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Girlgasmic (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Eva Angelina was the star of the BTS.  (click for trailer)
(Note: All pictures are from the SD version of the review)

Note: This is the review for the Blu-Ray version of a movie I reviewed recently; the first high definition title from Anabolic, a power house gonzo company that many directors started out at over the years. The improved visual resolution added to the fun and I think fans of the high definition format would do well to consider this one if they enjoy lesbian action as it is better than a "sort of" blu-ray release by another company that came out as an early adopter (on a home burnt disc). The movie itself was the same as the SD Version I reviewed recently, though given a slight upgrade in Blu-Ray that some of you will appreciate even more (I know I did).

Girlgasmic Blu-Ray

Anabolic Digital

Eva Angelina, Alexis Love, and Veronique Vega!

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Ivan & Ricky D.

Brooke Belle and Sindee Jennings

Cast: Eva Angelina, Veronique Vega, Sindee Jennings, Brooke Belle, Alexis Love, Penny Flame, Sativa Rose, Holly West, Gianna Lynn, Maria Bellucci, Aline, Jaclyn Case, Hannah West, Ashley Jensen, Cassidy Essence

Length: 125:16 minutes

Penny Flame, Sativa Rose, Holly West, Gianna Lynn, and Maria Bellucci

Date of Production: 8/24/2007

Extras: The main extra was the 26:06 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that started with Ivan on his cell phone discussing the issues he was having with the location with his brother. Not to complain, but I was happy to see him switch things around and start interviewing the ladies (all of whom were having a good time, be it on the couch, in the pool, or with each other). There was also a photogallery and the option to turn off the music but that was it as far as extras were concerned.

Aline, Jaclyn Case, Hannah West, Ashley Jensen, Cassidy Essence

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: GirlgasmicBlu-Ray was presented in an interestingly shot 1.78:1 widescreen color by directors Ivan & Ricky D. for Anabolic Digital but curiously using the MPEG-2 codec rather than take full advantage of the higher definition mastering now offered (admittedly, it is more expensive and time consuming to use more advanced codecs). This version of the show was the Blu-Ray release and it did look better than my previously reviewed SD version. The lighting was such that a lot of the scenes looked washed out, the glare of the lighting bouncing off the ladies or the lack thereof causing the colors to look too saturated. Still, the composition of the camera angles showed an invasive interest in the ladies having fun, capturing the heat of the gals going at one another (most of whom did not look as if they were doing "gay for pay" scenes). The video bitrate on this MPEG-2 version varied a lot, often hitting 24.5 Mbps or more, but due to the use of the lower resolution codec to master it, much of the benefit was lost.  There was still some grain and aliasing going on but I have to give the nod to the movie simply because it did look better with the higher resolution expected of the newer format.  Having seen some of Ivan's demo work (mainstream material too), I know that he will adjust to the rigors of high definition in due time, this merely a stepping stone in that sense that showcases his potential only fairly well. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using the 192 Kbps bitrate at 48 kHz (with optional music on the main menu). The music was subdued and not intrusive at all so if your player supports the function, by all means leave it on even if it was generic in nature. The vocals were slightly hollow with no separation but I could hear the ladies at all times, the pairing off making it tougher but not too bad either.

