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Shay Jordan: Scream (HD-DVD) (HD DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Note: The following review is based heavily on the standard definition version that came out last year, minor modifications made to accomodate changes based on the HD-DVD format this version was released in.  It looked and sounded better, the release proving the company's devotion to fans of the now defunct format ("as long as sales justify").  Director Celeste has evolved to the point where she appeals to a broader than ever audience so you might find this tribute to lovely Shay Jordan well worth picking up.

Shay Jordan and Hillary Scott. (click for trailer)

Shay Jordan: Scream HD-DVD

Digital Playground

Genre: Erotica

Director: Celeste

Cast: Shay Jordan, Hillary Scott, Marco Banderas/Duato, Cayton Caley, Ben English, Audrey Bitoni, Alec Knight, Derrick Pierce, Alec Knight, Tommy Gunn

Length: 119:40 minutes

Date of Production: 2/20/2007

Extras: The best of the batch was the 12:40 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Shay Jordan & Yordi (edited by Drax). It had a number of funny bits, often showing Robby mugging for the camera, but plenty of nudity and sex as well with some parody footage of a porn version of Ghost Hunters as well as a close look at Robby's inner self. There was also a slideshow, a biography for Shay Jordan, a photogallery, as well as trailers to shows like Pirates II, Island Fever 4 HD, Deeper 1 HD, Babysitters HD, Pirates HD, Jack's Playground 27 HD, Contract Star HD, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak HD, Jack's Teen America 3 HD, Island Fever 3 HD, Hush HD, Jack's POV HD, and Cockasian HD.

Cayton Caley was into the spanking action with Ben.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shay Jordan: Scream was presented in the same 1.78:1 widescreen color it was shot in by camera operators Jim F. and Robby D. for Director Celeste to be released by Digital Playgroundusing a full 1080p resolution and the AVC/MPEG-4 codec to provide a substantially improved picture from the SD version that came out long ago. In terms of lighting and quality of picture, the movie looked exceptional, shot in HD with the scenes all being shot with the lighting more straightforward here. There was no unintentional grain or video noise observed, I saw no compression artifacts, and the composition of the scenes was such that all of the gals were made to look very nice. Each scene seemed far more like the gonzo style that Robby shoots for his own releases, largely losing the artistic aspects for the most part while embracing what fans have demanded (with Sidney "Still Keep An Eye On Me" Michaels doing the editing); partially dumping the slow motion and lack of vocals that earlier efforts relied on. The audio was presented with the upgraded 5.1 Dolby Digital + and the improvements were slighter here with little separation between the speakers in most cases, but some added clarity of the vocals all the same. As time marches on, porn audio tracks have not marched along as much as their mainstream counterparts, an area that I note with increasing frequency, but some of the hiss I got when I turned up the SD version to high levels was not as obvious so the dynamic range was enhanced as well as the thump of the bass; most of which I believe were added in post production.


Audrey Bitoni reminded me of Cherokee here.

Body of Review: Shay Jordan is clearly one of the most exotic looking beauties in porn at this writing so it made sense that she was snatched up under a contract while back. Of late, her work for directors like Celeste at Digital Playground has shown a willingness to improve her sexual skills rather than rely on looks alone; her game getting better all the time. Her latest release coming out next month is Shay Jordan: Scream HD-DVD, missing Halloween by a whole day but treating fans to a trio of tantalizing scenes where the young lady is set to push her limits all the more. Previous entries in the series have shown the magic of camera work by guys like Robby D. and Jim F., so I had high hopes that this might be her breakthrough hit. That said, here is a quick look at the six scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Shay and Derrick showed the kitchen is great for cooking.

Scene One: Shay Jordan, the exotic brunette contract starlet on the front cover, was up first with award winning blond Hillary Scott, as the two camped out in the living room while telling ghost stories. The two remembered a story about a psycho killer that attacks only on Friday the 13th, jumping when a knock at the door followed the revelation that this was such a day. After some yelling, it was found that sexually frisky Marco Banderas/Duato was the man at the door; killing not on his agenda as he tickled their panty clad bodies. The excitement translated into some kissing and pawing, all three partaking of the foreplay on the floor with his package at the center of attention. The ladies appreciated that he was already hard for them, taking turns sucking him off enthusiastically but also giving each other some intermittent head; the vaginal plowing coming after that. Shay proved to be a moderately active ride this time, automatically elevating the heat levels for Hillary to get to doing PTOGM on the juice soaked cock. The gals did some face sitting and eating of each other while Marco boned them, Hillary milking his balls dry for a wad of population pudding to land on her lower abdomen. This was a surprisingly warm start to the movie and hopefully a sign of times to come (Shay even licking some of the semen up to swap with Hillary).

