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Male Multiple Orgasm Generator

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/23/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Okay, when talking about sex toys there are certain taboo's for men, including toys made for the guy's ass.  I could go on endlessly about the number of nerve endings located at the opening of the back door and the fact that the prostate is highly sensitive to stimulation but there are a lot of men insecure enough with their sexuality that any such talk is considered "gay".  If you are one of those people, by all means feel free to exit this review and go to one of my picture laden reviews full of undressed babes that beckon you.  If you are open to the possibilities though, I was sent an interesting little toy called The Male Multiple Orgasm Generator that you can find online for between $30 and 40 dollars; a device worthy of your consideration.              

The device itself is all black and shaped to insert the larger end into the rectum.  It is about as wide around as a man's thumb and slightly longer, tapering to a thin base that has a hole in it and a stem that juts out.  The hole is for pulling the toy out easily when it is lubricated and the stem is a small nub that is designed to stimulate the perineum (the spot between the base of your balls and the ass).  The packaging claims that the device stimulates both of the male g-spots and while technically that is inaccurate (men don't have them), the truth of the matter is that the prostate functions much like a woman's Grafenberg Spot with the perineum a place that experienced lovers will know can be manipulated to enhance a male's orgasm even without insertion.

So, with notepad beside the bed, my associate and I took some time to acquaint ourselves with the device after reading the extensive, really extensive, instructions found only on the company website.  I'm not sure why a copy wasn't included in the plastic shell holding the toy for retail sale but this might have been because it advocated the use of erection drugs like Viagra; generally a lame idea for a toy built on the idea of multiple orgasms for men.  In other words, I could skip the toy and use the drugs to have multiple orgasms so I chalked that one up to poor marketing (maybe in an advanced section of the instructions it could have been suggested to better reception).  I'll include a copy of the instructions from the company website below for those wanting an idea of what to expect, though the link to the video was not working at this writing.

While I am an anal novice, I've had gals rub me back there and even toss my salad a time or two in the past.  As an ass worship fan myself, I'm not going to deny a turned on partner if she wants to get slightly frisky, just so long as it doesn't involve a large Lexington Steele strap on dildo.  I'd turn down Stoya under such a circumstance so you have to accept that it isn't in the cards, even drunk I've denied entry to ladies wanting me to experience exactly what they received from me (although as a tiny two pump chump, they couldn't have felt a whole lot if you catch my drift).  In any case, the slow insertion was augmented by my partner orally and manually stimulating my penis, my state of relaxation slipping away from that cozy hot bath I had taken before the event.

The vibrations were controlled by a small attached (by a wire) device that allowed them to be slowed down or sped up as the user desires.  Initially, it didn't feel like much but when it brushed against my prostate, I had a whole new take on the matter.  Yes, it resulted in a quick, messy orgasm that enlightened me as to what "milking the prostate" really meant and yes, I was still ready to continue as I tried to find the sweet spot for the perineum nub to work best (alas, mine must not be as sensitive to the minor vibrations of the device, at least that portion of it, so it really worked best with a second vibrator pressed against me there).  As a "one blast and time to sleep" kind of guy, this was unusual enough so we continued, some nice titties dangling in my face to coax me to continue for round two.

We found that with some practice, the MMOG could induce several orgasms, even orgasms that were not centered specifically on the penis alone so in that sense, I enjoyed the toy more than I thought I would have when taking the bet.  Unlike a vibrator for women that is straightforward to use, this required some practice and admittedly goes into taboo territory for most men.  Kudos to Cary for her patience as my primary testing partner, her explanation about how hot it is that I'm secure enough...blah blah blah but it was a good time.  Keep in mind that I had this good time without erectile dysfunction drugs too though the future may hold even more surprises from the toy.

The batteries lasted a good while, a lot longer than I did in the first two sessions, and it may be time to stock up on AA batteries (it takes two of them at a time) given my results.  I know there are much stronger vibrators for this purpose on the market but as a newcomer to this kind of thing, the MMOG proved to be just fine in terms of strength of vibration.  The ease of cleaning it up was slightly hampered by the ridge (the bullet portion of the vibrator appears to be made of two pieces) and the wire going to the control unit seemed awfully short & flimsy considering what was going on so I lowered the rating a notch but otherwise, it merited a rating of Highly Recommended if you are willing to experience this kind of sensual play, especially with an open minded partner.  Marketing hype aside, it was an effective way to increase the strength and duration, not to mention frequency, of my orgasms.

