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Wet Sex

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2004


Cast:Gabriel Knight, Lucky Hanson, Jason Ridge, Ethan Marc, Bret Wolfe, Paolo Cortez, Chad Donovan, Brad Benton, Rob Romoni, Ashton Sorenson, Cody Cash, Michael Soldier, Cameron Fox, Corbin Michaels 

Body Types:body builder types, twinks, leather daddies, guys with tattoos


Things to see:toe licking, twink/daddy pairing, masturbation, voyeurism

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Plot:no story, just the sex

The Movie:

Compilation porn is known less for it's quality and more for the quantityof its scenes.  Often, these compilations have only 1-2 good scenes, while the rest of scenes showcase the gamut of bad to average sex.  Fortunately, Wet Sex, part one and two, are much better than other compilations, and there is a reason behind that.  The secret lies in the fact that these DVD's were based on the 2004 release Wet Palms.  What Jet Set has done for this compilation is essentially remove all of the plot scenes and then repackage them under the "Wet Sex" titles.  While some plot remnants remain, these films are strictly about the sex. 

Part one of the Wet Sex series features more younger guys than part 2, although there is one very nice Daddy/twink scene starring the uber hot bear Michael Soldier.  While some of the scenes have a nice romantic feel to them, there are also some very aggressive, down and dirty sex scenes, such as the unbridled fucking in the Bret Wolf/Paolo Cortez segment.  In addition to the hot sex, all of the guys are handsome, cute, and some of them are even competent actors.  Therefore, I found that there was much to enjoy in this compilation.  

Some readers might wonder whether or not to purchase this DVD if they already own the Wet Palms film.  My advice here would be not spend extra money because you will be watching the same scenes.  However, people who haven't watched "Wet Palms" will also have to make a decision about whether they care about porn with a storyline or if they simply want to get straight to the action.  In the end, there is much to like about these compilation and the 3+ hours of quality sex will warrant multiple replays. 

Scene one: Gabriel Knight

Gabriel, a muscular brunette, takes a steamy shower.  As he soaps up his hard physique, he starts to touch him self.  He starts to seriously stroke his cock when he catches glimpse of a pool boy outside.  Finally, he spurts off his load, using the soap as lube.  Unfortunately, the soap camouflaged most of his semen.  

Scene two: Jason Ridge and Ethan Mark

Jason and Ethan argue about their relationship being over.  Ethan apparently wants a little more ass play before calling it quits, so Jason decides to teach him a lesson.  Jason rips off Ethan's clothes, but then Ethan climbs on top and shoves his cock into Jason's mouth where he receives a forceful blowjob.  After the dick play, Jason rims and fingers Ethan's hole.  When the hole is ready, Jason fucks him hard and deep on his back.  Ethan spurts out while being screwed, and Jason dumps his load it on Ethan's chest. 

Scene three: Bret Wolfe and Paolo Cortez

A tourist (Paolo) forgot his wallet so Bret comes up with another proposition.  The guys head to an available room.  As soon as they close the door, Bret tells Paulo "fuck the foreplay, I'm on the clock"  So, the boys quickly undress and lube up for fucking.  Paolo shoves in his cock while Bret talks dirty to him about using his hole.  The couple fucks aggressively on the bedsheets until they both ooze out some decent loads. 

Scene four: Chad Donovan and Brad Benton

In a public bathroom, an anonymous exhibitionist strokes on his cock, underneath his shirt.  Brad then enters the bathroom and explores the mysterious sounds coming out of the stall.  With a moment that could have been pulled from a horror film, the slightly ajar bathroom stall door slowly opens and out comes a monster; a monster cock that is.  Brad's eyes open wide (my jaw dropped) and he gets his face down close to it.  The anonymous stud starts to stroke it in front of Brad, and tells Brad to pull out his cock as well.  However, the well endowed lad never lets Brad touch it or stick it in his mouth.  Instead, Brad has to wait there (with a major case of blue balls) until the big dude shoots his load all over Brad's clean shirt.  Once he is done, Brad looks annoyed since his new shirt needs to go back into the washing machine.  While this was really only a 1/2 scene (maybe even 1/4 of a scene) size queens and anonymous sex fans will probably enjoy this quick diversion. 

Scene five: Rob Romoni and Ashton Sorenson

The slightly older (and certainly beefier) Rob is paired with the twink Ashton.  Rob sucks on Ashton's cock and plays with his foreskin.  Ashton then returns the favor, while Rob fingers his hole.  Rob then announces that he really wants Ashton to fuck him so he bends over and let's Ashton go to town.  Ashton fucks him pretty hard and deep.   Finally, the guys watch each other as they masturbate; Ashton's load lands all over Rob's smooth chest.  Despite some annoying video editing, the action is solid. 

