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Miles From Needles

Studio: Vivid » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 4/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Miles From Needles
A Vivid Picture Directed by B. Skow
Starring Savanna Samson, April Blossom, Kimberly Kane and Maria Belucci.
With Steven St. Croix, Evan Stone, James Deen and Brian Surewood.
194 minutes
No Condoms
Miles From Needles is a slightly horrific journey into the backwoods with Savanna at the center of it all.  As Marianne, her idyllic upscale life is upturned once her husband (Steven St. Croix) finds his marital sheets parted by her longtime girlfriend, Lucy (April Blossom).   Their collective futures are littered with tragedy, though along the way Marianne finds herself in one sexual dalliance after another, mostly for the sake of saving her own skin.

Scene One  -  Savanna Samson and April Blossom

Talking on the phone with her mother, chatty Savanna prances about with April, shifting their patter to the upstairs bedroom.  The girls tease and fiddle with each other at a loving pace, with Savanna rolling back April's blue hawaiian-colored laced underwear, gripping at her jiggliness while kissing her slippery nipples.  Savanna nibbles at her patch of fur as April bolts her ass upward, shifting to turns of tongue-bounding in missionary between the two of them.  April fetches a double-pronged dong, which she fellates before parting her blonde sister's twirling envelope.  They continue with a frenzied dual-dicking with the device, laying back as they wrap up a series of orgasmic grind-outs.  Their overall chemistry is worthwhile, but clouds up a tad at times.  April does most of the sensual heavy lifting as her partner sometimes drifts off into her own cool water, though the final dildo-heaving certainly matches their rhythms in one last gasp.

Scene Two  -  Savanna Samson (with Steven St. Croix and April Blossom)

Unfortunately for the post-coital pair, Savanna's already infuriated hubby St. Croix catches them in cuddle and goes nuts.  He relegates April to a chair to serve his wife a brute-fisted dicking, first flipping her over for sixty-nine, missionary to follow.  The camera cuts away to a naked and peeved April, who decides to jump in and taste Steven's dick before the pile driving continues into reverse cowgirl.  She sits behind the couple whittling down upon her clit, soon taking out a vibe to satisfy her increased amount of frustrated female cuckolding.  Steven switches to plugging Savanna in anal, leading to a few tastes or three of ass-to-mouth.  The two ladies perform a hummer before Steve and Savanna go for one more spooned round, prompting a few thick streaks across his wife's face for a finale.  The pleasant vibes are at once broken by a spatter of blood via the knife-wielding April, who stands frightened and delirious (and still naked).  Screaming and crying their way out of the house, they drive into the night trying to find some salvation, shaken and unsure of the future.

A roadside trooper pulls them over and takes them in, though April and Savanna seemed semi-relieved just to rest their heads, even if it happens to be in a jail cell.

On second thought, maybe they never should have pulled over.

Scene Four  -  Kimberly Kane (with Evan Stone)

As the girls soon find out, perhaps the fellow who pulled them over (maniacally played by Evan Stone) wasn't an officer of the law after all.  What kind of jail would chain two beautiful ladies to a wall?  What kind of holding pen were they even in?  And most importantly, why was the police officer now beginning to ravage his secretary?

It turns out all to be a shaky situation, and Evan proudly manhandles Kimberly while keeping a staid watch on his new prisoners as they reluctantly watch it all go down.  Kimberly holds out her burning cigarette as she goes down on Evan, who lifts his sleepy clerk/wife and throws her onto a mattress behind his desk.  He rubs on her pale kitty and slurps up her tits, throttling in missionary as he yells at Savanna and April to "mind their own business!"

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 The sliding continues in standard and reverse cowgirl and into doggy, with Kim's mindset particularly dazed and nodded-off as she's pummeled by her officer husband.  She does an amiable job keeping in character, even as Evan sweatily unloads onto her gasping face.    Evan is pretty frightening, especially as he's constantly keeping watch/terrorizing April and Savanna.

Scene Five  -  Savanna Samson and April Blossom (with James Deen)

Over a plate of cold eggs and turkey-basted mystery brine, the creepiness continues for our girls, who are now cuffed and chained to their dining table seats.  Kimberly shouts and yells at Constance (James Deen), the youngest member of the unhinged clan, to keep his distance from the prisoners, though they do offer a group "hug" in concordance with his assistance once the room is clear of Mater and Pater.  The trio move to his bedroom, and James tossed April onto the bed as he rushes to kiss Savanna.  They play along, but soon find that in a house like this, no one is ever really alone.


Peeling back a curtain, the terrorized twins see Kimberly and Evan hackling away as they sit and watch the ordeal go down.  April channels her fury into pleasure as she gathers the lion's share of the action, though James doesn't neglect Savanna too often, either.  A two-mouthed blow job (one on the balls, another on the chain) leads to an inordinate amount of boob squeezing and rubbing, followed by a plowing into April as Savanna queens her quivering face. 

James flips over April for doggy as she noshes on Savanna's spread gooeyness, cycling into a pattern of reverse and standard cowgirl by each female companion.  Missionary with Savanna finishes off the groin-grabblingly good time, and April  glints her shiny tongue out to carry James' gush down the reaches of her chin and neck (eventually giving Savanna a taste before it's all said and done).  A delectable amount of candy-pulling here, with the green-thumbed April showing off her skills in a stunning way.  But even those fine qualities can't save her from her tormentor's hand of chance, now forcing the two ladies into a darkened room of ill-repute.

Thankfully, the duo thwarts their attacker, Evan, and run off to hide in the shadows of a garage stowaway nook, away from his stun gun, but in full view of Brian Surewood and Maria Belucci wrecking each other atop another bare mattress.