Here is what the company website had to say in regard to the instructions:

-- sponsored by --

"FLYING SOLO (masturbating) WITH THE GENERATOR: Here are the recommended steps for first-time users.
1. Wash the GENERATOR before and after each use. Although we take great care to make sure the unit and control box are waterproof, wash it facing upwards so water cannot run down the wire inside the unit. Don't get the control box wet...
2. Take 20-50 mg of Viagra at 20-40 minutes prior to use especially if you have trouble maintaining an erection for more than 45 minutes. Many guys find that 20 mg is enough and you will not have any side-effects like you can have with 100 mg. This will help give you "staying power" which you need to explore the outer limits of intensity in the beginning. The sensations are very subtle in the beginning and by spending 60-90 minutes you WILL be better able to recognize them in the future. This device is meant for connoisseurs who take their time and enjoy every minute. So try to spend 60-90 minutes in the beginning stages.... There is nothing more-pleasurable in life than having sex with the GENERATOR so make it last!!! Life is short. So, enjoy the pleasure to the maximum!
3. The rectum is usually empty, but if not, empty it. You may want to rinse the rectum with a syringe. Also urinate before commencing activities.
4. When you feel the Viagra working (usually in 30-60 minutes), lie on your back on the towel and commence masturbation with lubricating oil on the penis. Lubricant will increase your sensations. After 10-20 minutes you will notice your body relaxing and opening up.
5. Apply plenty of KY-type lubricant to the GENERATOR tip and anus. Some supermarkets are starting to carry their version of this for a fraction of the price. You cannot use "too much" lubricant. Do not turn on the motor yet....
6. Gently and slowly insert the long arm of the GENERATOR into the anus with the "perineum arm" up. When fully inserted, the perineum arm will make contact with the perineum (the area half way between the anus and the scrotum) which is one of the male G-Spots. The round "finger hold" part will be down. Once it is half-way in, the GENERATOR will be automatically drawn in and should position itself correctly...the "perineum arm" should be "straight up" at this point when you are laying on your back. Some users have a mirror handy to notice if the device is inserted correctly. The first time you use the GENERATOR it may feel strange and may take 15-20 minutes to get used to. Stay with it, for the rewards are great! Experienced users will feel a "rush" of ecstasy at this point. Their bodies "remember" what the GENERATOR does, and the more you use the GENERATOR, the more you will feel this "rush" of pleasure upon insertion because the synaptic and neural connections get stronger as you practice this....Therapists tell us that it takes more energy to hold in your feelings than to express them so if you feel like letting out some words, now is a good time to do it! The recommended words are "OH YEAAA!!!!!"
7. Continue masturbating and focus on the new sensations. Notice how your erection has gotten harder. Squeeze the PC muscle while you take a deep breath. Now exhale and release the PC muscle and notice how good that feels. Try to do this as many times as possible but 15 times is a good start. Remember, the stronger the PC muscle, the stronger your orgasms! So, regular exercise of this muscle is a great thing. Many users of the GENERATOR do PC exercises throughout their day because if you use the GENERATOR in the morning upon waking and have some full body orgasms, you can create "echo effects" later in the day when you clench the PC muscle. One good time to do this is while stopped at a traffic light. What a great way to pass the time! And nobody knows what you are really up to. Now, it is time to turn on the motor. Beginners should keep it on the low setting. Notice how good that feels. "OH YEAAA!"
8. After a few minutes, try something different as you continue to masturbate. Pull one knee up as close to your head as possible. This is called the "jackknife position" because it is similar to the position that divers assume when executing a "jackknife dive" into a pool. Next, switch legs and pull the other knee up. Notice how great that feels!? Try crossing your legs or pulling both knees up... Try moving your hips around. Notice how you are getting more sensitive to touch. Try putting the soles of your bare feet together. Some users report feeling an electrical connection whilst in this "pose". Your prostate gland is swelling with fluid in preparation for ejaculation. But do not ejaculate! If you get close just slow down and take rapid breaths. You can also press hard on the perineum to stop an ejaculation. We want to really "prime the pump" and see how turned-on we can get without ejaculating. This is the key to having whole body orgasms in the beginning. Now, as you continue for more than 30-40 minutes, the penis is expanding wider than before. This is good for it because more blood is flowing through it and the erection muscles are getting a workout.

