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Devil In Disguise

Studio: Pleasure Productions » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 4/29/08

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Devil in Disguise: the Mask of Lust
A Pleasure Productions Release Directed by Julie Silver and Tom Harold
Starring Julie Silver, Sarah Twain, Brooke, Nina, & Nikol.
With:  Neeo and a few other unidentified gentlemen.
Runtime:  110 minutes
No Condoms

Brief Synopsis:  Devil in Disguise takes our devil (Julie Silver) amongst a series of scenes in which she not-so-quietly urges unthoughtful men to attend to their sultry female companions.  As soon as the male halves don a Zorro-esqe black mask, the sensuousness overtakes (truly "the devil made me do it!").  A masked Ms. Silver, herself, bookends the beginning and final sections, though her catlike incarnation is, sadly, only a non-sex highlight.  Broken English is de rigeur here, so to those weary of dialectic pratfalls: you have been warned! 

Scene OneJulie Silver and Nina  (with Unidentified Gentleman #1)

After Julie and Nina are introduced in a tasteful, painterly composition, the two kiss and peel off their little bits of clothing, with Julie running ice cubes down the expanse of Nina's soft, hairless folds and chewy nipples.  Julie fetches a cooled glass dildo from the bucket of ice, plying Nina's legs apart and rocking her wrists back and forth.  Their standing stud is treated to a blow job by both blonds, finding a spooned nuzzle behind Nina for a short while.  Missionary predates a final pop and Julie swathes up his load, the rest dripping down her chin and onto Nina's chest.  A fine bit of standard action here, with Julie being a sideline referee rather than a full-on participant (her oral/dildo skills and climactic finale are highlights, for sure).  Nina seems more than content with being performed upon, and her pleasure moans befit the situation without being boring.  Good stuff!

Scene TwoBrooke  (with Unidentified Gentleman #2)

Now taking to the role of sex whisperer, Julie urges the male half of an unfulfilled couple to attend to his wily girlfriend (Brooke).   Mask on, he  kneels down to gobble up Brooke's buttery snatch (she returns the favor admirably with her own amount of face-stuffing).  Spooning inaugurates the cool humping, with cowgirl and doggy showing off Brooke's huffy side, and both principles behave with a lustful abandon.  In finish, Brooke parts her blooming flower as her boy jacks a few inches away, soon streaming his glory atop her precious pink pages.  Brooke's tit-shaking good time was lean and focused, clear heels and all! 

Scene ThreeSarah Twain  (with Neeo)

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Sarah dances in an alleyway, draped by a running amount of gauzy reds, leading her to recline for a rest.  Beside her is bookworm Neeo, who Julie (the Devil) transforms into a lust puppet.  He happily dives for pearls as Sarah mashes her tits together, breaking her lips open to ooh and aah amidst all the delight-filled squishiness.  She rises and takes in every inch of his cock with ease (an expert throater, really!), laying back down for a series of missionary bat cracks.  Post reverse cowgirl, Sarah samples their combined juices, veering into a culminating bid in doggy.  Neeo hovers above her upturned ass and slings his swill across her perky brown button and along the sides of her tightly-lipped ass cheeks - a wonderful ending to a pretty darn good scene.

Scene FourNikol  (with Unidentified Gentleman #3)

Vain to the point of neglect, Nikol's boyfriend is visited by the Devil, who orders him to appreciate the finer qualities of her crimson-tinged subtleties.  Masked donned, he takes to her freckles valleys and peaks while she returns the gesture with an extended mouth meal of her own.  Nikol diddles herself while sucking off her man, soon leaning into his dick in a spooned position, followed by a run in reverse cowgirl (and another helping of slippery-tongued wang in between).  Cowgirl rounds up the series of events, with Nikol's boytoy splaying her chest with his almond joy.   While not entirely exceptional, the participants seemed to make the most of it, though Nikol's creamy complexion and huge eyes certainly helped the cause, but a few lapses in "oomph" began to wear thin.

Scene FiveJulie Silver  (with Unidentified Gentleman #4)

Taking the wheel once again instead of being Mistress Devil (or otherwise), Julie returns to meet a lucky masked partygoer, clearing the room at once.  She takes her time loping her pointy tongue across his chest and stomach, opening his pants up to shine up his wild reed in between her teeth.  In reverse cowgirl, Julie shows off her all-white outfit and golden tresses, punching out a good amount of chug even as they switch to spooning.  Julie offers up her ass for sticking in doggy, turning for missionary while her partner switches from one delectable hole to the other (ahh, so dirty!).  The front-to-rear poker keep on in reverse cowgirl once again, though this journey ends with our male spunking into a half-filled glass of champagne.  Julie waxes rhapsodic as she stands above him, tipping the contents of the container over her partner's head.  The camera holds a freeze frame of his agog face as the credits run, with Julie still laughing out of frame.  Kind of a hokey ending, but what else could I expect?  Julie was stamina-filled through this scene, however, and the pole swapping was a nice touch.  I feel kind of icky.

(Julie: a toast, to you...)

Bonus Features
A slide-driven Photo Gallery (4:35) consists of screenshots from the film, boldly taken from the dvd itself!  Egads, man!  A brief Cum Shot recap stands alongside it in solitude (1:54), and not a shred of anything else at all.  While I always appreciate the thought of the Cum Shot recap, that alone is not enough to ward off any evil spirits in the age of accelerated, value-added content.  Away with you!

Audio/Visual Quality
Okay, now here is where the film, and every great moment in it, suffers.  The overall picture is harangued with a great deal of weak focus-pulling (rendering a few exquisite moments almost lost in the transition), the audio is jagged and overdriven (with all dialog distant and feather-quiet), including a relentlessly insufferable amount of overpowering incidental music (which does, I must admit, fade out, but never when it really, truly should).  Though the image is presented in 16:9, the quality of the image and its accompanying 2.0 channel stereo track might as well be a hazy pay-per-view dub from the late 1990's - just not in an awesomely nostalgic way.  That said, the studio lighting tended to muddle colors into the shadowy spectrum, but were primarily lit quite nicely throughout.  Still, the oil and vinegar effect of a sloppy presentation combined with a solid set of scenes is completely frustrating!

Overall Thoughts
At its best, Devil in Disguise offers a tiny sack of worthwhile thrills, debilitated somewhat by the dark and encircling audio and visual clouds of doom that tend to rain-out the proceedings on more than one occasion.  I know this isn't a wedding, but if it was, I would probably seek a divorce, or at least a fair amount of couple's therapy before seeking out any related titles by the filmmakers involved.  The talent, on the other hand, sparkles beneath the glutted surface, though you may need a pair of windshield wipers, earmuffs, and a flashlight to properly enjoy their performances.  Likewise, the absence of a complete talent list is baffling (even during the end credits!), as is any indication of who is who, when and where (ladies included).  But I suppose that whoever truly wants to see this feature doesn't care about any of the above griping, so I can only recommend that you Rent It, with numerous reservations.

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