Scene Six  -  Maria Belucci  (with Brian Surewood)

(Maria:  Tuft and all.)

Turns out that Brian and Maria also hide in fear of taser-wielding Evan as much as the next victim, though their planned sexy home movie leads to Evan capturing the couple's action before he takes out his staff to warm his wand alone.  As Brian vacuums up Maria's gleaming snatch, Evan fills her lips with his erect member, keeping a hold on either end of Maria's doggy and missionary stances.  The boys ravage her in cycles, veering into anal in missionary, doggy, and cowgirl before each one spills Maria's canvas with their frothy, whipped brews (Evan down the cusp of her ass and pussy, Brian over his hand and onto her lips).  Maria champions her incoming peen with gusto, though she doesn't have much of a chance to vocalize her affability very much (and her little crotch rabbit tuft is quite cute to see piled into).  The mincing and joyful wincing certainly make the scene a winner, though no amount of great sex could keep April and Savanna under wraps for too long.  Soon after, Evan tussles a bit with them (getting himself electrocuted in the process), but snags them both atop his patrol car, April taking the brunt of the hit.  Kimberly emerges from the house brandishing a double-barrel - the results of which imply the worst case scenario for both her and Savanna.  Luckily, Savanna still has her wits in check, and plies her captor with more "hugs".

Scene Seven  -  Kimberly Kane and Savanna Samson

Massaging each other's chests, Kimberly and Savanna move southbound, parting panties in slow, deliberate stretches.  Fingers flutter away, and Kimberly blindfolds herself as she goes down into Savanna's lower depths and hand reaches.  Kimberly pulls her legs up to receive her own set of lipped favors, and both she and Savannah straddle and thumb their way into a burning pink mess.  Savanna props her ass up for Kim to have full finger and tongue access, and the whirred licking continues with Savanna taking on her accuser once again.  The mood is cooled and relaxed with a tinge of sadness, which soon overtakes Kimberly as both naked participants retreat inside the house one last time.  The film ends the only way it can - with a redolent specter of evil, and without much pity.

(Kimberly:  Mad for sadness.)

Bonus Features 

(Savanna and her script;  Kimberly, proud of her emery board)

A twenty-minute Behind the Scenes feature focuses on the principle ladies of the film, the most revealing interview held with April Blossom, who is as cute off-camera as she is on.  Savanna does a few script runs, Maria relaxes with post-scene cigarette, and Kimberly shows of her manicure ("for the ladies", she promises).  Elsewhere, a few stunts and assorted camera trickery are shown bare, in addition to a few on-the-fly shots nudged in between.  A nice document of what must have been a pleasant shoot, though one perhaps more hectic than most (there were tasers involved, after all).

(Maria wonders what it's all about; April introduces Ms. Blossom)

A Positions Room (choose from Pussy Eating, Blow Job, Missionary, Doggy or Cum Shot), a five-minute Stills slide show, and a five Trailers are also included, in addition to a trio of five-minute scenes under the heading Vivid Girl Extras.  These scenes are a bit slimmed-down (they can't all be five minutes, exactly, right?), though the action is quite enjoyable.  A quick run-down:

Savanna Loves Sex
(ft. Savanna Samson, Liv Wylder and Marco Banderas)
Three-way, lavender dildo, happiness.

Savanna's Been Blackmailed (ft. Savanna Samson, Kimberly Kane and Sammie Rhodes)
Erotic massage goes girl-crazy.

Stood Up (ft. Savanna Samson, Kimberly Kane and Evan Stone)
More backwoods fun, this time in the back of a truck!

(Ms. Samson looking on in Savanna Loves Sex;  being held back in Stood Up)

(Kimberly and Sammie and baby oil in Savanna's Been Blackmailed)

Overall, a pleasant amount of extras, especially for the BTS featurette.  Solid!

Audio/Visual Quality
The 16:9 image holds up quite nicely, especially as the later cinematic scenes tend to go into shadowland.  Thankfully, the sex itself is spared from the arc of the narrative on the visual tip, with the overall brightness somewhat distracting themselves away from the story-based aspects of the feature (Kimberly and Savanna's closing entry is really the only off-putting offender, as sunlight almost seems alien to the venomous hillbilly-esque storyline).  The capture is clear and hassle-free (unless you are allergic to a few post-production flourishes), and the 2.0 channel stereo keeps up with all the running and tumbling quite well.  The bonus scenes are not enhanced, though their native ratios are still easy on the eyes and ears.

In Conclusion
While the babes-in-the-woods routine has become scattershot with every new entry into the genre, Miles From Needles ups the ante while successfully hinting at more severe fare from the golden age of the backwoods creeper.  And even though the splatter is kept to a minimum, the psychological terror which all involved inspire is actually quite scary: Evan as the hulking psychopath, Kimberly as the loose screw that holds him together, their beaten down child Constance (Mr. Deen), and Steven St. Croix's portrayal of an unhinged, choke-happy husband.  Likewise, both Savanna and April hold their own as the freaked-out victims (and sometimes perpetrators), though Ms. Blossom's turn, both story-bound and sex-wise, was the true highlight of the whole journey.  Her scenes burn the brightest, with Kim's jail house and outdoor scenes a second close, followed by Maria's double-teamed hurricane.  Savanna may be the outright star, but her cohorts keep the picture moving and on point throughout (and she's no slouch, herself!).   Even if you're wary of anything resembling a storyline, Miles From Needles comes Recommended by this devout gonzo-lover;  just be sure to keep a light on!

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