Keep squeezing that PC muscle hard.
If you try to hold the "squeeze" for a long time (10-15 seconds is a "long time" for most guys), after a while you may notice the muscles starting to quiver or spasm. This is the beginning of the whole body orgasm. Keep squeezing and see what happens. Tears of joy may start coming at this stage. This is normal and just part of the body releasing tension and relaxing. The good feeling will start to radiate outward from the pelvis and engulf the whole body. See how long you can maintain this feeling but don't ejaculate. Different things can happen each time. For example, some users report that their jaw starts quivering in the same way that "shivering in the cold" causes this.... Your hands may shake uncontrollably or you may feel like grabbing something tightly .... You may utter words that do not make sense or start laughing. Your legs may start to spasm (like when you scratch some dogs' bellies). If you feel them start to cramp up just stop squeezing the PC muscle and relax for a while. Notice that you really have full control of this type of orgasm and it is not as "sharp" as the traditional orgasm but you can make it last a long time. It is subtle at first but after you practice this over time you will begin to recognize the beginning quivers sooner.....
9. Next, grasp the GENERATOR by the round finger-holder or top arm and pull it out slightly....about a half inch is enough, then let it go. The GENERATOR is not meant to go in and out continuously but this action causes the pleasure receptors to be intensified and can cause waves of ecstasy to pass through the body which can trigger another more-intense whole-body orgasm. Keep experimenting to see what feels best and go as long as possible because intensity builds over time. You may want to remove the Generator for 5-10 minutes to give it a rest and then re-insert.... Notice how great it feels upon re-insertion. After an hour of this activity it will become increasingly hard to hold the ejaculation back. Now it is time for a SuperOrgasm.This is when you blend a whole-body orgasm with the traditional ejaculating orgasm. Initiate the whole body orgasm by squeezing the PC muscle and let yourself get carried away in waves of pleasure. Try to keep it going while masturbating more intensely....take it right to the edge without ejaculating....Oh, what ecstasy!!!... Keep going and prolong this heightened state until you can't hold back any longer and get ready for the explosion! KA-BAM!!!!!! Vocalize your feelings and let it all out. Keep squeezing the PC muscle for as long afterward as you like and notice the "aftershocks of ecstasy" that continue long after you have ejaculated. Notice that you can have more multiple whole-body orgasms for a time afterwards...if you can handle the intensity....Once you experience whole-body orgasms you will always want to use your GENERATOR.
10. TIP: Some practitioners choose to NOT ejaculate each session because they have discovered that the next time they have a session, they can get to whole-body multiple orgasms more quickly if they have not ejaculated within the past 3-7 days...and they prefer having a series of whole-body multiple orgasms every day ...
11. ADVANCED TIP: Believe it or not, there are men and women who can induce whole-body multiple orgasms by uttering a certain sound and not even touch themselves. There is a synaptic connection in the brain between this particular sound and the orgasm-centers. But it must be resonated correctly and sometimes takes a lot of practice to "train" the body to respond. You may want to try it to help induce whole-body waves of pleasure. It certainly won't hurt anything except it can sometimes make you lose control. The sound goes like this: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAHHHHHHHahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The middle part is a pitch above the beginning and ending parts. This should be uttered as an exhale breath after 5 inhalations. Squeeze the PC muscle as you finish making this sound.... Try it. It may bring you to the highest plateau more quickly. Jack Johnston, the discoverer of this phenomenon, has a great online seminar or audio CD (Male Multiple Orgasms) that deals with this if you are interested in more information.
12. TIP: If you are having problems having whole body multiple orgasms it is most-likely because your body is "armoring". You may want to check out a website tantraattahoe.comand you can solve this problem.
13. TIP: Some of our users report that MagnaRx performance enhancer really helps keep their bodies tingling (it seems to make the body more orgasmic) and it actually does enlarge the penis' girth and length by 15-20% although it may take 1-2 years to see noticeable results in growth. The growth starts at the head and spreads downward. It also strengthens the base, so if your woman is a "hard-riding cowgirl" you will not get any "riding sores".
One experienced 50-year-old user wrote us about the way he uses his GENERATOR with his wife: "I am fortunate to have a wife who is willing to experiment and she likes to give me oral sex as a prelude to the main event. I do use a small amount of Viagra because we like to have sessions that last up to 90 minutes and this ensures my "staying power" even when I have had a long day. I always take a shower before these sessions and I remind her of this. I know she appreciates this. I also shave the entire lower area regularly because it makes it easier for her to run her tongue everywhere and I never experienced being licked all over my genitals until recently "so don't knock it unless you have tried it!". She says that smooth skin just feels better. This shaving all over (penis and scrotum) doesn't take much time if you do it every day...

