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Suck It Up

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:November 2007

Director:Chi Chi Larue

Cast:Erik West, Tyler Saint, Nathan Sommers, Cameron Marshall, Wolf Hudson, Cort Donovan, Riley Burke, Jude Collin, J.T. Ross, Turk Mason

Body Types:twink types, heavy muscled, guys with smooth and hairy chests

Condoms:no (no penetration)

Things to see:office sex, blow jobs, rimming, auto-fellatio, deep throating, spit play

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Plot:Employees spend their free time sucking on each other's meat

The Movie:

Suck it Up is Chi Chi Larue's attempt to fashion an oral only film.  Such a niche film will really appeal to oral sex fans, but might bore others who are used to the typical blowjob/ass rimming/penetration progression.   Dismissing the film on it's "oral only" emblem would be a shame though because there is much to like about this film.  First, all of the actors are very cute, ranging from muscular college age guys to buffed up daddy types like Tyler West.  The exclusive model, Cameron Marshall is wisely placed into two scenes, both of which are hot.  Other favorites include newbie J.T. Ross (an adorable sex pig in the making) and Nathan Sommers.  Let it be said that if you need a blow job done right, call on Nathan Sommers to take care of you.  His throat and lips undoubtedly atrophied after all of the work he gave to guys and might be in a hospital right now due to jaw lock.  But thank goodness he was cast in this film.

The sex itself is quite nice, ranging from lengthy blowjobs to a full oral orgy.  While it won't come as a surprise that every scene features blowjobs, the wonderment comes with the techniques used.  Riley Burke uses his tongue on Jude Collin's asshole before he even touches the guy's cock.  Nathan Sommers prides himself in using hand-free blowjobs, where he violently bobs and twists his head around the cock as if he were an alligator trying to catch his prey.  One divisive technique is the film's use of spit play.  The excessive spit play may be off-putting to some people.  However, just like how I look away once the pussy eating starts up in straight porn, it's easy to simply turn your head away, should you feel so inclined. 

There is much to like about the film Suck it Up.  If you are an oral connoisseur like me, nothing goes down the throat easier than a nice hard penis. 

Scene One:Cameron Marshall and Turk Mason

Poor Turk suffers a debilitating foot cramp that keeps him from stocking boxes of porn DVD's.  His coworker Cameron sits down to massage his cramped foot.  However, the mean boss (Tyler Saint) tells Turk to "suck it up" and get back to work.  The two boys decide to take the boss's advice a bit literally.  Cameron's massage quickly escalates to rubbing Turk's chest and crotch.  Cameron then removes Turk's pants and sucks on his cock through the underwear before he pulls it out.  More luscious dick sucking follows with considerable attention paid to Turk's long shaft and his shaved nuts.  Eventually, Cameron gets his turn to shed his underwear and have his rod worked on.  The boys then segue into some rimming and stroking.  In one hot moment, Cameron sits on Turk's face and rubs it around on Turk's eager tongue, while Cameron strokes his own meat.  Turk also has his hairless hole rimmed.  Finally, Cameron stands above Turk and shoots all over Turk's smooth chest, then Turk oozes out a tasty looking load.

Scene Two:Riley Burke and Jude Collin

Riley checks out Jude's curvaceous ass while Jude is standing on a ladder.  Jude catches Riely's lustful glances, so he pulls down his pants and lets Riley stick his tongue into his hairy hole.  Riley seems intent on penetrating Jude's hole because he shoves his tongue surprisingly deep into Jude's hole.  Jude then has his big cock sucked on through his jock strap.  Riley gives a really wet blowjob with the help of his own spit.  However, Jude eventually leans down to lick the tip of his own cock, while Riley aggressively sucks on Jude's balls.  After even more passionate sucking, Jude takes control by pulling Riley's big headed cock out from his underwear.  Jude does an admirable job with dick sucking, though it lacks the sheer raw passion that Riley possess.  Towards the end of the scene, Jude bends himself so that he can suck on his own dick, with his ass pointed into the air.  Riley can't resist an "open invitation" so he continues to rim that tight hole some more.  Eventually, Jude can't keep it in any longer so he shoots his load all over his own face, followed by Riley spurting out his semen onto Jude's ass.  Riley cleans himself up by licking up all of his load from Jude's ass.

