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Ass Cream Pies 11

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Tony's sense of humor was pretty amusing!  (click for trailer)

Ass Cream Pies 11

Anabolic Digital

Claire Dames!

Genre: Gonzo, Anal Cream Pies

Director: Tony T.

Brianna Love!

Cast: Claire Dames, John Strong, Tony T., Brianna Love, CJ Wright, Holly West, Savanah Gold, Steve French, Summer Storm, CJ Wright, Dana DeArmond, James Deen

Holly West

Length: 161:09 minutes

Date of Production: 12/2/2007

Savanah Gold

Extras: The best extra (and only one that added any value for me), was the 21:59 minute long Behind the Scenes feature helmed by Tony himself as he took some time to get to know the ladies. There was additional nudity, some sex (POV style), and a bit of playing around with some interview material for the fans. Claire was one of the most outgoing and goofs related to finding the best positions (Savanah causing the most trouble but Dana skipped altogether so who knows how lovely she was on set). There was also a pop shot recap, a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and an attractive slipcase; the cover looking a whole lot like the one to Up Your Ass #27 by the director awhile back (I'm not complaining though, Brianna is a hotty).

Summer Storm

Condoms: None

Dana DeArmond!

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Cream Pies 11 was presented in an interestingly shot 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color by director Tony T. for Anabolic Digital to be released in this SD version (using the standard MPEG-2 codec) as well as a Blu-Ray version that I have yet to see. The lighting was such that a few of the scenes looked a little washed out, the glare of the lighting bouncing off the ladies or the lack thereof causing the colors to look too saturated. Still, the composition of the camera angles showed an invasive interest in the ladies having fun while pushing their respective limits, capturing the heat of the gals going at some hard core sex that was advertised as each of their "1st Time Anal Creampie" scenes. The video bitrate on the MPEG-2 version was in the mid 5 Mbps most of the time I paid it any attention, some aliasing and grain observed (along with slight amounts of macro blocking) but still, it was better than I'd heard from reputable sources so I can only imagine that the high definition version looked even better (I believe this will be the second movie the company releases in Blu-Ray). Having seen limited amounts of Tony's directing work in the past (especially in the last year or so), I have to admit he is getting better at making smut though, perhaps not on Ivan's level but getting better all the same. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using the 192 Kbps bitrate (with optional music). The music was subdued and not intrusive at all so if your player supports the function, by all means leave it on even if it was generic in nature. The vocals were slightly hollow with no separation but I could hear the ladies at all times, the comments by the men far less than the Nick Manning wannabe's some of them are known as being.

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Body of Review: Tony T. is one of the men in porn that is routinely accused of being too rough with the ladies both as a performer and as a director. Having had conversations with a few of the ladies that have worked with him in the past, some of that reputation is apparently unearned while not everyone I've spoken to is in agreement. As such, his works for Anabolic Digital as a director take on a slightly new light, the mystery of how far will he go and how far will he take his cast being in the forefront of my mind whenever he helms a fuck flick. His latest release to make it my way (The Big Ass Movie just came in too) for review is Ass Cream Pies 11, a series devoted to one of the nastiest, and most dangerous, sexual activities in porn; the anal cream pie. Without delving too deeply into the history of the act, it is widely reported as being a major factor in two or three outbreaks of AIDS, making this kind of act you'd really only want to engage in with a steady, exclusive partner in real life. The cast included some seriously cute gals like Brianna Love and some established porn veterans like alt-porn matron Dana DeArmond, with a lot of ground covered in between those two extremes; all engaging in their reportedly first anal cream pies. The back cover said it like this: "In response to numerous requests, we submit to you an awesome anal series, "Ass Cream Pies". Ask any girl, and she's sure to tell you "There's nothing more romantic than an ass full of cum!" Anabolic has commissioned Tony T. to capture this romance for our fans. So, contained herein, you'll also find rectal cavities filled to the rim with Spooge, cream pie splattered faces, double penetrations, and, of course, cum-dripping assholes, and everyone's other favorite, cum eating! Stretched sphincters abound! Why? Because romance rules!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Claire Dames, a brunette with great curves and a devious smile, was up first to establish the formula used in the show; some whipped cream sprayed on her ass cheeks to give John Strong and Tony T. a coating for her to lick off after they rubbed their dicks in it. The deepthroating she gave them was messy and nasty at the same time, Claire sucking man-ass in a salad tossing moment that most of the ladies in the show shared. While she did enjoy herself, the guys (especially Tony) really pushed her to her limits, fucking her at both ends as she'd wrap her lips around one cock while they other one drilled her pussy. Tony took it to the next step by fucking her ass but both men used each of her three holes as they saw fit, Claire actively riding them most of the time (depending on what position she was in). The ending creampies seemed realistic and fans of population pudding going inside the rectum will be loving this one, Tony taking sloppy seconds this time for Claire to shit out on a regular cherry pie that he hit her in the face with afterwards (for food fetish lovers).