What spooky tale would be complete without a ghost that likes to fuck?

Scene Two: Cayton Caley, a brunette a bit more mainstream than Shay, was up next as she bothered Ben English with a silly ghost tale. He spanked her ass like some of you will be spanking your monkey, the gal responding by getting wet as he moved into lust mode. Feeling her up, the clothing soon came off and she was sucking his dick like a seasoned professional, making slight noises as she bent over to work the rod in the least comfortable position ever. That led to her impaling her pussy on his cock rapidly, showing him that she was not to be trifled with as her ass cheeks rippled nicely. After a few more positions, he rubbed out a load to her face and she continued sucking it as though on autopilot, showing less chemistry than the previous trio did but still managing to give a good show.

Scene Three: Audrey Bitoni, a curvy brunette with a nice smile, was up next after discussing the laws of physics and chemistry with Shay but ending up on the bed with Alec Knight instead. While this was a one sided trade to be sure, Audrey pushed through as the duo combined pop rocks and soda to test the urban myth. The fizzling treat reminded me of his previous scenes but the two seemed a good match overall, Audrey telling him what she liked as she seduced him ever so slowly. He pulled out his cock and she went to sucking on it as naturally as could be, their clothing continuing to be discarded for better access. She gave a very short titty fuck before aggressively riding his cock vaginally, making a lot of porn moans in the process. I'm not a huge fan of her implants or her general acting ability but she appeared to throw herself into the action as well as she ever has, doing some PTM before taking the facial. It was here that I saw his weird skin discolorations, reminding me of Van Damage's member and making me cross her off my list of gals to do before I die.

Shay Jordan in the shower is a great idea.

Scene Four: Shay Jordan, in her contemporary clothing, was snacking while Derrick Pierce snuck up behind her to scare her. She was happy it was him and the two embraced, kissing and feeling each other up while riding the wave of her initial thrill. If you like chiseled meat puppets with huge tattoos banging the ladies, you'll like this guy as the pair seemed to be a great team, him orally working on her erect nipples and cookie before she slobbed his knob in search of a semen shake. The emotive quality of the blowjob was actually pretty solid, Shay getting him rock hard for the vaginal pounding he was about to give her. He did most of the work until she climbed on top of him, the gal displaying a large patch of pubic hair as she showed me that she was not always a passive lay. She might not be in the same league as Hillary when it comes to fucking but she has certainly improved her abilities since starting out, the multitude of positions ending up with a large load gracing her neck and shoulder (good aim slugger!).

Scene Five: Hillary Scott, playing an updated version of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir in a light white outfit, was up next as she tormented Alec Knight; the two clearly familiar with each other, likely a former husband and wife given the dialogue. Thankfully for him, this ghost liked to play sexually and gave it up without a fight, dropping to her knees after letting him suck those titties of hers. The solid hummer was followed by some nice titty fucking, the couple screwing in not time after that. I would have enjoyed more tease by the scene but she was giving a professional rendition of having fun, opening up her puffy pussy and tight ass to him while showing an active riding style I found very appealing. After plenty more anal positions, she took his wad in her mouth with some ATM, proving she was the ghost with the most (semen on her breath that is).

Scene Six: Shay Jordan, the hotty needing a shower, removed all her clothing to bathe when she was overcome by studly Tommy Gunn who took control of her. This led to a BDSM sequence where her hands were bound above her head and he slapped her around with a riding crop; the kinky guy and Shay discussing how much she liked it after the montage was over. Like a great many scenes shot by the company, there was a heavy emphasis on close ups, too many of them in fact, that weakened the dynamic a fair amount but he went down on her well enough that I didn't harp on the matter, her pleasure reminding me that it was strokable all the same. She gave another short but aggressive blowjob before an equally limited vaginal ride; Shay again showing that her learning curve is catching up with the rest of the contract gals at the company before she drained him dry of his load on her chest.

Summary: Shay Jordan: ScreamHD-DVD by Director Celeste as released by Digital Playground last month was appealing to me on a couple of levels. First, it showed the exotic contract hotty getting sexually more active and second, it showed that the director was willing to expand past her previous limitations even more than before as she gave the consumer what has been repeatedly asked for. It was still tame enough sexually that couples will enjoy it but heated enough with enough variety that even seasoned aficionados should find plenty of strokable material so I rated it as Recommended. In short, the evolution of Celeste and Shay in their respective roles at Digital Playground continues in Shay Jordan: Scream HD-DVD the future looking so bright that I gotta wear shades.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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