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4 Finger Club 25, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/22/08

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The 4 Finger Club #25

New Sensations

Nichole Heiress and Faye Reagan

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Cyrus Cobain

Shawna Lenee and Crista Moore

Cast: Nichole Heiress, Faye Reagan, Shawna Lenee, Crista Moore, Tori Black, Tristan Kingsley, Cassandra Calogera, Arika Foxx, Katarina Kat, Carmen McCarthy

Length: 132:41 minutes

Tori Black and Tristan Kingsley

Dates of Production: 12/9/2007, 12/14/2007, 1/6/2008, 1/27/2008

Cassandra Calogera and Arika Foxx

Extras: For many of you, the 42:03 minute long bonus scene starring Renae "J-Ho" Cruz and Leighlani from volume #24 of the series will be best. Renae was the more aggressive of the two ladies, pushing her partner to new extremes as they followed the series formula in the living room. Their skirts came off after some dirty talk and playful tease, going beyond the four finger motif but lacking any Sybian action. Personally, I liked the 31:46 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more since it was dedicated to the movie in hand, such extras warranting more credit than a tacked on scene from the series itself. There was also a true double sided DVD cover, a photogallery, some trailers, and spam for those that care.

Katarina Kat and Carmen McCarthy

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The 4 Finger Club #25 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio fullframe color it was shot in by director Cyrus Cobain for release by New Sensations. This series is one of the types that has such a strict formula that Cyrus' skills weren't going to be tested, something I knew going into it but I still thought he might be able to add something different from his work on Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party. The lack of anamorphic widescreen compared to previous volumes in the series was a let down but probably better than letting the director try something he couldn't handle. The lighting was pretty good, not great by any standard but still pretty good. This limited the amount of grain and video noise in most cases even if the focus and composition of the shots left something to be desired at times. The auto focus on the camera apparently gave him some trouble too but the biggest issue I had was how washed out some of the hotties looked here. I remember how some of the early volumes in the series looked picture perfect so this disappointed me a bit but at least the scenes were not shot with an artistic bent as I had anticipated, Cyrus keeping the straightforward nature of the scenes intact. There were some minor compression artifacts at times and the overall visuals were quite acceptable so I wouldn't hold out on getting a high definition version of it, the most offensive aspect of the picture being the company watermark on the lower right hand corner. The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English with no separation between the tracks and a limited dynamic range but I could hear what the ladies were saying, even if the vocals were not mixed loudly enough into the audio matrix employed here (the same was true for the BTS feature).

Body of Review: Cyrus Cobain has been a production assistant for some time now, best known for his work as cameraman on the Pussy Party series but now directing at New Sensations. His recent release of The 4 Finger Club #25 was my first exposure to his taking the helm and having watched this series from the very beginning, I knew what to expect. The concept of the series is to show lesbian sex where all the ladies took at least 4 fingers at the same time inside their pussy, admittedly a dated idea given some of the extreme objects ladies have been taking inside their cookies in recent years (check out most Belladonna movies for example). The pairings have often been hit or miss in the series as far as I have been concerned though, the expediency of finding performers that don't flake as important as any attempts at providing chemistry or enthusiastic lesbians that aren't merely "gay for pay". The back cover said it like this: "The 4 Finger Club is back and they're ready to get busy all night long! We've got a total of 10 hot and horny sluts...who love it 4 fingers at a time. Shawna Lenee, Tori Black, Tristan Kingsley, & Katarina Kat lead this team of dykes that like their partner's pussy wet and tight. They're going to push each other's threshold like never before with their fingers, tongues, and toys. So get ready for over 2 hours of the hottest girl/girl action you have ever witnessed. This looks to be a sticky situation, because you ain't a whore unless you take all four!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms or population pudding were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Nichole Heiress and Faye Reagan, the ladies seen on the middle of the front cover (the topless pair), were up first as they hinted at wanting to get frisky with each other while on the couch. The limited setting aside, the ladies peeled off their clothing and started some breast play (feeling and sucking) as the camera shot them from a low angle (looking up at the light on the ceiling). The gals began the usual gay for pay cunnilingus, showing all the passion of a bored homosexual gynecologist on his last patient before a month long vacation. They then slipped into some toy play, the fake moans worse than usual in my opinion. The number of fingers each took by the end of the scene amounted to four and the toys were probably larger by comparison, the eight finger mambo so boring that I was happy to see the Sybian pulled out for motorboat sounding play. By the end of the scene, they seemed like two broads that were not into the action so much as roommates in need of rent money but they were cute enough that many of you won't care.

