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Wet Sex 2

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2004

Director:not identified

Cast:Kelly Jacobs, Ashton Sorenson, Jason Adonis, Gus Mattox, Zak Spears, Rod Barry, Brad Benton, Ethan Marc, Jason Ridge, Michael Soldier, Bret Wolfe, Pete Ross, Nick Capra, Barrett Long, Dante Fox, Drew Peters, Jason Crew 

Body Types:body builder types, twinks, leather daddies, guys with tattoos


Things to see:deep-throating, dirty talk, spit play, twink/daddy action, ball tugging

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Plot:no coherent plot

The Movie:

Compilation porn is known less for it's quality and more for the quantityof its scenes.  Often, these compilations have only 1-2 good scenes, while the rest of scenes showcase the gamut of bad to average sex.  Fortunately, Wet Sex, part one and two, are much better than other compilations, and there is a reason behind that.  The secret lies in the fact that these DVD's were based on the 2004 release Wet Palms.  What Jet Set has done for this compilation is essentially remove all of the plot scenes and then repackage them under the "Wet Sex" titles.  While some plot remnants remain, these films are strictly about the sex. 

Although the DVD starts out with a lackluster scene (Kelly and Ashton), the film picks up in it's intensity.  Part 2 of the Wet Sex title has much more aggressive sex than part 1, especially when it comes to some of the aggressive daddy/twink scenes; fans will undoubtedly enjoy the hot Michael Soldier/Bret Wolf scene.  Additionally, there is some aggressive deep-throating and power fucking that will make your asshole sore just by watching it.  Overall, the sex is quite good and there is a nice diversity of scenes.

Some readers might wonder whether or not to purchase this DVD if they already own the Wet Palms film.  My advice here would be not spend extra money because you will be watching the same scenes.  However, people who haven't watched "Wet Palms" will also have to make a decision about whether they care about porn with a storyline or if they simply want to get straight to the action.  In the end, there is much to like about these compilation and the 3+ hours of quality sex will warrant multiple replays. 

Scene one:Kelly Jacobs and Ashton Sorenson
Kelly lies on his bed with an inviting hard-on.  Ashton can't resist the temptation so he starts to suck on Kelly's dick.  Ashton proceeds to give him a gentle blowjob, even though Kelly acts as if he were receiving the best blow job ever.  After this blowjob (that overstays its welcome) Kelly announces that he is going to fuck Ashton.  While Kelly fucks him, he uses lots of dirty talk, although most of it appears to be disingenuous.  Finally, Kelly jacks himself off and then leaves.  Poor Ashton has to finish himself off alone.  

Scene two: Jason Adonis and Rod Barry

Jason Adonis (tall dark and handsome) is paired with the slightly smaller Rod Barry.  Rod first sucks on Jason's newly shaved cock.  Once he gets into the rhythm of things, though, he starts to deep-throat with an intensity that results in rather unappetizing shots of him coughing and gagging (I actually thought that he might throw up at one point!).  Jason then takes one for the team and sucks on Rod and he attempts to use the same gagging deep-throating techniques that Rod used.  After the "choking game" the guys 69.  After that, Jason fucks Rod on his back.  Throughout the screwing, both guys talk dirty to each other, and share some spit.  At one point, Jason looks like a crazed sex animal as he stares into Rod's eyes and fucks the hell out of him.  After a change of position and some jackhammer fucking, Jason pulls out and shoots his load onto Rod's chest.  Rod oozes out his cum quickly after that. 

Scene three: Bret Wolf and Michael Soldier

A sexy bear type (Michael Soldier) catches a younger twink (Bret Wolf) trying to steal some of his medicine.  In order to teach him a lesson, he lets him "work" for the pills.  Bret, feeling angry about the situation, agrees to suck on the guy's cock.  As he sucks away, Michael commands the twink and tells him exactly how to suck on his cock, which further angers Bret.  Michael then tells Bret that sucking his cock won't be enough to get the pills he wants.  Needing his fix to be filled, Bret tells him testily "I know what you want" as he removes all of his clothes and bends over.  Michael gleefully probes the twink's hole with his tongue and thumb.  He then fucks Bret from behind and underneath him.  Although he wants the pills, the twink soon starts to enjoy himself and get into the situation, resulting in him releasing a nice load onto his chest.  Michael releases his load into his condom and then pulls it off and dumps its contents onto the naughty twink's face.  In pure porn irony, he dumps those pills that he so wanted onto his glazed face.  Bravo to such a sexy scene!  Also, Michael Soldier really stands out from other porn stars because he resembles mainstream actor Huge Jackman in terms of his rugged physique. 

