Auditions: Video of various actors on the "casting couch."  It is a humorous look at the actors that didn't make it into the film.  There is some nudity, no sex. [5m06s]
Bloopers: Humorous outtakes from the scenes. [12m44s]
Eden Trailers: Two commercials for Eden, about 5 min. each. [10m]
Eden Teasers: Shorter versions of the above trailers. [2m26s]
Photo Gallery: Free running stills of the girls and action. [7m09s]
Adam & Eve Bonus:

Adam & Eve Trailers: Pick of six trailers for other A&E titles.
Bonus Sex Scene: Letterboxed scene from "At Your Service" featuring Lauren Phoenix and Randy Spears.  The video isn't very good, and the sex isn't too exciting either. [11m02s]
More Adult Fun: Phone sex commercials. [2m02s]
Web Info: Commercial for adameve.com. [1m59s]

The sound was presented in your choice of Dolby digital formats, either 5.1 or 2.0 stereo.  The video was given in 16:9 widescreen.  The quality varied.  Some landscape shots were fantastic, like you were there.  Other times there were quite a few digital artifacts.  I believe this is caused by the fact that Adam and Eve was able to fit over 3.5 hours of video onto a single disc.

Body of Review:
Welcome to Fantasy Island, with a twist.  A select group of singles were invited to explore the island, and partake in the experiences that are available.  This is plenty of beautiful women, lots of beautiful scenery, and 10 hardcore sex scenes.  The group consists of an actress, a rebel, a widow, and explorer and plenty more.  Together (and sometimes in groups of three) the visitors explore everything the island, and each other, have to offer. The movie ends with a twist, maybe leaving things open for Eden 2!

Scene 1: Carmen Luvana, Courtney Cummz, Jean Val Jean
Time: 27m00s
Condoms: YES

-- sponsored by --

After horseback riding across the island, Carmen and Jean stop near a large tree in a field.  Dismounting the horses, the two begin to mount each other.  Carmen releases her giant chest balloons and hangs from the tree while Jean stands below and eats her pussy.  Unfortunately, due to the awkward position it is difficult to see any detail of the action.  After coming out of the tree she bends over so jean can eat her ass next.  Carmen returns the oral action with a wet BJ when Courtney joins in to assist.   The duo then tag-teams sucking his man meat.  Jean then penetrates Carmen from behind, with Courtney assists with guiding his cock and groping Carmen's tits.  Carmen then gets on top and rides hard while Courtney continues to play the supporting role first by rubbing Carmen's clit, and next by straddling Jean's face.  Carmen spins around and licks Courtney's snatch for a short time while still taking a pounding from below.  Finally Courtney gets a turn on Jeans dong and Carmen teases her pierced nipples.  Lastly Carmen gets it doggy until Jean unloads on her round ass and Courtney quickly laps it up.
[Oral, BJ, Standing, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggy]

    His: 3.5
    Hers: 4.0

Scene 2: Evan valentine, Tommy Gunn
Time: 16m34s
Condoms: NO

Evan and Tommy are walking alone on a secluded beach when she realizes they "can get away with anything" and then continues to prove that theory.  Evan starts off by standing over Tommy while he munches her snatch.  She then kneels down for a brief 69 before mounting his staff and gives an energetic performance riding him.  They switch to doggy and he pounds her hard, shoving her across the sand.  He then stands and shoots his juice on her face.
[BJ, Oral, 69, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Standing]

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 2.5

Scene 3: Bree Olson, Ava Rose
Time: 12m17s
Condoms: N/A

Bree approaches Ava, who is lounging poolside.  Bree recognizes Ava from her acting roles and asks if the lesbian parts she plays are real, or just good acting.  Ava shows her by removing Bree's bikini bottoms and licking her hot box.  Bree returns the favor by munching Ava as she sits on her face.  The Sapphic duet continues back and forth as the two swap places trying to please each other.  Bree shoves two fingers into the others wet box before cumming hard on her face.
[Oral, Fingering]

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 2.0

Scene 4: Carmen Luvana, Jerry
Time: 19m56s
Condoms: YES

The gang goes out on an ocean cruise aboard a yacht, or was it a schooner?  Jerry approaches Carmen while she is sunning herself, and we find out the couple has a past.  Things are rekindled slowly at first with some passionate kissing before Carmen's top comes off, again unveiling her big bags.  Jerry works his way from top to bottom and again Carmen gets eaten out from behind.  She works him up with a hot blow job, hand job, titty fuck trio.  Jerry turns her around and bends her over the railing and gives her a railing of her own.  She gets on top and Jerry pounds her from below.  They roll over into a spoon and he gives it to her hard, rocking her massive mammories like the ocean waves before blowing his wad onto them.
[Oral, BJ, Standing, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon]

