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Hardcore Film Classics: Cowboy Virgin (Athletic Model Guild)

Studio: Athletic Model Guild » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Years of Production: 1969-1972

Directed By: Bob Mizer

The Movie:

"This collection of uninhibited hardcore classics is from the dawn of gay porn....the early 1970s. Back then Vaseline was the only thing that came between hard cocks and eager holes!"

Run Time: 2 Hours

Condoms: No

"Cowboy Virgin" (Color/Sound)

Cowboy Skip (cute with dark hair, tall/toned/smooth body), dressed in full Western drag, and his buddy Rick (good-looking with cool dark pompadour, toned/hairy body) hang out in a garishly decorated room complete with large red sash hanging from the wall and a chandelier. Skip soon strips down showing off his full dark pubes, plump nuts, and large semi hard cut cock. Rick follows his pal's lead undressing and revealing his full pubes and fat clipped tool. The dudes sit around naked as Skip gets a full boner and begins lamenting that he can simply not get away from "queers". This is a rather interesting topic since both dudes are totally naked. "You know man, every time I go to the public restrooms in ten minutes time I've got at least fifteen guys making passes at me." Hmmm. Sounds like Skip is in denial.

I love Rick's full dark pubes, large balls, and big fat cock. Skip soon makes his rigid cock bounce up 'n down using his groin muscles and Rick does the same erotic trick. "Everywhere I go there's queers up the street, down the street. I just can't figure it out."  Well, complaining about it while hanging out naked with another dude seems a bit odd to me especially when the conversation switches to "I wonder what gay boys do" and the dudes proceed to get into a series of soft core sexual positions such as side sixty-nine and missionary before they begin to roll around on top of each other.  There are no cum shots here but at least there is plenty of full frontal nudity. At the end, the dudes introduce themselves which got me to wonder exactly who these dudes are and how they ended up in this movie.

"The Robbery" (B&W/Silent)

A good-looking dude with short black hair and toned/smooth body sits reading Hedy Lamarr's autobiography "Ecstasy and Me" while rubbing his crotch. That's an interesting pick for masturbation material but whatever floats his boat. Reader soon strips down showing off his hot body, full dark bush, and cut cock climbing into bed when suddenly he hears a knock at the door. Putting on a goofy looking short robe, dude answers the door to two burglars wearing black masks who force their way in for some lusty fun.

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The robbers are both good looking dudes with dark pompadours and toned/hairy bodies. Reader is soon forced to suck those hard cut cocks receiving a fast face fuck. There's some butt fucking here with some nice shots from behind of swinging hairy nuts but the penetration shots are not very good. Overall, the movie has a cool gritty feel with plenty of rough 'n tumble sex. There are no cum shots.

"Erotic Positions For Two Consenting Males" (Color/Silent)

This short movie consists of numerous clips from other Bob Mizer productions. The dudes are nice looking with cool pompadours, sideburns, toned bodies, full pubes, tattoos, and cut 'n uncut cocks.  One guy in particular was way ahead of his time with punkish bleached blond hair. The décor is rather cool here including a colorful psychedelic blanket thrown over a sofa where much of the action takes place. There is plenty of full frontal nudity here with hard cocks and a variety of interesting positions including a sixty-nine while standing up which looks like a circus act. It doesn't look comfortable at all.

The guys sit side-by-side jerking 'n wagging their hard meat. There looks to be at least four separate scenes intercut here and switching back and forth. The movie has a cool cheap, tawdry, seamy, 'n seedy feel to it complete with garish sets and groovy aqua walls. Most of the clips flirt on the very edge of hardcore with hard cocks, nice close-ups of tight hairy bungholes and hangy nuts. In the end, there are some quick shots of cock sucking. Again, there are no cum shots.

"Charlie and Friends" (Color/Silent)

Charlie is a good-looking dude with longish blond hair and tanned/toned/smooth body. He happens to have three horny friends with longish brown hair and toned/smooth bodies that come over for some man-on-man fun. The dudes are soon naked showing off their full dark pubes and hard cut cocks. They take turns sucking each other's stiff tools and rubbing plump balls which leads to a daisy chain of jerking that stiff pork. There are some nice close-ups of tight hairy holes here but then they quickly go out of focus with plenty of zooms and jump cuts. There is some quick finger fucking and traditional sixty nine offered here before each dude busts a thick white nut. I'm kind of wondering if the cum is real since there seem to be so much of it and we never actually see it squirt from the dudes' cock knobs.

"Night in a Dungeon" (Color/Silent)

A dude wearing full rough trade drag (black leather cap, gloves, boots, and tight black jeans) finds himself in the "dungeon" when another guy enters the picture totally naked wearing only a dog collar. Dude One begins whipping his new pal with a trusty cat o' nine tails. "Slave" dude looks like he's going for an Oscar with his over-dramatic facial expressions when he begins some self-flagellation. More guys enter the dungeon and they all have either cool pompadours or longish hair with neat-o mutton chop sideburns. The dudes all have toned bodies and full pubes with hard cut 'n uncut cocks. One guy is even locked in the stocks where he is forced to suck cock and have his tight hairy asshole fucked with hot penetration close-ups. There are plenty of dick sucking switchups here along with clutching of chains and more very thick 'n white loads that look a little fake to me.


The short movies presented here were shot on 16MM film and have been cleaned up by The Athletic Model Guild. While somewhat grainy, the picture quality looks pretty darn good for such old films. The camera works is descent with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, some nice shot of those tight hairy bungholes, and hot penetration shots in "Night in a Dungeon".


All but one movie is silent and the sound in "Cowboy Virgin" is pretty bad. It's hard to make out what the dudes say and I to listen carefully to get the hilarious quotes I presented for the review.


The disc includes an interactive menu, movie selection, chapter stops, a shot Intermission reel featuring Buddy Houston and his toned body and big uncut cock, a three minute hardcore trailer for "Buckskin' Bo Sun", an unreleased blowjob scene (5:43), a slideshow of photographs from "Charlie and Friends", and trailers for" "Hardcore Film Classics: Vito and the Love Bandit", "Retrosex Archive: A&E Anal and Erotic 19 & 20", "AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning", and "Tropicus".


This collection of "Hardcore Classics" from Bob Mizer is quite entertaining if you are into retro porn. The groovy clothing and room furnishings are cool and the horrible acting in "Virgin Cowboy" is hilarious. These dudes are the real deal: real-life hustlers and street dudes. What I find most interesting in watching the guys is wondering who they are, what their lives were like, and how they ended up making movies with Mr. Mizer. While there is plenty of full frontal nudity and hard cocks, the hardcore sex acts are quick but we do see some nice cock sucking, butt fucking, and close-ups of hairy holes. The bonus features here are a very nice addition to the disc. I recommend a Rent It for fans of retro porn.

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