Scene Three:Nathan Sommers, Cort Donovan, Erik West, Cameron Marshall, Tyler Saint, Wolf Hudson, and J.T. Ross

Nathan rubs his cock while watching Cort work on a ladder.  Cort quickly figures out what Nathan wants, so he allows him to rub his crotch and pull out his cock.  Nathan licks through Cort's Jeans and underwear before getting to the tasty inner layer.  Nathan sucks away like a pro and looking like he is having a fantastic time.  Cort face fucks him for a while until Nathan takes over to get into a perfect steady rhythm, notably a bob and twist technique.  A beefier blond (Erik) joins the twinky pair to form en erotic threesome of kissing and sucking.  While Nathan and Cort kiss, Erik sucks on Cort's pretty pecker.  Nathan then gets down on his knees again and the boys take turns sucking on Cort's cock (they practically fight over it!).  After that, Erik unzips and Cort attempt to return some of the pleasure he's been experiencing. 

Meanwhile, Cameron walks in the room to find the threesome.  Not feeling like doing any real office work, he watches the action and touches himself.  The action in the threesome progresses with Nathan sucking on both boys cocks like was some sort of sex starved nymphomaniac who needed to suck cock in order to survive.  Cameron eventually pulls down his pants and moves close to the action, hoping that someone will help him out.  Sure enough, Cort comes over to offer his oral talent, while his two former teammates continue to work on each other.  Cort licks and sucks Cameron's balls, all without the aid of his hands.  Occasionally, Erik and Cameron watch each other as they other has their dick sucked.  However Erik eventually heads south to suck on Nathan's pretty uncut penis. 

Soon, the head honcho (Tyler) swings by with Wolf and J.T.  to check in on the boy's progress.  The new (on the scene) guys have Tyler suck on their dicks while they kiss each other.  Tyler shows the boy's who's the boss through his intense workout on their cocks.  Dick hungry Nathan then sucks on Cort cock some more, as well as Cameron's.  Wolf then takes over to suck on the Cameron/Cort Duo.  Back with the main group, Erik and Nathan suck on the boss and JT. 

After that, the boys have a rimming and oral smorgasbord.  Cameron receives the most attention, with almost everyone sucking on his dick or nuts, kissing him, or rimming his hairy hole.  Finally, all of the boys jack off around Tyler and dump their loads onto his chest.  After his bukaki-like drenching, Tyler and Nathan jack off together and kiss.  Nathan shoots his load onto Tyler's dick.  Nathan then tells Tyler to cum all over his face.  Tyler's semen drenches Nathan's pretty face with some of it landing into his mouth.  The guys kiss each other at the end.

The DVD:


Shot in non-anamorphic widescreen, the image is bright and crisp.  All scenes are properly lit and the actors have never looked better


The sound consists of standard Dolby 2.0 stereo.  All of the action can be clearly heard.


Extras include "popshot-on-demand" which speaks for itself, a public service announcement about safe sex starring Chi Chi Larue, and some behind the scenes footage.  The behind the scenes feature gives you brief taste of some of the behind the scene antics.  Highlights include J.T. showing off his acrobatics, Wolf showing his dance moves and Erik offers a cringe worthy rap.  The sound quality isn't very good and I think that most fans will only want to watch it once.  

Final thoughts:

Your desire to own Suck it Up will depend on how much you like watching oral sex.  For oral enthusiasts like myself, I found much to like.  Fans uncomfortable with the lack of anal sex, however, might want to look elsewhere.  Also, some of you will be put off by the spit play.  There is a moderate amount, but it can easily be avoided by simply turning your head (my technique too).  Regardless of your tastes, let's get one thing straight; there are some sexy lads in this film.  Cameron Marshall has that perfect boy next door look, and newcomer J.T. Ross is both adorable and hot at the same time.  Also, Nathan Sommers is one hell of dedicated cock sucker.  The oral sex itself is quite nice, moist, and tasty looking.  Therefore, if you are looking for something of the oral variety then this film might just tickle your taste buds. Highly Recommended!

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