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Leg Sex Pinups

Studio: Score » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 5/29/08

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Leg Sex Pinups
A Score Group Release
Starring:  Gianna Rossi, Lucy Fire, Caroline Pierce, Sandra Romain & Katarina Kat.
Runtime:  1hr 39min
Condoms?:  None
Brief Synopsis:  Legs!  Feet!  Old-fashioned perversion!  This lovely set of hardcore veterans try their best to woo us with their lower halves with interesting results.  Since the gonzo arena has been less inclined in the past to indulge us viewers with more fetish-based titles, I, for one, am glad to find a stem loving title worth sinking my teeth into.  The end product?  Let's just see how it all turns out...

Scene One:  Gianna Rossi

We begin with the lovely Gianna (surname notwithstanding), who has shaped up to be a powerhouse of a performer during her tenure in the industry.  Outfitted in a stunning set of hosiery, garters and silk panties, she does a screen-fitting tease and crawl across the floor, the antique sepia tone blooming into full color as her partner arrives. 

The foot worshiping begins at the heel, with his lips kissing and nuzzling around Gianna's toes, her arches hitting his crotch before she slides up to warm his pants up.  She kneels down to blow him, wrapping her costume pearls above his balls as the camera bevels backward to catch her massive ass and darling feet in between near close-ups.  Gianna teases her man even more, shifting forward for a start of missionary.

Peeling off her stockings, she wraps the stretchy remains around her partner's cock, taste testing before soldiering on with deep pile-driving face to face missionary.  Gianna arches her shoulders to the ground as her guy keeps seated, a layabout and reclined position that seems quite strenuous, though is kept at a consistent rate.  He slides his throbber between the arches of her sandwiched feet, standing up to dollop Gianna's toes with a slather of gooey salve.  She cracks a mischievous grin as she rubs the results in between her piggies, slowly twiddling her toes with her long fingers.

Gianna works up a sultry and sweaty rhythm, dangling her voluptuous ass and gliding her feet up in the air, keeping her man rock hard with her tiny personal flourishes (the pearls, the pantyhose tightening, and her amazonian gymnastics).  It's no surprise that Gianna loves what she does on camera and carries that enthusiasm all the way back to us, the viewers, and that's exactly why she's always a must-see!  My one quibble: the scene was too short!  Nonetheless, a fantastic performance!

Scene Two:  Lucy Fire

Dynamite-complexioned Lucy starts off with a heel-sucking tease, tossing her toes toward her suitor, who nearly devours them whole.  He takes his time surveying her strawberry kissed skin, her ass taut like a ivory drum, and delicately handles her every ounce. 

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After a bit of foot-to-crotch play, Lucy bends over to stretch her moistened lips down the upper shaft of her man's wand, splitting her legs open for a missionary fuck run.  More dick-to-toe tease ensues, followed by a cowgirl spread, soon led back into missionary once again.  He bites her toes before nestling his staff atop of Lucy's feet, landing his load across her raspberry and cream toes.  She licks a bit of the froth, giving the camera a congratulatory glance as it all fades out.

While I do love Lucy's physical traits (even her hotly tufted, smoke-white crotch, emblazoned with a symbol of her namesake), her overall pull in the scene was annoyingly forced and pickled with lame calls and shouts toward her partner, to whom she would almost barely acknowledge.  Instead, her eye-line looks were more camera-based, leading to a loss of heat and overall chemistry, even with the connecting hooks of generous foot play tousled in between.   Still, her suggestive and actual sampling of the post-coital toe-cream was delightful, as was nearly every other little thing about her.  Wake up, Lucy!

Scene Three:  Caroline Pierce

Mistress Caroline does a rally of poses seated at a white baby grand piano, doling out kicks and cool suggestions to her viewers at home.  It's already clear that Ms. Pierce is no stranger to the leggier aspects of sex, squashing her partner's face with her domineering toes.  She squeezes her naked gentleman's face with both feet, declaring "I got you trapped!" before going totally topless.  The piglet worship sails along, with plenty of face stuffing (on her partner's part), followed by a carpet cleaning as Caroline spreads her thighs wide open. 

She nibbles on her own toes (!) before anchoring all twenty down to stroke our foot farmer's hard ear of corn, carrying onto a variety of poses before beginning penetration via doggy-style.  Missionary allows Caroline the opportunity to push her heels against her dude's red cheeks, leading to another dining bit of pussy eating in gratitude.  In reverse cowgirl, our guy tears Caroline's stockings at the tip of the toes, finally jerking his herc across her feet, a randy coat of glaze covering the tops and knuckles of her wiggliest wigglers.  A bit more foot post-stroke, and Caroline grins and giggles it all out.

