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Double Parked

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Dick Danger » Review Date: 4/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Double Parked
Starring: Veronica Rayne, Alicia Angel, Kelly Wells, Vanessa Lane, Cassie Courtland, Shay Sights, Tyla Wynn, Sarah Stone, Jamie Huxley, Isabella Ice
I've been disappointed recently with some of Hustler's output, but this video looked like it had some promise. First of all it features some of my favorite stars: Kelly Wells, Vanessa Lane, and Tyla Wynn. Second, the box advertises squirting, creampies, double DP, and double anal. Add those two factors together and it would be hard to go wrong. This is a compilation video, with each of the five scenes coming from different movies.
Scene 1: Veronica Rayne
Veronica is a very sexy raven-haired girl with perky natural tits. She starts off wearing a hot corset and thigh-high boots before two guys come in and strip her. She begins to suck
both their cocks, and while it doesn't appear she can deepthroat, she makes a good effort gagging herself on their man meat. Soon the guys are fucking her from both ends, one in the mouth and one in the pussy. They do this in several different positions, and then there is a quick edit and suddenly she is riding reverse cowgirl with a dick up her ass. She sucks the second guy's cock to get it nice and wet, and then he sticks it in her pussy for a nice DP. Next she turns around and they DP her in standard cowgirl. This girl definitely has a hot ass. Veronica isn't extremely nasty, but she is very sexy and seems to enjoy what she's doing. At one point one of the dudes finger-bangs her cunt and she even squirts a bit. Then it's back to more pussy and mouth action, until the first guy jerks off a load into her mouth. Then the second guy pulls out and shoots a hot juicy load all over her cunt. An enjoyable, if not overwhelming scene.
Scene 2: Alicia Angel and Kelly Wells