Body of Review: Ivan & Ricky D. are directors in the porn industry that I have found to care about the work they do. Unlike some of their peers that do it just for a paycheck, they are always looking for something to surprise fans with, Ivan now the lead director at Anabolic Digital. Each of the men has their own style but one of the similarities is they like to keep the camera moving, a dynamic approach that works better in some cases then others but fans of lesbian action might appreciate how this was used to capture the action in Girlgasmic Blu-Ray; a lesbian lovefest consisting of three lengthy scenes of depraved fun. The idea was simple enough; take a bunch of hot women from various backgrounds and have them go at one another actively and aggressively with toys and tongues, leaving no hole completely untouched. The back cover said it like this: "Anabolic proudly presents our first installment of an all girl series that is pleasingly packed with a plethora of pleasure producing pussy. 15 hot, horny, healthy, hooch hungry whores grace the screen in this pounding fuck fest. Erotic tease, hardcore sex, entertaining and enlightening behind the scenes. This movie has it all. Anabolic fans have come to expect the best form us and we consistently deliver exactly that. Anabolic gives you more fuck for the buck. When your searching for porn perfection look for Anabolic." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms or population pudding were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Eva Angelina, Veronique Vega, Sindee Jennings, Brooke Belle, and Alexis Love, were up first with the gals initially starting off in two groups that merged once suitable levels of foreplay and warming up tease footage were captured. Eva, Alexis, and Veronique were in one group as Brooke and Sindee did each other in the master bedroom. The slow exploration of the ladies by each other was pretty wood inducing, their lingerie coming off slowly enough to serve as tease while they licked, caressed, and sucked each other. By the time the quintet were all together, the strap on dildos were out in force, each lady ravaging the orifices of their friends with their tongues, fingers, and toys, some solo action included but not too much. The wealth of toys wasn't bad and Eva was clearly the favored hotty here (rightly so!) as she aggressively took charge in most instances when the camera was pointed her way. Fans of squirting will appreciate that there was some pissing taking place with the post coital play assuring me that most of the ladies had some fun here, even if the chemistry was not particularly consistent. The scene closed out at around the 51 minute mark too, so fans of this group of gals will have a lot to appreciate this time.

Scene Two: Penny Flame, Sativa Rose, Holly West, Gianna Lynn, and Maria Bellucci, were up next in a living room scene that took a different approach to the ladies warming up. This time, the action began with two of them showcased before they started going down on each other; the other ladies joining them one by one. After a short introductory tease by all five gals, Penny and Holly were leading each other to the couch, not as well lit as the pool in the back yard but still providing ample light to see every nook and cranny available. The playful titty play and rug munching were such that Penny was the early lead for best of the scene, Sativa coming up to almost match her enthusiasm in the scene that included face sitting and other action as listed in the last scene. There was strap on dildo play here too, including a DP with ATM and PTM, but unlike the last scene, the gals were more apt to stay in their separate groups once they separated. The sexual athleticism present here was stronger than the heat generated but it was another scene that I really liked due to the performers as much as anything else, the scene ending up at the 92 minute mark.

Scene Three: Aline, Jaclyn Case, Hannah West, Ashley Jensen, and Cassidy Essence, rounded out the final scene. They began as the others did with a brief montage introducing them to the world, the ladies wearing minimal underwear to enhance their shapely figures as they engaged one another in sexual depravity. This scene seemed shorter than the other two and the thought that came to mind when watching it was how several of the ladies gave moderately decent performances, but it was always clear that they were performing rather than getting off for real. The BTS footage gave some clues about who liked each other and who was there to do their job and go home with snail trails and a pocket full of money; this time showing more anal and DP footage with the toys than the other scenes. Aline was the star here for most intents and she earned every bit of her money but some of her coworkers were not at their best. The action did end with some kissing and rug munching, the scene itself coming across as less polished.

Summary: Girlgasmic Blu_Ray by directors Ivan & Ricky D. for Anabolic Digital had a decent amount of gal pal action and I can see why some would be infatuated with the production based on the cast list alone, never mind the fun it looked like most everyone had during the production of the show but the technical values and rough edges lowered the rating to a low end Recommended. This was not a backhanded compliment, fans of cameras moving around a lot and flood lighting will find this movie among the best of the year, but a bit more variety in how each scene was shot might have assisted in elevating the rating too. In any case, Girlgasmic Blu-Ray was an interesting show for those of you into lipstick lesbian porn where about half the cast really wanted to be there and the other half went along for the ride.  As far as sources that claim the release in Blu-Ray was a world of difference better looking, I'd have to suggest they take off their rose colored glasses but it was a nice upgrade that future efforts should be easily able to improve upon so I wish Anabolic well as they come to terms with follow up efforts.


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