    His: 4.0
    Hers: 3.0

Scene 5: Bree Olson, Evan Stone
Time: 14m36s
Condoms: NO

Bree approaches Evan in a scenic spot overlooking the ocean, and comes onto him.  Evan accepts and lifts Bree over his head and eats her pussy in midair.  He then sets her down so she can swallow his knob.  With the formalities out of the way, he bends her over and runs her hard and deep, talking dirty the whole time while she squeals in ecstasy.  He gets her on the ground and continues his rear assault, of which she enjoys every second of the pounding.  Evan rolls onto his back and Bree squats on his dick.  She rides up and down his hard pole, whimpering the whole time.  Evan gets back in control and slows the pace, going deep and slow before cumming into her face and mouth.  This scene was hardcore, with rough, dirty sex.
[Oral, BJ, Standing, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary]

    His: 4.0
    Hers: 4.0

Scene 6: Evan Valentine, Evan Stone
Time: 17m53s
Condoms: NO

Evan V. approaches Evan S.  on the beach after a close encounter with a shark.  She is worried about his welfare, and slowly starts kissing him.  Evan dumps water onto her taught skin making her glisten in the sun.  She then sits astride his face so he can lick her honey pot.  She quickly scoots down and rides him.  Evan S. then takes over and fucks her aggressively from behind.  She licks his cock clean before her mounts her from behind.  She gets back on top and rides him again until he unloads in her mouth.  There were some occasional shadow issues in this scene, but nothing major.
[Oral, Cowgirl, Spoon, BJ, Standing]

    His: 2.5
    Hers: 3.0

Scene 7: Carmen Luvana, Courtney Cummz
Time: 21m59s
Condoms: N/A

Like sirens, the two blondes emerge from the sea, stripping off what little fabric that they were wearing.  The two come together in a passionate embrace.  They settle onto shore among some rocks and Courtney goes down on Carmen.  After some time, the two switch places and Carmen kneels under Courtney and licks her pussy before inserting two fingers.  Courtney kneels down so Carmen can finish her off from behind as the surf washes over them.
[Oral, Fingering]

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 2.5

Scene 8: Ava Rose, Evan Stone
Time: 17m06s
Condoms: NO

In the only indoor scene, Ava and Evan are alone in a bedroom.  Evan slowly undresses her before laying her back on the bed and parting her thighs with his tongue.  She then climbs above him for a little 69 action before moving into cowgirl.  She slowly rocks her hips on his dick while gently moaning.  Gradually the two pick up momentum and roll onto their sides.  Evan continues the passionate coupling until he lays back and she coaxes a load by hand.  This scene was a real change of pace from scene 6.  It had a romantic, voyeuristic feel to it.
[Oral, 69, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggy]

    His: 3.5
    Hers: 3.0

Scene 9: Bree Olson, Tommy Gunn, Jean Val Jean
Time: 23m52s
Condoms: NO

Back to the beach, the scene opens with Bree on her knees jerking off the two guys while they squeeze her tits.  She then alternates sucking on the two cocks while the other patiently waits his turn.  Tommy mounts her from behind while she continues blowing Jean.  The guys swap ends, except jean goes into her ass.  She sucks on Tommy's knob, gobbling like a turkey.  She then gets on top of Tommy and Jean mauls her tits.  Jean moves behind her for a perfect set-up for a DP, but Tommy pulls out as Jean enters.  The trio moves to the shore and she takes Tommy in the ass while choking on Jean's meat.  The guys swap places a couple more times before the two lay back and she alternates climbing onto each cock.  The scene again comes close to a DP, but alas there is none.  Both guys pop in her mouth, which she cleans up.  This scene would have gone up a full point if there was some DP action.
[BJ, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Standing, Spoon, Anal: Doggy, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl]

    His: 4.0
    Hers: 4.0

Scene 10: Courtney Cummz, Tommy Gunn
Time: 23m07s

After exploring a restricted part of the island, Tommy is restricted to the grounds of the estate.  Luckily Courtney is there to keep him company.  He unveils her pierced nipples before moving to her pierced clit.  After eating her round ass she responds by swallowing his hard cock.  Tommy penetrates her from behind, fucking her against a palm tree.  After stopping to lick hic cock clean, Courtney climbs aboard so Tommy can rail her from below.  The coupled couple rolls around on the lawn finally settling into a spoon.  Tommy finally gets her into doggy and rams against her hard ass until blowing his goo straight down her throat.
[Oral, BJ, Standing, Cowgirl, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy]

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 3.5

Concluding Words:
Eden is another movie in a long line of Adam and Eve couple films.  This one is no different.  The plot leaves a bit to be desired, with little rhyme or reason for some of the scenes.  The biggest piece of the plot comes on at the end.  They did a good job of choosing a cast that is capable of delivering lines as well as fucking.  This would be a decent introduction to porn, with a good variety of sex, and nothing too extreme.  As noted above much of the picture is high quality, but there are some distracting artifacts in the background.  None too much as to detract from the action up front, but annoying nonetheless.  The extras are abundant, but more so for interesting information then sexually heat.  We give this film a highly recommended rating, over 3.5 hours of content and 10 scenes is enough sex to watch a couple times.  With a bit of polishing, extra action within the scenes and a DP would push it even further.

Couples rating:    Solo |----*| Couples

NOTE:  I was unable to get images from the movie itself, due to the format.

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