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Paging Betty

Studio: VCA » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 4/28/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Director: Jim Enright
Cast: Ona Zee, Chante, Buck Adams, Sean Rider, Jonathan Morgan, Leena and Steve Austin
Genre: Fetish/Bondage/High Grade Production
Length of Feature: 80 mins
Condoms: No
Date of Production: 1994
Special Features: Trailers


"Paging Betty" is a fetish flick from more than a decade ago. Why this film is being re-released to DVD is beyond me. But, I guess that even porn isn't above the dreaded double dip. What made this film so ready to re-issue? I couldn't even tell you.

All I know is that it's interesting mix of aggressive sex with a love for what Betty Page accomplished fifty years ago. I've seen many love letters in porn, but none are as sincere as this film. Unfortunately, the DVD is a little weak with next-to-no special features. Still, it looks and sounds well for its age. I feel weird saying that for a film that came out barely fourteen years ago.



The first scene begins with a basic introduction to the Betty Page story. Everything here is broken down to simple terms, so that the guys with their cocks in hand can follow along. We learn that Betty was a pure little thing with a heart of gold. Her kick was that she couldn't understand why no one didn't appreciate the natural beauty of the human form. So, she took to showing herself off for nature pictures. Thus, a starlet was born.

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The lovely Selina St. Claire is the star of the picture and she does well as Betty Page. She captures that raven-haired look of the time with a timely sense of beauty. It sure helped to buy some of the rough stuff of later scenes.


The second scene begins with Betty discovering that the big city is a hard world. She goes out for jobs and realizes that her usual antics won't cope in the bawdry world of the mid 20th Century sleaze pits. She gets pulled into some rough fellows and begins to get ready for the rough shit that's about to unfurl. If this was "Boogie Nights", Rollergirl would have been rolling into the kitchen of Hot Traxx to suck Betty's proverbial dick.



Betty is starting to lose her grip. The ladies that she meet are lose and ready to do some fucking. We've gotten to see some great scenes of dick suckery and pussy drilling. All the while, Betty is starting to feel herself slip. Can she still be a good girl and keep letting herself slip into this world?

Eventually, Betty bunks with her blonde friend and we get treated to the truly glorious Girl/Girl scene of the flick. It's quick, violent and brash. But, it's sexy as hell. There is so much pussy flying in every direction that it could almost give you whiplash. But, then it's back to the cheap biopic take.



By now, we're getting some of the moralistic take on the Betty Page story. She's starting to feel threatened by her increasing ease of bagging men and women alike. Will Betty find her way back to innocence? What about this sexual revolution that seems to be taking over America? This sort of creative guilt over the direction of sexuality in the country seems to be a lot of baggage dangled over Betty in the flick.

It's also where Jim Enright seems to lose control of the sweet porn action and threatens to make a TV movie of the week. Sure, it would be a sweet television movie, but that's not what I came here to watch.


The film's inevitable conclusion is pretty fucking predictable. Sure, you get some nice final scenes of tits and action, but for what? The film ends with the same predictabiltiy that the bookend at the start of the film promised. It's all typical material that seemingly fellates Betty Page at every chance. It's a love letter so big that it could measure up to John Holmes' undead cock. Still, it works for an adult film of the early 90s.




"Paging Betty" brings a certain bit of glamor to the porn scene. Hell, watching a porno filmed in 1994 and comparing it to the changing standard of porn beauty today is shocking. Still, it's nice to see a classic flick being brought back into the limelight. Even if it's on a nearly barebones DVD that only sports VCA trailers as its special features.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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