Scene Two: Brianna Love, the cutie with the great booty showcased on the front cover, was up next in a scene with black performer CJ Wright. She teased a bit and sat in the pie at Tony's bequest, causing her to squeal at the feeling it gave her before engaging in the sex. It didn't take long for me to remember that the cover for this movie looked almost identical to the last movie of Tony's I reviewed, Up Your Ass #27, but I like Brianna's ass enough that it was not a problem for me. CJ began the sexual portion of the scene by licking her ass clean of the cream from the pie that coated it from her sitting exploits, Brianna reciprocating when he stuck his dick in the remaining confectionary treat. Her blowjob lasted longer and was really well done, fairly messy too but not as much as Claire's before her. It took awhile for Brianna to become an active rider here, well into the anal aspect in fact, but watching her sweet ass cheeks bouncing around even in sub-optimal lighting was pretty smoking hot as far as I was concerned. They screwed in several positions and the scene ended as advertised with a believable anal cream pie slowly milked out of his nuts and into her ass. She was also hit in the face with a pie at the end too for those who care.

Scene Three: Holly West, a brunette that looked much like a stripper at a second tier club, was up next as she sucked off studly John Strong when he gave her his cock with a bunch of whipped cream on it. An active cocksucker, she really worked him to the bone as she slobbed his knob; stripping to give him a show as she masturbated inches from his face (emphasis on fingering her own ass). John went right into her ass as a result, Holly remaining a passive lay until she was on top (even then barely able to handle his wide girth). This continued with her begging him to "spit on it" several times during the scene, presumably because she was too tight and needed more lubrication, until she shat the spew onto a cream pie (the double entendre not lost as both kinds of cream pie were included throughout the show). The scene closed out when John shoved the pie into her ass cheeks to make a mess, Holly not eating it as expected.

Scene Four: Savanah Gold, a busty blond with a lot of attitude (looking like a bizarre caricature of mainstream actress Brittney Murphy), was up next with Steve French and Tony T.; the guys putting some whipped cream on her titties to suck off before she reciprocated on their cocks. Serving primarily as a cocksocket, the guys did much of the work as they penetrated her mouth, Savanah getting into a rhythm (I later found this to be the result of judicious editing) where she became an equal partner in the motion. The men then took to boning her like they owned her, Tony going into her ass first with Steve getting some of her tail and the guys DP'ing her in no time flat. Savanah was not the most active ride of the show either, using dirty talk as a substitute for really shining during the penetrative sex, the anally deposited loads of semen shat onto a cherry pie for her to get hit with in the face.

Scene Five: Summer Storm, another curvy blond but this time one that really liked black cock such as the one sported by CJ Wright, was up next as he gave her ass some loving orally once he removed her panties. Having established that he could make her ass shake like a 6.2 on the Richter scale, he unloaded a half can of whipped cream all over it for her to sit in on the glass table. I suppose it felt weird to her but she licked some of it up, her oral antics continuing on his penis as she went to town sucking him off. He then drove the fully turgid penis into her ass, Summer begging for more as he plundered her pucker to the best of his ability. She did some ATM and revisited the oral antics on occasion, the myriad of bruises on her body looking kind of trashy but suitable for her role in the movie. She fingered herself a time or two as well but the main theme here was him hammering away at her ass until knocking out his population pudding for her to find used in the cherry pie that she gorged herself on (this was the messiest pie scene of the day, her face and body covered with it for those who care). Whew!

Scene Six: Dana DeArmond, a fixture in hardcore porn before there ever was an "alt" movement worth mentioning, was up last and after seeing her skipped on the BTS feature, I figure that something went wrong and she complained too much about her scene with James Deen and Tony T. so they cut it all out. The scene itself seemed the least inspired as it went right to the guys screwing her ass and mouth, swapping out as if they were the closest of friends getting their money's worth off a low end hooker. For the record, Dana did not look overly made up in trampish style nor did she look like a tranny (exactly where this rumor started, I have no idea though it was suggested that the performer herself began the rumor as a means of adding to her "mystique"). In any case, Dana's cocksucking abilities were as solid as ever, the veins sticking out of her head as she inhaled cock; the men spanking her to elevate the dynamic of the scene itself. James was the most aggressive about banging her and spanking her both, her make up running by the time the DP was over. Dana looked pretty worn out by the end of the scene but if you want to see the gal looking the roughest she has in a long time, credit goes to the men for making her earn every penny of her fee. The anal creampies ran mostly down her leg but she ate what went onto the pie; the guys shoving it in her face to close things out (with some additional whipped cream sprayed on her; Dana's comment being a dry "tastes like fun").

Summary: Ass Cream Pies 11 by director Tony T. for Anabolic Digital will be a "must have" movie for fans of food fetish and anal cream pies despite some minor technical considerations in need of polishing up but it was also pretty high in the kind of "fun factor" that Tony is known for in his flicks so I rated it as a qualified Recommended for a more general audience. Claire Dames really shined and some of her peers did a decent job of it too, elevating the movie for me in terms of replay value, strokability, and value so I can only imagine what the Blu-Ray version will be like by comparison. In short, Ass Cream Pies 11 will not be for everyone but it was certainly a change of pace that will be appreciated by those of you into the kinkier stuff as displayed here.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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