Scene six: Cody Cash and Ashton Sorenson

Cody discovers Ashton's "toy chest" so he starts to masturbate and play with his friend's dildo.  Ashton catches him in the act, asks for his dildo back, but says that he can help to get him off.  The boys 69, but Cody clearly gives a more vigorous blowjob.  Ashton the sucks on Cody's dick while he touches himself.  The guys then head back to 69'ing since Cody wants "the hot cock back in my mouth now!" Finally Ashton jacks off onto Cody's face and lips and then Ahston licks up most of it.  Ashton leaves Cody alone; he has to jack off by himself, though he doesn't ejaculate.

Scene seven: Michael Soldier and Brad Benton

Butch daddy Michael commands the twinky Brad to lift a heavy barbell on the bench press all by himself.  As he works out, Michael takes off all of his clothes, revealing some serious leather gear.  Once he finishes working out his arms, he's ready to work out his mouth muscles.  Michael makes Brad beg for his cock, which he does before sucking it all down.  Brad's leather daddy plays with Brad's cock while he is being serviced.  The two men then kiss passionately and swap spit before Brad has his ass slapped and probed by Michael's tongue.  Once his hole is lubed and ready, Brad begs to be fucked.  Michael fucks him deep, making him moan.  Michael keeps fucking him deep and talking dirty to him until Brad shoots all over himself.  Michael shoots onto Brad's smooth chest.  This was a hot aggressive sex scene with nice acting from Michael. 

Scene eight: Rob Romoni and Cameron Fox

Cameron bends over and removes his pants for Rob, revealing perfectly smooth bubble butt.  Naturally, Rob can't help but kiss it.  Rob then removes his clothes so that they can both play with each other.  Rob heads south first, sucking on Cameron's perfect looking cock.  Cameron probes Rob's ass while he is being serviced.  Rob sucks on Cameron's rod for a long time, but who can blame him for wanting to be near that beautiful equipment.  Rob then bends over so that Cameron can screw his tight hole.  After that, Rob lies on his back and is fucked some more.  Rob releases his cum two times, and Cameron shoots his load onto Rob's chest. 

Scene nine: Jason Ridge and Brad Benton

Jason has some serious morning wood.  Fortunately, Brad is there to help him out.  He starts by sucking deeply on Jason's dick.  Brad eventually wets his finger and then shoves it into Jason's hole while he sucks away.  Brad then undresses for Jason.  Jason can't control his urges for too long, so he jumps right in and sucks on Brad's hard on.  Jason licks Brad's balls and licks all over his taint and hole.  Brad then aggressively takes charge and flips Jason into the air so that he can rim his hole.  Brad then fucks Jason's hole gently before he progresses into some fast fucking on Jason's back.  After the ass play, Jason wants his turn with Brad's hole.  He fucks Brad on his back with such intensity that it makes Brad curl his toes.  Brad then jacks off onto his own chest and Jason follows with a thick white load on Brad's hand.  This was a really good scene due to the passion between these two actors. 

Scene ten: Ethan Mark and Corbin Michaels

Two muscle boys put down their weights so that they can touch each other.  They kiss passionately and dry hump each other.  Ethan then climbs on some exercise equipment so that Corbin can easily suck on his curved dick.  Corbin pleasures Ethan for a long time, but Ethan eventually offers to suck on Corbin's cock.  Corbin then has his hole rimmed and his balls licked.  Corbin is fucked from behind, with both actors standing up, then onto the bench press where Ethan fucks him and touches Corbin.  Corbin eventually shoots his load, followed by a smallish dribble produced by Ethan.  While this scene had some nice sex, Ethan was more convincing at being turned on. 

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is pleasing.  The image is clean and clear.  I don't think that the image is as sharp as other titles, but all of the action can be clearly seen and enjoyed. 


The sound is much better than the sound in part 2 of the Wet Sex series.  The action could be heard, though you might have to turn it up higher than some other titles. 


Extras include animated menus, chapter selection, an animated photo gallery, a "cum shot review" and some trailers for other Jet Set movies. 

Final thoughts:
Wild Sex part one is a great compilation title, full of some memorable sex scenes.  Also, all of the models are sexy and attractive.  Therefore, buying this title (and part 2) should depend on the following this equation:if (a) you don't own "Wet Palms," and (b) you like a compilation porn full of good sex, then (c) this title will bring you much enjoyment.  This title comes with a highly recommended rating. 

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