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Platinum POV Fixation

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/6/08

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Shawna Lenee as Kara Bare!

Platinum POV Fixation

Platinum X Pictures

Leah Jaye

Genre: Gonzo, POV

Director: Cock Diesel & Steve Rogers

Lela Star

Cast: Shawna Lenee/Kara Bare, Cock Diesel, Leah Jaye, J-Mac, Lela Star, Nadia Styles, Mia Bangg

Length: 101:14 minutes

Nadia Styles!

Date of Production: 2/28/2007 to 3/29/2007

Mia Bangg

Extras: The only extras here were a photogallery, a cumshot recap from the scenes, and some website information (besides the advertisement covers on the second side of the DVD cover).

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Platinum POV Fixation was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Cock Diesel & Steve Rogers (I have reason to believe they are one and the same, AKA: Cesar Capone) for Platinum X Pictures. The home movie look of the footage was noticeably grainy and caught with what appears to have been a low end camera, the DVD mastering in MPEG-2 for a SD release not helping any even with the video bitrate often in the lower 6 Mbps range. I've seen some of his work under the Bang Bros and Club Jenna labels that looked this rough but most of it has been shot and edited better. The lighting issues translated into grain and video noise levels that bugged me and the editing appeared to be less consistent than usual for the guy, making it clear why the company sat on the footage for so long (most of their titles come up much more promptly). The POV nature of the movie was inconsistent as well, others holding the camera most of the time, even appearing in the scenes where more than one camera was used. It also provided production values similar to what you'll see on the mostly low end Pro-Am market too so fans of the genre will be somewhat put off unless they are less discriminating than most. The issues with fleshtones being off, video noise, and other minor problems were not enough to dissuade me from continuing to watch it, largely thanks to the amount of nervous energy projected by a few of the cast but it was not on the short list for replay either, despite the all star cast. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps bitrate but it sounded like it came straight off the built in camcorder microphone, often picking up ambient noise better then the vocals on the cast engaging in sexual acts right in front of it. By turning up the volume on my home theatre set up, all I did was increase the noise levels faster so this is definitely an area in need of work for future volumes in the series.

Body of Review: Cezar Capone has long been a fixture on the Miami porn market, plying his trade under various aliases to sell to different companies. His type of porn is the reality styled porn where he picks women up off the street to have sex with his buddies, a dynamic we all know is totally fake but appreciate for the levels of fun it provides when done right. Having worked for so many companies, I was surprised to find his latest effort coming from Platinum X Pictures, the company best known as the kinkier gonzo outlet for the directors at Red Light District more than anything (especially in the earlier years, the company offered up really kinky and fetish oriented material). This fusion of styles resulted in a few movies from what I understand, the latest one making it to me being Platinum POV Fixation. The movie is a series of five scenes shot in point of view fashion, the men as disposable as can be while the ladies seemed to be some of the most used second tier females in the business. There really wasn't a lot of variation on the director's usual approach to shooting smut but given ladies like Shawna Lenee (billed under her former porn alias of Kara Bare), Nadia Styles, Lela Star, and others, there was definitely some potential worth exploring. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Shawna Lenee/Kara Bare, the cutie featured on the front cover with the beautiful eyes, was up first as she was given a tease montage on the balcony of a high rise apartment building. She was in a bikini and looking really cute, overlooking the city at night in one of the grainiest scenes I've ever seen by the director OR the company. He continually complimented her and after they went inside, the visuals looked better, "Cock Diesel" her partner; best known as a modest size man women find easy to work with. Once they got down to business, she dropped to her knees to blow him in true POV fashion, leading to him fingering her in preparation for their vaginal ride. She was very loud and the fake porn screaming was a nuisance but her all natural body and cute face made her hard to resist watching it in real time. I found the majority of footage to be shot by one of two cameras though, not sticking with the POV theme for those that care. The scene ended with a mouth pop that went all over her upper torso region, Shawna rarely riding him actively.

Scene Two: Leah Jaye, a saucy brunette from England, was up next in a scene shot earlier in the day, the additional light pouring through the balcony window assisting with making her fleshtones look more accurate. The formulaic approach was the same though; a montage, some tease, and then the gal working with J-Mac, her appeal as evident as ever even if she was hampered by the limitations of the scene. Leah is a natural tease and her very appealing ass looked sweet (it would have looked better sitting on my face) though her admission about liking choking seemed to be a lie. Leah was a fine cocksucker and nearly as active a rider when the vaginal penetration began. He did most of the work in some positions but I'll give them credit for making it watchable at least a few times. The action ended when he dropped a load of population pudding on her face, Leah giving up some post coital sucking in what amounted to one of the best scenes of the movie.

Scene Three: Lela Star, currently a contract performer that has shown much promise, was up next as she was woken from her slumber in bed (in a darkened room) to have sex with J-Mac. I missed the tease session here but she was skilled enough with a meatpipe to overcome some of the loss. The blowjob was slow and seductive rather than really hardcore or wild but it contained even less POV footage than most of the other scenes, weakening it since that was the marketed theme of the day. It was a decent hummer though and she proved pretty decent at riding his cock vaginally, pushing back to meet his thrusts when she wasn't on top of him to impale herself. The wad of semen was rubbed out onto her crotch when they were done, a frothy mixture of semen for her to rub.

Scene Four: Nadia Styles, a very cute little gal that I have long appreciated, was up next as she asked for some cock in her mouth courtesy of Cock Diesel. The montage was too short and lack of tease a pain in the neck but seeing her lips wrapped around his modest shaft did spark some interest in me to get some of her skillful oral talents myself (maybe if I ask her really nicely). There was no chemistry between them as she worked his rod strictly for the camera but the performance was heated enough and led to the two bumping uglies. It was the shortest session of vaginal screwing in the entire movie though, her roast beef lips too much for the guy to handle as he busted a nut before she could show her riding skills to their fullest. His load went to her crotch and lower abdomen, initially from off camera so it might not have been real.

Scene Five: Mia Bangg, a curvy gal with pretty eyes and a shapely figure, was up last as the gal was given some quality time teasing outside at the beach on the overcast day in her green bikini. I like gals with some meat on their bones so her chunky ass appealed considerably more than some waifish looking gal in need of a few burgers, Cock Diesel receiving the benefit of her charms before they went inside to consummate the deal. There was some minor public nudity and a nod to the foot fetish fanatics with enough nervousness by Mia to make me think it was all legitimate. The abrupt edit to the high rise room could have been handled better but she did start off sucking his dick as though she wanted it, the sex that followed nearly as appealing. I've seen Mia really tear into a scene in the past so this time was merely a gimmick oriented short version of what she is capable of but fans will want it all the same due to her enthusiasm. It was vaginal only by the way and the pop shot went to her chest and face; probably the largest load of the day for those that keep track.

Summary: Platinum POV Fixation by directors Cock Diesel & Steve Rogers for Platinum X Pictures was not the best work I've seen in the genre so I rated it as an acceptable Rent It. The technical limitations, the lack of most footage being shot in POV fashion, and the weak extras (not to mention the limited running time that made me think a few scenes were missing) all lowered the value for me so that was the best it would earn even though I think the director often comes up with some funny, strokable porn. In short, Platinum POV Fixation was a far cry from what I expected it to be based on the advertising and cast but it had some moments where you'll be very happy indeed, thanks mainly to the ladies working in the five meager scenes.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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