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Lezstravaganza! 5

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 4/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All Girl Compilation

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Lucy Belle, Regina Moon, Celeste Star, Veronica Jett, Gianna, Annette Schwarz, Kylee King, Lexi Love, Savannah Stern, Sammie Rhodes, Kirsten Price, Brianna Love, Roxy, Rabrina Rose, Andy Brown, Liz Honey, Valentina Velasques, Steffi, Clara G, Kellemarie, Kimberly Kane, Kristina Rose, Lexi Belle, and Hanna Hunter.

Length: 4 hr 51 min.

Production Date: 11/22/2007


A Model Gallery with still images of the girls is the only "extra" that you'll find on this release.


Considering this is a compilation release the quality varies throughout the feature and you're going to notice some slight differences in between. For the most part the video quality is fantastic with some solid images, sharp resolution, and no digital artifacts. There are a few scenes where due to lighting issues there is some poor contrast and grain that pops up but overall there is very little to complain about. The same can be said for the audio which, while underwhelming, is clean, concise, and well-presented. It's not a technical marvel by any stretch of the imagination but the quality is decent enough to be enjoyed.

Body of Review:

Ah, compilation time! If you're too lazy or poor to check out every release that hits the market it's always a nice thing when a publisher brings a plethora of material together and presents in a nice little package. Digital Sin has done just that.

With a bevy of amazing women and some of the top performers in the industry, Lez-Stravaganza 5 comes along with more lesbians than you can shake a dildo at. Seriously, if you have a thing for girl-girl action then this release's two discs and nearly five hours of content will absolutely blow your mind. Stars like Gianna, Brianna, Lexi, Regina, and Lucy appear here in scenes borrowed from various releases. Just about every scene is hot thanks to the fact that they were handpicked out of Digital Sin's catalog. If you're a lesbian fan or are simply looking for some great material this is one to check out!

Scene 1:

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The first scene of Lez-Stravaganza 5 kicks things off with a bang; literally. Borrowing a scene from Girl Bang, Liz, Valentina, Roxy, Steffi, Andy, and Sabrina all come together for a nice little girl orgy. Three of the ladies are relaxing by a pool when the scene begins but when a fourth saunters over the action gets started right away. The three that were resting pounce on her and from then on tits are rubbed, pussies are licked and fingered, and they eventually break off into pairs. The couple sex goes on for a while until the final two ladies show up in a golf cart. Whoever said three was a crowd? Strap-ons and dildos come out and from then on it's a total fuck-fest that even includes some strap-on DP action which is incredibly hot I might add. Each and every girl is ravaged here and in the end the scene is nearly an hour long!

Scene 2:

Brianna and Kirsten from Girl Crazy 6 follow the six girl orgy with a nice one on once scene. This one is a little more on the sensual side as both girls spend a lot of time kissing and caressing each other which makes for a great lesbian scene in my opinion. Generally speaking when the girls spend more time staring at the camera than each other it detracts. Thankfully that's not the case here and Brianna and Kirsten never let off each other right up to the end. Some dildo play comes into effect but even that is handled gently and sensually.

Scene 3:

The Trouble with Girls offers a scene with Gianna and Annette and you can tell from the first couple of seconds that it's going to be a nasty one. Considering Annette waltzes into the scene wearing ass-less leather chaps and Gianna is dressed innocently you can rest assured that some femdom is going to happen. Indeed bondage does happen and Gianna soon finds herself tied up and raped by a big black dildo. The best part of this scene was when both girls wrapped their legs around each other and rubbed pussies violently. This eventually leads to Annette deep throating the dildo straight from Gianna's pussy which was nasty as well. All around if you appreciate harder material and appreciate bondage you'll thoroughly enjoy this scene!

Scene 4:

Savanna and Sammie appear in a scene from Tongues and Twats 3. Things begin with Sammie cursing out Savanna for messing with her man but when the blonde admits that she's a lesbian Sammie decides to investigate. The two go in for some coffee and after a moment they are all over each other on the kitchen counter. They swap dominant spots every now and then with some vibrator and heavy finger play coming into effect. There was a lot of energy in this scene and it's safe to say that the girls definitely enjoyed themselves.

Scene 5:

Closing out the first disc is a hot brunette on blonde scene from Girls on Girls 12. Clara and Hannah look absolutely fantastic and they waste no time getting to the good parts. Stripping each other down to nothing, Clara and Hannah clamber on to a black leather sofa and begin playing with each other. With a load of kissing, licking, and rubbing the girls unfortunately spend quite a bit of time staring at the camera. It makes everything feel forced but thankfully once the toys come out they focus more on each other. Right up to the end these girls look great and appear to have a fun time.

Scene 6:

Kylee and Lexi appear in a scene from The 4 Finger Club 22 and while the fingers may be in the title it's the toys that get the most play. There is quite a lot of vibrator and dildo action in this scene and towards the end the girls even take turns riding a sybian. The best toy bit from this scene was probably the moment where the girls shared a double-sided dildo, which has always been a person favorite of mine. All around Kylee and Lexi definitely have a lot of fun together and the scene shows their enjoyment in every frame.

Scene 7:

Girl Crazy 3 offers a scene with Kellemarie and Kimberly which kind of keeps in step with the Annette and Gianna scene from earlier. The girls here are dressed for rough play with leather bras and ripped fishnets to accompany pierced nipples and vibrators. To further the nastiness of this scene is the fact that they are in a skuzzy looking unfinished room. With that being said Kellemarie and Kimberly go to town on each other with vibrators and dildos and the scene turns out to be quite hot. While not the greatest scene on this release there is certainly something appealing about two nasty girls going after each other.

Scene 8:

Contrasting the previous scene Girl Crazy 5 offers a bubblegum lesbian scene between Celeste and Veronica. These gorgeous brunettes begin the scene innocently discussing a pair of dildos and how to use them. Deciding that some practice is in order they start kissing and removing their clothing. A funny looking liquid filled blue toy gets inserted into Veronica's pussy first and after a while Celeste finds herself on the receiving end of a butt-plug looking toy that goes in her pussy as well. Unfortunately just when the scene starts to get good it comes to an end.

Scene 9:

Girls on Girls 14 lends a scene with Lucy and Regina that never really takes off. Both girls look great and they perform well enough in front of the camera but they merely seem to be posing for a photo shoot. The action is very dry and there is no pizzazz to the sex, if you even want to call it that. To make matters worse the scene ends abruptly almost like it stopped before it got to the good part.

Scene 10:

Kristina and Lexi appear in another scene from The 4 Finger Club; this one from volume 24. The blonde and brunette combination is always popular with the lesbian genre and this scene shows us why. There's just something about seeing a beautiful specimen from each category play with the other that is intoxicating. With a load of dildo play and some sybian action thrown in for good measure it's safe to say that Kristina and Lexi really heat things up. While I never got the impression that they were "totally" into each other they did put on a good show and finished this release off nicely.


If you like lesbians and you like them hot, Lez-Stravaganza 5 is a compilation worth checking out. It's not the best title in the series due to a couple of dud scenes but all around this is a fairly hot release. Some outstanding moments abound and there's plenty to appreciate though so in the end this one gets a recommendation. Digital Sin has a nice track record for compilations and hopefully the next installment will be even better than this one!

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