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Studio: Other » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 4/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:  November 3, 2007

Director:  Cameron Finn

Cast:  Trey Casteel, Joe Strong, Bigg Pete, Kurt Wild, Luke Riley, Chase Stephens, Franky Pintar, Enrique

Body Types:  Hairy, smooth, muscular, tattoos, wrestler-builds, 20 - 30 years old

Condoms:  Yes

Special Features:  Aggressive wrestling porn fetish, dildo play

Plot:  The owner of a gym seeks to recover his gym from a man with mob ties.  

The Movie:

Betrayed opens with a short documentary/biography of a wrestler, Charlie, and his career change into a manager and trainer.  Due to the fans' decreasing interest in professional wrestling, Charlie found himself on the road that leads him to the desperate act of acquiring a loan from Tony, a man who has connections to the local mob.

The story unfolds in the wrestling ring (the WWF, Vince McMahon variety) with Charlie watching and encouraging his young wrestlers. When he receives a letter in the mail from Tony, Charlie is visibly upset looking over it knowing he is unable to pay him and must give up ownership of the gym to Tony. The wrestlers notice the distress in Charlie so he shares his financial problems and his past encounter with Tony.

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Vito, Charlie:  In a flashback, Tony pays a visit to Charlie after he is behind on his payments. Tony doesn't travel alone but brings along one of his henchmen, Vito, who has shown his loyalty in the past by shooting a man. Vito is described as "Tony's massive Puerto Rican arm-twister." Tony sets Vito loose on Charlie. Vito played by Joe Strong (man on right of DVD cover) is a tall, dark latino with lot of tats and a smooth body. Inside and outside of the ring, Vito gives Charlie a brutal pounding and rips his clothing off. Vito sits on Charlie's chest and pulls out his dick which he shoves in Charlie's mouth. Though Charlie struggles, he reluctantly sucks the thug's cock. Vito's reaction is to spit in his face and become more aggressive. When Charlie frees himself and goes to the corner of the ring, Vito rims his tight ass. Lying on his shoulders and back, Charlie spreads his legs apart giving him easier assess to his hole. Vito sucks on Charlie as Tony is taking polaroids of the action. First, Vito fucks him on the mat and then takes him to the corner so Charlie can ride his dick. Charlie, played by Trey Casteel (left on DVD cover), is very ripped, hairy and muscular and shoots a great thick load. Proving what a rough fucker Vito is, he rolls Charlie's face in his own cum. The thug eats Charlie's ass one more time before cumming.

Ron, Rick:  Two of the Charlie's wrestling students enter an apartment. The blond one, Ron, sees a flyer in the mail promoting a submission style wrestling match with a big cash prize for the winner. After the latino wrestler, Rick, returns from his shower, the two boys with smooth bodies and tattoos play in the living room.  Rick fucks Ron with his thick uncut pole and they both jerk off.

Without Rick's and Ron's knowledge, AJ and Manny met Tony after he takes ownership of the gym from Charlie.  At the tournament, they realize AJ and Manny have been practicing for weeks secretly and will be competing in the submission match.   If Rick and Ron win, they will use the money to buy back the gym and become partners with Charlie. 

Vito, Manny:  During the tournament, Tony wants to see AJ and orders Vito to take care of Manny.  Vito watches Manny in the locker room and wants a piece of his ass. He offers Manny a massage and while Manny is sucking his dark cock, Vito is rimming his ass. Going through Manny's gym bag, Vito grabs a hold of a big white dildo and stuffs it in Manny's butt. During the dildo stuffing shot, Vito punches the flat end of the dildo into his ass and verbally abuses him. Manny played by Bigg Pete has crocked teeth but a very nice hairy, buff body. Like a nasty thug, Vito fucks and spits on Manny. The fucking goes on for a long time but there are a couple of short kisses before they cum.

Back in his office, Tony tells AJ that Vito will be his new partner in the match and the cash prize will increase. Rick takes Vito down on the mats and Ron and Rick become the champs of the tournament.

Ron, AJ:  Ron follows AJ in the locker room. Though AJ denies Charlie or Ron any apology at first, he quickly changes his tune and offers Ron anything to make up for his betrayal. The two boys get naked and AJ enjoys licking and sucking every inch of AJ's lean body, big cock, and tight abs. Plus the cute AJ has a very nice bush. We get a very good closeup of AJ's tight pink pucker. In return, AJ offers Ron a good spit shine on his cock and balls. Then Ron pounds the hot stud good. Lying there with his washboard abs, cute face, and sweaty body, AJ played by Kurt Wild is a sight that would give any man a boner. The scene ends with a mix of AJ's "FUCK ME!", lots of sweat, and loads of cum.

I'd rather not give away the ending which may offer a surprising twist for the viewers.


Video & Sound: 

Betrayed is presented in Widescreen. Colors are a little muddy at times and there is some pixelation during the wrestling scenes. The worst offender is the one second multi-colored video breakdown during AJ & Ron's scene together. The reviewed disc may be defective. Sound needs improvement. I could not hear all of the dialogue which is very important for story-driven porn.


There were enough extras to warrant a second disc exclusively for extras.  Here's a breakdown of the extras:  1. Chase Stephens Solo showcases a young, buff guy in a hot cum scene taking place in a shower. 2. Kurt Wild Behind the Scenes Solo is a short clip of the actor beating off to straight porn playing on a laptop. 3. Cumshot Compilation is self-explanatory. 4. Behind the Scene and Outtakes by Mr. Pam brings you to a submenu with 4 additional segments (Enrique's porn tricks, arena rehearsals with Curt Wild and the cast, the tournament with Chase Stephens, Franky Pintaur, and the cast which runs a staggering 49 minutes long, and Luke and Enrique explore showing Luke attempting to fuck himself. 5. Model Video Profiles lists the height, weight, preferred fuck position, and dick size for each actor. 6. Action Photogallery is self-explanatory and finally 7. Behind the Scenes Photogallery is exactly that.

Final Thoughts:

Betrayed is a movie that will appeal to fans of erotic wrestling with an edge.  The studio makes a point in stressing the storyline of their movies which I've noticed in my review of another of their past releases, Punks.  This storyline is combined with an element of violence and aggression.  Sometimes, however, in most notably the scenes with Ron and Rick and Vito and Manny, the sex takes a backseat to the storyline and the authenticity of the wrestling.  But on the strength of the sex scenes with Trey Casteel and Kurt Wild, I will recommend this movie.

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