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Kelly is videotaping Alicia, who appears to be in some sort of trance. When Kelly snaps her fingers, Alicia wakes up and starts begging for some dicks. They enter a room where two guys are also immobile until Kelly also wakes them. Alicia immediately starts gagging on their hard cocks, with Kelly soon joining in. Kelly really takes some nice throat fucking while Kelly goads her on with her trademark dirty talk. By the time Alicia is ready to get fucked, her face and chest are covered in her own spit. First she rides one guy reverse cowgirl while Kelly continues to choke on the second guy's dick. Then Alicia climbs onto the second guy and rides him while Kelly cleans off cock #1. Next the guys take turns fucking Alicia while holding her up in the air. Kelly doesn't get fucked in this scene, but is constantly getting throat fucked and cleaning Alicia's pussy juice off the cocks. Alicia has a hot asshole and it doesn't get ignored for long. Soon she's getting both holes pounded in a scorching DP. She takes both cocks with ease and loves every minute of it. The guys double fuck her in reverse cowgirl and then regular cowgirl. They even do a nice standing DP. For the finale, Kelly puts Alicia's panties over her mouth and both guys cum on it; then Alicia sucks the material into her mouth and sucks the cum out of it. This is inventive and something I've actually never seen before! This scene is extremely hot but surprisingly it's Alicia who does most of the nasty stuff. I feel it's a waste of talent to have Kelly Wells in a scene and not see her get ass fucked or DP'd. An excellent scene nonetheless.
Scene 3: Vanessa Lane, Cassie Courtland, and Shay Sights
Vanessa, Cassie, and Shay enter a room with three zonked out guys (I'm beginning to see a theme here). Vanessa and Cassie start slurping on their cocks while Shay snaps her fingers to wake each one of them up. Vanessa is so hot, swallowing and spitting and gagging on two of the huge rods. Cassie doesn't do a bad job of slurping on the other pole
either. Shay is mostly the ringleader in this scene, mainly egging the other two girls on with dirty words and sometimes helping to force their heads down on the cocks. One thing I love about this scene is that there is a TON of spitting, not only onto the cocks but often right at the camera (Call me a weirdo, but this is one of my fetishes... so sue me). The girls are constantly licking their own, as well as each other's spit off the camera lens. When Shay does suck some cock in this scene she does an extremely nasty job of it, but she never does any fucking. Cassie is a very cute blond, but she only does vaginal penetration. The real star of this scene is Vanessa, who takes on two guys the entire time. For those of you who don't know her, Vanessa is a petite brunette with an incredibly sexy, muscular, limber body. The guys love to bend her body into all kinds of contortions while they fuck her. At one point the guys give her a DP on the couch while her legs are spread out in a complete split. This is a position that has to be seen to be believed. For the cumshots, first Vanessa holds Cassie's mouth open by fish hooking both her cheeks, and one guy squirts his load into her mouth and on her face. Then it's Vanessa's turn, and Cassie holds her lips open as the other two guys blast down her gullet. She gurgles with the cum a bit before spitting it onto the camera and then licking it off. This scene is smoking hot, but it's Vanessa who's the clear star. Whenever the camera is on Cassie getting fucked in the pussy, I couldn't wait till it went back to Vanessa gagging on cock and getting ass fucked. Shay also seems like she can be pretty nasty in a scene, but she didn't have much chance to exhibit it in this one.
Scene 4: Tyla Wynn, Sarah Stone, Jamie Huxley
Jamie is carrying another camcorder and comes across Tyla and Sarah, who are both immobile. She snaps her fingers to wake them up and asks if they like fucking. Of course they say yes, so all three go into a room where there are three men waiting. Tyla starts forcing her face down onto two of the cocks while Sarah takes the other one. Then Jamie joins in with some gagging fun. Tyla has always been one of the hottest throat fuckers and gaggers in the business, but here Jamie gives her a run for her money. These girls really take a mouth pounding, and once again we're treated to a veritable shower of spit. As in the previous scene, they do a lot of spitting onto the camera lens and licking it off. At one point all three girls lie next to each other on the couch, upside down, with their heads hanging over the edge, as all three guys straddle their faces and fuck their mouths. If you
like wet, messy, sloppy blowjobs, this part alone might make you cum two or three times. Soon Sarah is riding a cock while Tyla gets it in the mouth and cunt at the same time. Just as Vanessa did in the previous scene, Tyla gets most of the action in this one, with Jamie doing a lot of directing and cock cleaning. Tyla is the only one who gets fucked in the ass or does DP, but Jamie exudes a ton of nasty energy; I bet she'd be hot in an anal scene. In fact, Jamie doesn't even get fucked at all in this scene, so that's a shame. Sarah is the first one to get a load of cum, and she spits it into Jamie's mouth as they share a kiss. Tyla gets the second and third loads in her mouth and plays with the cum before Jamie snaps her fingers and puts all the actors to sleep once again. Another awesome scene, but it could've been so much better if all three girls took it up the ass.
Scene 5: Isabella Ice
Isabella walks into an army recruiting office and says she wants to join the elite squad of Flynt's Armed Forces. The two grunts need to see what she has to offer before they can let her join, and she's more than willing to show off her assets. She starts off by gagging herself enthusiastically on both of their cocks. Soon her clothes are off and she's on her back with one cock in her pussy and one in her throat. She seems to like it rough and even lets the guys choke her a little bit as well as spit in her mouth. Next she climbs on top and rides reverse cowgirl vaginal while sucking the other dick. Then she's on her back again as one dude fucks her asshole and the other jams his dick in her mouth. They switch positions as she sucks her ass juice off the first guy's cock. Isabella even does a little squirting too. Soon it's time for some hot DP as she rides reverse cowgirl. To my surprise they shove both cocks up her ass for some double anal. She does more ass to mouth and then one of the guys fucks her while holding her up in the air. Again they do some more double anal. This scene also has an interesting cumshot. One guy cums up her ass, then she squats over him and squirts the cum out of her ass onto his chest and stomach. Then she turns around and licks it right up. I gotta give Isabella points for being nasty. I guess that first guy cums again, because there are two more cumshots into her mouth, which she gargles before swallowing. For some intangible reason, this scene just didn't do it for me as much as the others in the movie. It's definitely got all the nasty elements, but perhaps Isabella isn't my type.
Special Features:
I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but most Hustler videos I've seen have pretty much the same extras. These include a slide show, hustler trailers, VCA trailers, two phone
sex commercials, and a commercial for Hustler Hollywood.
Final Thoughts:
I really liked this movie a lot, and with just a few extra tweaks I would've given it an XCritic Pick. For example, if Kelly Wells had gotten fucked in her scene. Or if the scene with Tyla, Sarah, and Jamie had more ass fucking and ass to mouth. But I am merely quibbling, because overall the movie is very hot and I doubt any porn fan will be bored. There is a lot of good jerk-off material here! I'm giving this one a "Highly Recommended."

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