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Teenstravaganza! #6

Studio: New Sensations » Review by bobby mcgee » Review Date: 5/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

TEENstravaganza! #6 (Two disc set)

Digital Sin

Genre: Vignette

Condoms: No

Length: Over 5 hours

Director: Various

Date Of Production: 10/11/07

Cast: Wendy James, Christie Lee, Serena South, Michelle Maylene, Nikki Hilton, Tiffany Rayne, Tia Tanaka, Veronique Vega, Mindy Lee, Jessica Valentino, Mandy Luxx, Kara Bare, Lexi Belle, & Ruby Knox

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 4:3 full-frame format as are most films shot by Digital Sin. There were very few compression artifacts during the movie, and when there were flaws they were small. The color of the film was also solid, with the flesh tones all looking very realistic, with good contrast. Shadows were never an issue as there was plenty of natural and artificial lighting used. The audio was the standard 2.0 stereo, but much like the video its quality was excellent. There was no background music during the action, allowing you to hear every whimper and moan. Overall a solid job by Digital Sin.

Disc 1

Special Features: The first disc doesn't provide any quality extras. All you get in a few trailers, and a photo gallery

Scene 1: Lexi. Peering outside a window, Lexi ruffles her own feathers with her hands, soon bringing out a miniature pink vibrator to assist her with fulfilling her daydreams. Pulling down her thin veil of panties, Lexi finds Mark's grip over her ass cheeks, leading to a blow job as she continues to flutter at her crotch with her free hand. Leading her to the couch, Mark props her legs up to nosh away at Lexi's pussy, teasing her asshole with his tongue. Missionary and full-on pile driver action follows, with Lexi pausing the action to take a swing of Mark's sopping wet trunk. She mashes as much as her opened mouth can allow, turning around to offer Mark a spell of doggy. Lexi twists to show her face as she's fucked, mounting Mark's wand in standard cowgirl afterward. He spends a bit of time thrusting furiously from below, but soon hands over the beat to Lexi, who bounces out at a steady pulse. After a little reverse cowgirl and spooning, Mark shoots his load into Lexi's open mouth and chest. Lexi, who at first seems a little restrained, lets herself go into Mark's grapple, combing her effort out in little pert blasts of interjection and squeal. Seeing her contort herself for maximum enjoyment (for all of us) was a plus, as was her steadfast effort to get both herself and Mark off in a blaze of glory. Thanks, Lexi! - by Wind Tunnel

Scene 2: Nikki. Nikki Nievez, another 19 year old with pretty eyes (a few shades darker), was up next in a very colorful outfit that drew attention to her but didn't do a lot for her in my opinion. Her personality was a bit different than Veronica's since she was far more outgoing. Although she was a bit flaky, it was funny to watch her interview and I doubt scene partner Dave Hardman minded doing her one bit. Her oral was pretty good, her vaginal showed some energy, and her anal wasn't the worst I've seen although she needs a lot more practice to achieve the kind of scenes I'm used to reviewing. Her vocals were mechanical but she's another one to keep an eye out for if she learns to lose the mechanically spoken lines. With a large gape and plenty of ATM (ass to mouth), she took his poorly aimed facial and swallowed what little went into her mouth. - by Don Houston

Scene 3: Veronique. Next up is Veronique, a petite brunette girl with that "girl next door" look about her. Her scene, like the others, starts with an introduction followed by some masturbation. The real action starts when Adrianna gives a VERY wet blowjob - she looks like a dog she drools so much. They then screw in all the standard positions (missionary spooning, doggy style, etc) before Veronique receives a messy shot of nut juice to the face. I'd really like to see Veronique in more scenes, she has a ton of talent.

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Scene 4: Kara.With dimples like a chipmunk, Kara, our covergirl, begins with a short tease, followed by a blowjob, enhanced chest exposed, upon Michael. Pulling her undies down, Michael slides inside of her, doggy style. Her black socks cover most of her lower leg, and their tautness echoes Kara's rear-end profile as Michael continues away. In reverse cowgirl, he spits a great deal for prep, pausing after a spell for a bit of near-throat fucking with Kara. Missionary and spoon hammer onward, and Michael spews hot, Kara's mouth swilling down his shot. Good work, all around, with Kara, perky chest and endless frame, bringing most of the heat, following her partner's heavy lead. You won't be disappointed, methinks! - by Wind Tunnel

Scene 5: Wendy.Wendy stands near a window and begins masturbating she stops and looks into the camera and says she knows we are watching her. The scene fades and she has two cocks to suck on. Both men manhandle her a little bit and she says there is no need to fight, there's enough of her to go around before they continue to fuck her mouth. Pete starts fucking her as she is bent over blowing Dillon. After another fade, she looks at the camera to talk to us again as she rides Dillon and sucks on Pete's dick and toes. Dillon tells her to get off and suck his dick before she hops on Pete in reverse cowgirl and says she likes being their fuck toy. They have her suck her own toes and Dillon's prick alternately before going to missionary. She talks dirty anytime she doesn't have something stuffed in her mouth. She bends over and looks through her legs to ask if we want to watch the guys cum in her mouth. They miss her mouth by a lot, but cover her cute face with a lot of cum before the scene fades. Wendy was on fire here. I never thought she would be so aggressive. Definite keeper. - By Shortlipfuser

Scene 6: Mindy.Mindy is a very slim girl, with light blonde hair and smooth pale skin. As soon s the scene starts her costar appears and gives her some hot oral action. She promptly returns the favor by sucking his cock. Although she did appear to enjoy doing this, I would have liked to see her use even more enthusiasm. Now that they're both ready to knock boots Elizabeth begs for his cock in her twat. He is only more than ready to oblige. As with all the previous scenes they use the missionary position, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl. The scene then concludes with a large load of cum being deposited in Mindy's mouth.

