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Playgirl: Behind Closed Doors

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 4/27/08

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Studio: Playgirl TV                                          

Producer: Trans Digital Media                               

Director: None Credited                    

Distributor: Wicked Pictures 

Length: 1 hrs. 35 mins.

Release Date: 1/16/2008

Production Year: 09/27/2007       

Category:  All Sex

Genre:  Couples, Letterboxed, Straight, What Girls Want

Condoms:  Yes

Synopsis: No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors... Until Now. The secrets we hide so no one will see them. The passions we hold back until we are alone. The pleasures we seek when we think no one is looking. It's been said that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors... until now.

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Behind the Scenes from First Vacation w/ Niko, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Web Site Information, Company Information, Parental Lock. Bonus Sex Scene w/Reno, Bonus Solo w/ Alexander.

Audio/Video: Behind Closed Doors is distributed by Wicked Pictures for Playgirl TV, and is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound in Full Screen format. The lighting in each scene was decent with some minor shadowing.  In some scenes, the lighting was so overpowering, t even with use natural light it still looked very  blurred. Each scene lighting was different due to the nature of the scene and trying to keep with the   romantic aspect of setting. The flesh tone was realistic, clear, and crisp

Cast: Haley Paige ,Roxanne Hall , Vanessa Lane , Victoria Sin , Dani Woodward , Tiffany Taylor , Selena Silver , Sarah Blake , Shannon ,Randy Spears, Jean Val Jean , Reno,  Brad Baldwin, Grant Michaels , Johnny Castle, Dante , Niko, Alexander.

Overview:  Playgirl's titles seem to have a hit or miss quality about them. Not much   changes with each release nor does the cast. Playgirl's  Behind Closed Doors is an erotic and alluring soft core DVD made for first timers and women that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies. They will find this title more than suitable for their taste. Even the cover of the DVD is made specially to attract a woman's desires at the point of purchase. Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. Dating  back to as  early as 7/20/04 some of the  scenes have  male cast members that I am not  familiar with .

Extras: There is also abundance bonus material including a solo male masturbation scene with Alexander which you can either pass or watch. The  Solo Sex Scene w/ Alexander  had   the New York City skyline as its  background but this young man just didn't do it for me. I was intrigued by the fact that he was facing a large, uncovered window in his apartment facing the Manhattan skyline showing just how much of an exhibitionist that he is. Even after getting himself  so  worked up there was no clear cumshot at the end.

BTS: from First Vacation with Niko & Selena Silver

-- sponsored by --

In an outdoor scene Niko speaks about his scene and what he looks for in a woman. He shows off his  body  showing how  strong her  is  by  doing  some push up with  Selena on his  shoulders . He goes on to say about what he enjoys the most about being a Playgirl model and his life in porn. You can see and red more about Niko in my review for Playgirl's Addicted to Niko

Bonus Sex Scene w/ Reno & Tiffany Taylor "Getting Off the Record"

Reno plays a hunky, Italian soccer star that gets up close and personal with a young, blonde reporter who is interested in getting to know him in more than just one way .Its the typical locker  room scene with them  going at on the  locker room bench.

Scene 1: Day in the Park w/ Sarah Blake & Jean Val Jean

Sarah answers a "help wanted ad" for a nude model   to pose for a male artist Jean Val Jean.  She meets him in the park and she removes her robe to reveal   a small white corset with garter belt. She takes a seat on the bench opposite from him for a bit as he begins to sketch her. One ting  leads to another and  they are making love on the  larger of the two  benches. The one  big  problem with the scene was the  poor  editing and  being that it was  shot  outdoors the   bright  sun light reflected  back into the  camera. Other than that it was decent.

Scene 2: Turbo Love w/ Dani & Brad Baldwin

 The mechanics assistant Dani   does more than just bring lunch to her man  Brad who's getting dirty while working on an engine. Brad  is  very sensitive and in touch with her needs as he as  they are  making out and  getting undressed in the garage. During the  foreplay I  noticed that Brad wasn't to  into  going  down on her at  first then  changed his method in satisfying her  orally. The  rest of the  scene was decent  yet there  wasn't a  decent  amount of  chemistry between  them.

Scene 3: Fetish Chains w/ Victoria & Grant Mathews

Victoria Sin  plays the dominatrix role and she has her man Grant Michaels  all chained up in a smoky, gritty, industrial warehouse setting. She takes him off the chains, then quickly gets out of her outfit keeping only her boots on. Victoria has her way with him and  when  done she  chains him back up. I like the D/s idea but.. The video was far too fuzzy. I know it's supposed to be a dream sequence but being that you  couldn't  see what was  going on, didn't raise any heat level  for me..  Better  lighting would have made this one hell of a watch!

Scene 4: Dirty Laundry w/ Vanessa & Randy Spears

Doing the laundry always seemed as a chore rather than a welcomed   task. In this next scene we have Vanessa in  a poorly lit  Laundromat all alone. In comes Randy Spears and  doing the wash takes on a totally different role. Randy and  Vanessa  get  wrapped  up in themselves as  they  go at it on top of the washings machines where he  take her through the  entire  spin cycle. This is one of the better scenes, I like the idea behind it and the concept of screwing on top of the washing machine for added fun.

Scene 5: Morning Love w/ Roxanne & Alexander

This next scene is somewhat slow, and  a bit on the boring side. Roxanna and Alexander wake up and hop into the shower together for some water playtime. It gets nice and  steamy once they really get into some nice foreplay in the huge shower. It gets  even hotter when he  takes her from behind with the  water hitting them  both.

Scene 6: Haley Gets a Jump w/ Haley &Dante

Haley's SUV has broken down on a country road in the middle of a hot, humid day. She seems to be having trouble finding someone to give her a hand. While  she  sits and  waits for help her thoughts  run away  fro her and she is  daydreaming about the  hottie that is  coming to  get her with the  tow truck. Her day dream has her banging the  daylights out of Dante  on top of his tow truck with the  sun beating down on them. This one is  another one of the  better one to  enjoy.. plus  I think the ladies have  had  similar  day dreams like this one ... *eg*

Scene 7: Riding Stick Shift w/ Shannon & Johnny Castle


On her way to see her man.. Shannon has  some  fun shifting  gears and thinking of the  naughty  things  she will be  doing to Johnny when she  get her  claws  into him. Once there the gloves come off with Shannon taking control. Johnny being the gentlemen as he is doesn't let her do all the work. He makes  sure that  she is equally pleased orally before he bring to an  orgasm. The one main  flaw was that you could see that Shannon wasn't into Johnny and there was  no chemistry or passion between them. Her  faking the moaning was a dead  give away.

Final Thoughts: There was nothing  going on  Behind  Closed Doors more like  Sex In Public  Places. There is more action going on outdoors and in other places couples could and would get caught than behind closed doors. Out of  seven scenes only  four are  worth watching. It seems that  Playgirl TV went into its vast collection of  old  content and  decided to  use it. What  disappoints me is that  time wasn't  taken when it  came to the  editing and the  audio portion making  it difficult to watch with  all the  changes in background music.  I  dislike it when a company that  thrives itself  in making  porn  for the ladies  does  such a   shabby  job in several  key  areas. Playgirl's Behind  Closed Doors gets a " Rent It" from me..


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