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Men HARD at Work

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Date of Production:February 2008

Director:Jim Steel

Cast:Alexy, Lex, Barret, TJ, Brant, Jason, Kyle, Luke, RC, Sebastian, and Tristan

Body Types:Young guys with tattoos


Things to see:construction sex, guys in uniform, deep-throating, threesomes, office sex, dirty talk


Men Hard at Work follows the sexploits of coworkers who try to hold onto their job, using any means possible.   In a series of vignettes, employees show off the skills that they excel at (cock sucking), they attempt a new office maneuver (a tag team) and they beg their boss to let them keep their jobs so they offer up their hole in exchange for job stability.   All of the action takes place in a pseudo office environment with desks and coffee machines, yet the authenticity can be seen in what the workers wear; dockers, a long sleeve shirt and a tie.  Looking less like Wall street and more like car salesmen, the employees are quick to get out of their clothes, although some of the actors screw in their clothing. 

The sex itself ranges from good to quite hot.  On the negative side, one of the actors remains soft throughout his screwing.  Also, some of the scenes prematurely cut off the foreplay by showing the actors already sucking on a hard cock, as opposed to a titillating slow reveal of a penis being removed from underwear.  These qualms are minor, and the positives clearly outweigh the negatives.   One of the nicest surprises in this film was how well endowed some of the actors were.  Barret Long's penis must be at least 10 inches or longer, and the actor named Lex also has a nice thick cock that had me drooling.  Another nice surprise was the fourth scene were a demanding and pushy boss berates the temp employee over his lackluster coffee.  He asks the young lad if he has any good skills at all, so the temp heads over to the guy and starts to give him head.  As the scene progresses the boss continues to talk down/say dirty things to the young lad, making the scene only hotter. 

Generally, there is much to like about this title.  If you ever fantasize about screwing someone by the water cooler, or being fucked by your domineering boss, then this may be just the title for you. 

The Movie:

Scene one: Alexy and Lex

Alexy flirts with a nicely tattooed construction worker.  After a phone call with his girlfriend, Alexy catches the eye of a construction worker doing work in the rafters.  The construction worker notices Alexy watching him so he starts to strip off his clothes, revealing a perfectly muscular body.  Lex (the construction guy) tells Alexy to eat out his ass.  Lex then starts to play with Alexy's cock, through the underwear.  After some wet underwear sucking, Alexy pulls out his massive penis.  Lex spends some more time sucking on that monster before he tells Lexy to fuck him.  Up on the rafters, Lex holds onto the metal bars while Alexy screws from behind.  Alexy tries to go deep, but even Lex's accommodating asshole has its limits.  Eventually, Lex strokes his cock towards a messy cumshot onto the camera below.  Alexy also shoots his juice down below (I hope the camera crew brought some umbrellas, or in this case "cumbrellas.")

Scene two
: Barret and TJ

When Two coworkers share their "list" of people they have slept with in their office.  Barret asks how he can get on the list, so TJ tells him that he needs to pull out his cock to show him how big it is.  Sure enough, Barret has a huge cock, which TJ orally pleases. Once Barret removes his pants, we can see Barret's huge cock in all of its glory.  Barret mouth fucks TJ for a while, with his low hanging nuts hitting TJ's face.  After the oral sex, Barret fucks him from behind and on his back.  Unfortunately, TJ isn't hard throughout the scene, which could be due to the "ouch factor" caused by big Barret.  At the end, TJ cums a decent amount but it pales in comparison to the huge load that Barret releases onto TJ's chest and face.  

Scene 3: Brant and Jason

A pushy supervisor chastises his employee.  However, the employee apparently likes to be talked down to, because he starts to get hard.  The two guys then look at each other while they touch themselves in their pants.  The scene then cuts to the employee sucking on the mean boss's cock.  The young office twink tries to deep-throat it, but he chokes just a little.  The office mate then progress to some fucking, where the boss fucks his employee from behind.  While they screw, both guy still wears their office shirts (watch out for lube stains!).  After that, the employee lies on his back to be screwed on the boss's desk.  Finally, the boss gives his employee something to remember him by; a facial on his lips and neck.  The employee jacks off afterwards.    

Scene 4
: Kyle and Luke

A trash talking boss chastises the temp over his coffee making skills.  The clearly stressed out boss asks the temp if he can do anything right.  The temp then heads over to suck on the boss's cock.  Quickly, the boss finds that the temp is quite good at cock sucking, so he tells him that he might just keep him around.  With his knob polished, the boss orders him around by telling him to take off his underwear and spread his cheeks.  When the nervous temp doesn't spread his cheeks, the boss demeans him and tells him to do what he says when he asks for it.  The boss then puts on a condom and  shoves in his long dick.  The boss fucks him on a desk then the temp straddles him.  During the straddle fuck, the boss plays with the temp's cock.  After that, the boss fucks his employee while holding up his legs.  The boss forcefully tells his bitch that he wants him to cum, which he does.  The boss then tells him to get his face near his cock so that he can shoot all over it.  Fortunately, he covers the guy's face in cum and tells him that he can keep his job. 

Scene 5: RC, Sebastian and Tristan

A bored employee plays cards at his desk and talking to his friend on the phone.  Meanwhile the ass kissing coworker looks annoyed since the guy isn't doing his work.  However, the boss storms into the office to demean both employees, claiming that his trip was ruined because of their incompetence.  The ass kisser tells his boss that it was the other guy's fault, yet the boss threatens to fire both of them, unless they give up "something" in return.  The two employees undresses their boss and then take turns sucking on his dick.  The ass kisser then rims his boss, with the other rubs his shoulders.  Performing his supervisory duties, the boss fucks the ass kisser first.  Unfortunately, the other employee doesn't really do much, fiddling with his ass hole.  After that, the lazy employee is screwed with his ass up in the air.  Finally, all three of the employees let go of their hostilities and their loads.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is very nicely lit and colorful.  The image is also very sharp and clear. 


The sound is good, with all of the action being able to be heard.


Extras are limited, consisting only of animated menus and scene selection.

Final thoughts:

It won't win any awards for originality, but there is much to like about this office sex porno.  Most of the guys are cute, and several of them are very well endowed.  Additionally, some of the scenes feature some sexy dirty talk between bosses and their lowly employees.  Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating.

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