Scene Two: Shawna Lenee, the really cute blond with her titties hanging out on the lower left hand corner of the cover and Crista Moore, the blond seen on the second from the lower right in the patterned outfit, were up next as they sat on a couch to talk about how rich they were (and how much they disliked men). The acting was really wooden here and while I don't set the bar very high for this type of porno, neither of them should have said a word. Shawna has proven a delight in the past however and I thought they had enough going for them in the looks department that I put aside my disappointment in the first scene to fairly look at this one. The ladies were initially fooling around with a large fake cock but got around to the fingers, moving to the large bed where things were easier than the couch; Shawna striking me as more into the action than Crista at first. As the scene progressed, I found myself appreciating that they got better with time, showing some heat at the lesbian antics. The use of large toys hampered the appeal of the scene for me in some ways but they enjoyed the Sybian enough to make up for some of it; resulting in my belief that they both got off at least once each.

Scene Three: Tori Black, the anal queen in training featured on the middle of the bottom of the cover, and Tristan Kingsley, the cute brunette seen on the upper left hand corner, were up next as they displayed a pretty warm scene together where Tori was trying to sell a house to Tristan. They looked over the house and Tori made the first move, saying she'd need to see Tristan's pussy as part of the contract. The frisky nature of the ladies was evident from the beginning of the scene, Tori as the sexual aggressor most of the time. They began necking and stripping on the couch with some time dedicated to caressing each other as though they really felt something; making it the best scene of the movie in most ways. All the basic lesbian tricks were employed here, including the four finger frolic advertised but the toy use was minimal until the Sybian action came into play. Tori reacted to the device with more pure lust and emotion but Tristan came into her own when the heavy duty machine drove her crazy. Tori is better with men than women but she did well here, riding to a frothy orgasm before it ended.

Scene Four: Cassandra Calogera, the busty gal on the upper right hand corner of the cover, and Arika Foxx, the major cutie seen in the bright blue bikini (second from the upper left hand side), were up next after some hot tub action. This was focused mostly on rubbing breasts and warming up, moving into the bedroom from there where the ladies started up the generic sexual antics on the large bed. The fingering and eating of pussy showed they were not adverse to such action, both ladies showing some potential as they worked each other over. The scene went light on toys until the Sybian, some breast rubbing taking place but neither gal looking like she knew what she was doing. I'd like to see both ladies in other releases to see if they live up to what I suspect is their true sexual nature, the juicy orgasms on the machine only scratching the surface as far as I was concerned.

Scene Five: Katarina Kat, the former circus performer seen on the lower left hand corner (blond, white polka dotted shirt on her), and Carmen McCarthy, the fetching young lady seen on the lower right hand corner in the brown short, were up last. Katarina was showing her new friend how flexible she was and the exercise video in the making endeared me to Katarina so much (I haven't seen her much lately). The tease led to Carmen massaging Katarina's ass and leg, the warmth between them fairly natural as they sucked titties and felt each other up. They then used an industrial strength hand vibrator that both found to their liking, less cunnilingus than the previous scenes before the fingering and Sybian play was shown. The scene seemed shorter than the others and I got the impression that neither lady really liked eating pussy, each putting on a performance more than getting off until the ending Sybian rides they engaged in.

Summary: The 4 Finger Club #25 by director Cyrus Cobain for New Sensations was far from the best the series has to offer and much of that appeared to be the result of the ladies less into each other than usual more than the technical merits of the DVD release so I rated it as a Rent It. There was definitely some appeal to the theme but an update might revive the series to its former glory, the key factor needed in the future being to find ladies that want to get off with each other. In short, The 4 Finger Club #25 delivered the advertised four finger action in each case but the rest of the sexual material was decidedly hit or miss so check it out before buying.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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