Scene four: Marcus Iron and Gus Mattox

A tattooed daddy (Gus Mattox) commands Marcus to get undressed in 30 seconds.  Gus has Marcus suck on his cock through the pants, yet without the aid of his own hands.  The guys share some spit before Marcus (magically) pulls the cock out from Gus's pants, using only his lips.  Marcus sucks away some more and is face-fucked.  Marcus then has his own cock worked on and Gus sits on his face to have his hole thoroughly rimmed.  Marcus then takes it in the rear doggy style and then on his back with his legs up in the air.  Finally Gus shoots onto Marcus's chest, while Marcus intensely maintains eye contact with him.  Marcus then shoots onto his own chest, while his daddy tugs on his balls and probes his ass.   Overall, it was a good scene. 

Scene five: Pete Ross and Nick Capra

A DJ takes his "beat magic" a little bit too seriously in this scene.  Apparently, he can only get it up by listening to music.  The trick works for his red headed bed fellow since both actors become instantly hard.  They stroke each other before the redhead sucks on the guy's dick.  Mr. Red tries his darnedest to bring pleasure to his fuck buddy, and it clearly shows.  The redhead also receives some sucking on his own dick as well.  After that, the brunette DJ screws the guy from behind.  The DJ fucks him hard and fast, making the redhead moan a lot.  Eventually, the redhead straddles the guy's cock and jacks himself off to a creamy finale.  The DJ then jacks himself off.  The frisky redhead must have been quite horny since he jacks himself another time!

Scene six: Brad Benton and Barret Long

In a dark alleyway, Barret and Brad hope to record their sex via a nearby video camera.  Unknown to them, a sleeping homeless man watches the two as they screw.  Barret Long is the first to receive some oral attention on his huge 11 inch cock. Brad tries his best with that monster, but even size queens would have trouble fitting that thing all the way in.  Barret also gives Brad's prick a lick or two.  Brad then gets his hole stretched and raw via Barret's huge cock.  Amazingly, Brad stays hard throughout the entire process.  Finally, Barret pulls that yummy slab of meat out and jerks it towards an explosive cumshot that flies all over Brad's body.  Once Barret is done, though, Brad is left to shoot his wad all by himself. 

Scene seven: Jason Ridge and Dante Fox

Tied up, with his wrists restrained, Jason Ridge finds himself as a sex slave for Dante Fox.  Dante starts to play with his prey's cock, which easily rises to the occasion.  Jason tells Dante that he won't try to escape since he is so horny now.  Dante then unties him and the two of them start to kiss.  Dante first has his thick cock sucked.  Jason sucks on Dante's wood like it is a tasty piece of candy and he doesn't want it to leave his mouth.  Dante then returns the favor, showing his prisoner how he sucks cock.  Jason then has his hole rimmed before he is fucked on his back.  The two lads screw passionately before Jason tosses his load onto his own chest.  Dante shoots his load close to Jason's face.  This was a very hot and passionate scene!

Scene eight: Zach Spears and Drew Peters

Zach Spears is a mean looking daddy who wants to make Drew Peters his bitch.  Standing next to Zach's beefy chest, Drew looks downright small.  Zach uses his size to intimidate Drew into sucking on his pierced cock.  Fortunately, Drew looks like he has done this sort of thing before.  Drew takes great pleasure in playing with Zach's penile piercing, and occasionally tugs on it (ouch!).  Once Zach's tool has received some TLC, he sucks on Drew's young cock and licks his shaved hole.  Unable to take any more teasing, Drew is fucked hard from behind and on his back.  Zach occasionally talks dirty to Drew and tells him what a "good little boy" he's being.  Finally, Drew shoots his load while being fucked and Zach shoots his semen onto Drew's leg.  Overall, this was a fantastic and hot daddy/twink sex scene!

Scene nine: Jason Crew and Ethan Mark

Wearing a "Phantom of the Opera" mask, Ethan lounges about on a couch, naked and bent over.  His sexy friend Jason decides to help Ethan feel "the music of the night" when he starts to slap Ethan's irresistible ass.  Once the mask is pulled off (revealing a cute actor), Ethan has his throat plunged by Jason's large curved cock.  Ethan's mouth gets a workout since he must endure some deep mouth fucking and penis slapping.  Fortunately, Ethan is man enough to take all of his abuse; he looks like he is having a great time.  Jason eventually sucks on Ethan's dick.  Ethan is then screwed doggie style and then with his legs up in the air.  Ethan is just the type of bottom you want; he grunts, moans and clearly wants to be fucked.  Finally Ethan shoots his load while being screwed, and Jason shoots onto Ethan's chest. 

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is bright and colorful.  I found the clarity to be a little soft in most scenes, but it's not distracting


The sound was disappointing.  The dialog was hard to hear over the soundtrack.  Even when turning up the volume, I found that the sound wasn't clear and sounded slightly muffled in some scenes.


Extras include animated menus, scene selection and a couple of trailers.

Final thoughts:

There is a huge assortment of quality sex in part 2 of the Wet Sex series.  This DVD has slightly more aggressive/daddy sex than part one, yet there are still plenty of twink on twink action segments.  While the sound could have been improved, the transfer is pleasant and generally nice to look at.  Therefore, Wet Sex part 2 easily receive a highly recommended rating.

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