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Cum Filled Manholes 2

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 5/4/08

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Gay Adult Movie
Chad Ryan, Nick Cutts
1 Hour 50 Minutes
CAST: Kamrun, Mario, Rock, Baxter, Ian
PRODUCTION DATES:5-9-07, 8-12-07, 11-10-07, 12-05-07

The Good Stuff

Cum Fillled Manholes 2 is another rough and raw cum filled flick put out by Satyr Films.


Scene 1
Kamrun is a delicous looking African American man with nice musculature and a smoothish body who has limited man on man experience but needs some cash so is willing to let Rock get it on with him. Kamrun has his tight hole lubed up and fingered by Rock before Rock takes a few strokes with his fat clipped cock.. Satyr is known for its throat gagging face fucking and Rock and Kamrun don't fail to deliver. After some ass fucking Rock switches to some throat fucking and Kamrun gushes saliva all over Rocks pole. They switch through various positions alternating with ass to mouth action ending with Rock spooging on Kamruns stretched pucker and fucking that spooge into his innards.

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Scene 2
Mario is a nice looking Latin guy with trimmed body hair and cute smile. He is a straight guy who is looking for cash and Rock is always looking for gay for pay guys. Mario starts off wrapping his hot lips around Rocks meaty pole and gagging on it for a bit before Rock moves on to Marios virgin tight butthole. Rock lubes that baby up and gives it some stretching with his finger before trying at it in doggie. Its still a little tight so Rock whips out a dildo and some anal balls and works his hole over with those for a while. Mario has a goofy grin on his face as this is all happening which is a little odd. At one point Rock even gives Marios hole a little dicking while some anal balls are in there. Rock works his hole over with his tool finally ending with a nice anal cum coating to soothe his tired bung.

Scene 3
Rock needs money for a car payment so it's his turn to have his hole worked over by a Latin stud and he seems pretty eager. The guy who is doing the screwing isn't named, or at least I couldn't find one but he is muscular, with some cool paw print tattoos and long hard rod between his legs. Rock offers his hole up right away and our Latin friend wastes no time in getting it lubed and ready for action. He fingers it working multiple digits in before a big black dildo gets its turn. Rock is good at moaning and groaning and it gets our Latin guy all worked up and he finally replaces the dildo with his own Latin pole and works over Rocks pucker in various positions before nutting all over it.

Scene 4
Baxter is another good looking African American guy with a smooth body, great ass and guy next door face. He is down in the dumps because his girlfriend broke up with him because he kept asking her to play with his ass and she couldn't deal. Don't feel too down for this guy, Satyr Films and Rock are there to help him out with his anal fantasies. Rock comes right in and shoves his cock down this poor guys throat making him gag and coat his dick in throat slime. Rock moves onto what he is really there for and starts working open Baxter fort knox of a butthole. That baby is tight! Fingering to dildo action before Rock finally feels he can take some real man action. Rock works Baxters hole over in missionary and doggie before jizzing all over his pummeled pink pucker.

Scene 5
Ian is a young surfer/rocker looking guy with big cock and a toned, smooth pale body. Yet another gay for pay guy. Rock takes his time throat fucking this hot young stud before moving on to his shaved hole and fingering it. Rock then works in a big black dildo before he uses his own pink hog to stretch the fuck hole open. Rock uses some leg shackles on Ian to make sure his legs stay open and hole exposed. Rock fucks the hell out of Ians hole in some of the hottest action of the film. Ians pucker is so worked over and tired that it just stays gaping. Rock fills it up with his spooge making it a cum pool. Rock plays with his cum and even takes a lick before Ian uses his anal muscles to make the cum move in and out.



The full frame transfer for this DVD was clear with okay lighting for each and every scene. Baxters scene was a little dark in some areas but all in all everything was acceptable. The Dolby 2.0 sound is a little low. To hear the interviews with the guys the volume had to be turned way up but when the fucking started turned way down.


A few extras.

Bonuses: You can watch an extra three to five minutes of mostly dildo action from some of the guys in the film. Choose from Kamrun, Kasa who was called Baxter in the flick, Ian or Rock.

Trailers: Previews for : Bareback Pornstar Gangbang w/ Alan Gregory, Bareback Pornstar Gangbang w/ Kyle Foxxx, Top to Rock Bottom, Ream his Straight Throat 2, Ream his Straight Throat 3, Ream his Straight Throat 4, Ream his Straight Throat 5, Bareback Fuck & Gag, Cum Filled Manholes, Bareback Fuck & Gag 2


At the End of the Night

You get five scenes of barebacking twosomes in Cum Filled Manholes 2. Satyr Films is known for their extreme throat gagging and ass pounding films and this one is no exception. It maybe should have been called the Rock show since he was in every scene of the flick topping in four and bottoming in one. The sex was good and the guys were hot but after the first scene all the rest followed the same formula. So it actually became a little boring and predictable for me. It had minimal extras and the sound quality was a little lackluster so it gets my "Rent it" rating. Maybe I'm just a jaded old queen but if you have have seen other Satyr Films flicks this one is just like the others.

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