Though Caroline is fantastic at handling the hog (and twiddling her own piggies), the chemistry between her and her partner never quite gels accordingly.  While her man beats and sweats out almost to the point of exhaustion, Caroline stays somewhat aloof and in her own realm of kink, sometimes clamoring her thoughts together in a more staid, if dispassionate, run of volleyed cheers.   As great as she is in action, in any capacity, the lack of a true amount of chemistry actually made the scene disconcerting and, at times, hard to follow.  There are quite a few moments of genuine glee, I will admit, but why couldn't those last for the entire scene?

Scene Four:  Katarina Kat & Sandra Romain

After a healthy amount of teasing (including, but not merely limited to, nipple kissing, thumb-and-fingering, and ass tickling), Katarina plants a series of lipstick kisses on ass queen Sandra.  Their suitor arrives and is soon taken on, tag-team style, by our wonderful pair of ladies.  Mostly shot in the distance (as to take in the full gamut of leggy and ass-laden expanses of both girls), the girls show off their heels and switch hands in between lipped pocks of sucking and slurping.

Sandra does a bit of ball kissing, leading to all three kissing lips to lips to lips, onto a bit of soft foot slapping as Katarina sloshes the rod down.  She's the first in missionary, with Sandra sucking at the spike of her heels as her fellow female gets pounded, offering up her upturned ass in doggy (vaginal, for starters).  Katarina takes the opportunity to furiously masturbate as Sandra remains plugged on her hands and knees.  The fair haired beauty hooves up her raven partner's toes, flipping her body upward in an acrobatic play before Sandra indulges in anal, reverse cowgirl style.  Katarina spreads herself out for Sandra's toes to waddle atop her clit, meeting the challenge with a bit of her own foot play as a gift to Sandra, who soon dangles her toes and meets Katarina's arched arches for an even greater gift of seed.  Load fully blown, Sandra takes Katarina's dressed red toenails to her mouth, licking it lasciviously up.

Highly enjoyable throughout, both Katarina and Sandra are dazzling, as they always tend to be.  The feet are given highest priority (as they should!), and both ladies burn through each other, as well as their male partner, with a hot and heavy brightness that they have both become well-known for.  As with most of the material on this disc, however, the scene felt truncated and ended all too quickly, causing less of a head rush than I had been expecting.  And as there are two beauties to cover, the camera work fell a bit short in that department, at times catching the murmurs and bleats after the fact, rather than during the highest peaks of momentum.  Still, with two dizzying performers such as Katarina and Sandra, any moment watching them do what they do best is worth every single second.  Yay!

(Katarina & Sandra, all for you.)

*Bonus Features*

(Caroline gets sniffy sniffy.)

A few snipped clips (Bonus Footage) are on display in the Extras section of the disc, averaging around a minute per girl.  Gianna indulges in an extended tease, while Lucy provides a smattering of bonus cowgirl and missionary footage.  A few lost moments with Sandra and Katarina, as well as a silver-toned backstage performance by Caroline (with a just a smidgen of dildo action).  A Stills (3min 30sec) is also included, along with over ten minutes of genre related Trailers from like-minded Score Group releases.  Scenes are also selectable via specific act (Foot Play, Blow Job, Sex, Cum Shot) on nicely laid out menus.  I actually enjoyed the trailers most of all, though Caroline's platinum-tinged sniff & tease was quite lovely.

Audio/Visual Quality
The introductory footage was well produced, with the filtering effect allowing for a nice bronze-era of watchability, fading into the mostly even color wheel to follow.  All the scenes were lit with a combination of studio and natural, bled-through light, which looked balanced during most scenes, though was a bit on the blinding side in the background of Sandra & Katarina's scene.  The highlights were sometimes a bit too white and flat for my tastes, though none of that altered the enjoyability of any one particular scene.  The audio capture was moderate and fair (standard 2.0 channel stereo track), sometimes smushing the finer details (as in Gianna's whispering proclivities) into oblivion, and accentuating the higher end of the spread (Caroline's push and pull calls were at odds with her partner's in the volume department).  While not reference-worthy, the overall presentation was genuinely acceptable and mostly clean.

Overall Thoughts
Leg Sex Pinups has many gloat-worthy qualities, namely Gianna, the pairing of Katarina Kat and Sandra Romain, and a high amount of foot flouncing and toe buttering.  However, it's the short and truncated scene span and the slightly undercooked chemistry that separate it from being worth of a healthy recommendation.  While I do appreciate the care taken to appeal to a nostalgia-based audience with a crop of go-to performers, the eventual execution and performances were moderate (Caroline) to dull (Lucy, sadly), though the more overly enthusiastic toe worshipers will find more to love than I.  Still, this is a step in the right direction (pun very much intended), and I hope that the no-holds-barred world of gonzo can meet the strict and disciplined realm of foot and leg fetishism, and otherwise.  It can be done, I'm almost sure of it!

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