Disc 2

Special Features: The second disc doesn't provide any quality extras. All you get in a few trailers, and a photo gallery

Scene 1: Serena. Here we find these two lovely gals in the buff, each jerking them selves off on a stairway. It looks like Christie is getting a little lonely as she moves up the stairs to join up with Serena. Once together they play with each other a bit, but not for long. Mark shows up naked and ready for work. The girls then spend a bit of time sucking him off in turn. Afterwards Chrisite gets worked in straight sex while Serena sits on her face. The action continues with the two gals on top of each other, giving Mark quick access to either of the girls' holes. Well this doesn't last too as one of the girls gets up and let's Mark really work the other. The action continues with one of the girls engaging Mark and a lot of pussy to mouth oral action. The scene ends with the girls sharing the facial. These two cute girls had a pretty good scene with my biggest enjoyment falling under their oral skills. The sex while enjoyable just didn't screaming excitement to me. It was pretty warm, just not hot. Overall a better than decent scene. - by Rob Randall

Scene 2: Tis. Tia, wearing the clothing and sitting in the darkened locker room at night, was caught smoking by studly Erik Everhard who played a creepy teacher on the prowl. He worked something out with her and started massaging her shoulders before both of them started undoing the other's clothes on the bench. Erik spent considerable time warming her up and she was quite a fetching young lady who responded well to his oral attentions. Her oral was pretty good as she showed enthusiasm over skill but he did most of the work when porking her pussy and that limited the heat for me. The scene ended with a mouth pop and I hope to see more of her once she picks up a few more tricks of the trade but she was still worth watching to me.

Scene 3: Mandy. Walking out toward the camera like a ringer of some type for Kylie, Mandy looks like a serious, more angular version of her disc co-star. Teasing and swaying, planting her ass in the air in a backwards recline, Mandy finds Manuel willing to taste her ass and pussy as he arrives on the scene. In a full suit and tie, he unzips to offer his stick, lifting Mandy's legs up for a bit of spoon, into cowgirl. Cradling over her in missionary, Manuel continues into reverse cowgirl, doggy, standard cowgirl, and finally, missionary, wherein Mandy's looks begin to echo that other black-haired beauty, Riley Mason. Manuel dismounts to unload onto Mandy's clothes, chin, and mouth, and the scene ends. Usually a sure bet, even Manuel's feats of strength could only wrangle out an okay performance from Mandy. The constant position change was perhaps a sign of this, though Mandy didn't seem to switch up her less than fabulous level of intensity. - by Wind Tunnel

Scene 4: Ruby. Bathed in white light overlooking her features, Ruby stands in an empty bathtub, caressing her soft bits, working down to her crotch, where she warms herself up with both hands. Pulling down her sheer black panties for easier access, she turns around to find Mark watching her from a nearby seat, who meets her to nibble and lick her lady business. He perches her atop a towel-covered sink and flexes his mouth skills, angling the front end of his cock inside of her. Ruby slips down onto his stiffness, gathering a slow but gradual momentum, soon cut off as they continue on that nearby seat in missionary. Ruby presses on her clit as they build speed together, her moaning a tad forced. She bends down to blow Mark, mostly without her hands, and Mark soon grips her head for a touch of shallow mouth play. Back to doggy, floor-bound, Ruby's ass pointed toward the heavens, into a ride in cowgirl (with a copious amount of bouncing) and its reverse (with Mark holding the reins for a jackhammer-from-below approach). After leaping back in the chair for a final bout of doggy, Mark dismounts and spreads his seed over Ruby's chin, one spurt landing into her mouth. Ruby seems to be going through the motions for most of the scene, with small pockets of enthusiasm appearing from time to time. Mark does a majority of the heavy lifting, and makes the best of it; I hope Ruby's future work will be leaps & bounds better than the mostly tepid performance herein. Alas, she looks great! - by Wind Tunnel

Scene 5: Jessica. Jessica Valentino, a brunette smoker that acted tough until she was caught outside by neighbor Erik Everhard, wore a plaid skirt and generic uniform that made her look younger than I suspect she was. He lectured her and they went to his apartment, the gal lost for words at the scenario and laughing because of it. This was a cute twist but Erik wasted no time in getting her into the bed where he removed her panties and snacked on her crotch; licking and sucking aggressively to make her sweat in pleasure. When her turn came around, she was no as skilled at smoking pole as she was with cigarettes but she gave it a decent shot as the newcomer ethic took hold. The couple mostly left the oral behind as he drilled her passive pussy, Erik doing the majority of the work until she was wet with desire and had his fingers in her asshole. If you like them young and inexperienced, this was a solid scene right up to the facial that she took without flinching. - by Don Houston

Scene 6: Mary Anne. Mary Anne, a very attractive blonde with incredible blue eyes, closed out the show by teasing the camera and giving the formulaic interview. Her partners were John Strong and Tee Reel; each of them giving her some meaty loving in her mouth and pussy but then in her ass too. By looking at her, you wouldn't think she could turn on the heat (with that innocent appeal) but she excelled like most of the others here could not and that energy made the scene fun to watch more than once. She did the usual taste testing too but the strength of her personality was what appealed to me most and the ending wasn't bad either as she swallowed their semen. - by Don Houston

Final Thoughts: If you're into watching young cuties fuck on camera then this two-disc set definitely will deliver. There were a few scenes that I didn't particularly care for, but as a whole they were enjoyable. The main strength of this title is the value. Two discs, 12 scenes, and over five hours of action provide you with plenty of fuck for your buck. If you enjoy this genre, I recommend checking it out.

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