We begin with light kissing and caressing for 10-15 minutes and then she asks if I want her to suck my cock. The answer is always "OH YEA!!!!!" (Just the asking of the question gets me extremely excited now...because I subconsciously remember the previous time and how great it was!)...She takes great care, is very thorough and she varies her moves which turns me on a lot. One technique that is extraordinary is when she puts the tip of her tongue on my perineum for a while (as she lightly strokes my cock) and then runs the tongue up the scrotum, along the underside of my cock and then sucks the head. Wow, that feels great! And I let her know how much I appreciate it! I call that the "long lick" and I ask for more of these...

Then she asks, "Do you want to put your toy (the GENERATOR) in?"... and the answer is always "OH YEAAA!" ...so while she is sucking the head of the cock I insert the GENERATOR and..... OH....MY....GOD!!!! .... That feels fabulous!......and she goes all around the area again with her tongue ... sucking the head over and over. It seems SOOOO much better with the GENERATOR in and running. I like to verbalize during this activity so she knows what I like. Now comes the great part: after a while of getting me really "primed up", she gently pulls the GENERATOR out about a half inch and then lets it go while she is sucking the head of my cock. The GENERATOR automatically slides back in and.... OH MY GOD!!!! I have never felt intense ecstasy like this before ...even after many hours of practicing alone with the GENERATOR....there is nothing so wonderful as this feeling that she and the GENERATOR give me! Then she gives me some "long licks" ...

Now she pulls the GENERATOR out again two or three times and the waves of pleasure engulf me. My legs start to spasm and shake ...my hands shake and have to grab something...my teeth "chatter" ...I am laughing uncontrollably and I am shaking all over now...tears of joy start coming..... She is driving me crazy with pleasure and I am crying "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!!" (into a pillow so the neighbors won't think someone is dying or something)....These whole-body orgasms are SO INTENSE and better than a regular orgasm because you can have multiples for as long as you can stand it!!!..... I have to beg for her to stop for a minute because I am getting hoarse and I need a drink of water this is the most intense "turn on" I have ever experienced and I ask for more.

After priming me up with several rounds of whole-body orgasms, she climbs on top (HER favorite position) for some cowgirl-riding and slowly lowers herself onto my cock.....Oh, HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!!!!! It is so much more-intense with the GENERATOR plugged in.........She says that "turning me on makes her more turned on" and she almost never fails to have a giant orgasm because the GENERATOR's vibrations carry over onto her clit (my cock becomes a vibrator)....Then it is my turn to cum and I get on top because that is my favorite position (because I have super-control when in that position). Sometimes I cum 2-4 times a day for 3-10 days straight with no problem... I was NEVER able to do this before I owned a GENERATOR....Or even come close...(I just never felt like doing it more often before using the GENERATOR).....The GENERATOR makes it possible to "recover" quicker after each ejaculation. And it makes me more-turned on every time....My wife says our sex life is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so much for bringing us the GENERATOR."
Remember, "practice makes perfect". So, get to "work" and try different things. Whole-body orgasms are different every time so they never get boring. The aforementioned instructions are only one way and you may discover some incredible new experiences by trying different things. We invite you to share your experiences and some will be posted on the website."

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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