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Jack's Big Ass Show 8 (Teagan Presley)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The title page (click for trailer)

Jack's Big Ass Show 8 (Teagan Presley)

Digital Playground

Aurora "Nikara" Jolie

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Misti Love

Cast: Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, Chris Charming, Misti Love, Rico Strong, Adrianna Nicole, Chris Charming, Teagan Presley, Tyler Wood, Alexis Texas, Scott Nails

Adrianna Nicole!

Length: 127:52 minutes

Date of Production: 8/20/2007

Teagan Presley and Tyler

Extras: The only extras were a slideshow, a photogallery, as well as trailers to shows like Babysitters, Jana Cova in Blue, Pirates, Island Fever 4, Jack's Playground 33, Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak, Icon, and Tryst. I was disappointed that there wasn't a BTS here, especially considering how funny some of them have been of late, but the movie itself had what amounted to a pretty solid cast so I went into watching it with an open mind (not an empty head).

Alexis Texas and Scott Nails

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jack's Big Ass Show 8 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground. The lighting was reasonably solid here, as expected given this was Robby's standard type of gonzo, and that meant that the limited amounts of grain and other visual elements used to lend a sense of texture were minimal. The way the scenes were shot and edited was markedly similar in the scenes, though the composition of the angles was changed up a bit depending on the scene in question; the infamous Nick "It's Cool" P. handling the editing and other post production duties this time. The DVD mastering revealing no obvious compression artifacts (the bitrate varying but often staying near the mid 6 Mbps range) but this was far from one of the most effects laden extravaganzas in the series so don't expect a lot from it. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround (using 448 Kbps) with a minimalist leaning that seemed unique in most ways to productions outside of the Jack series, with the vocals always dominating the audio track as I like it but the vocals by the cast were lower than usual, almost as if the microphone was pointed at Jack/Robby. There wasn't much separation between the channels but the ladies were almost always clearly heard.

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Body of Review: Robby D., the mastermind behind a great many fine fuck flicks in recent years (not to mention his exceptional work at Handheld Pictures), is well known as the main director at Digital Playground so whenever they release a title that catches my eye, he is almost inevitably in charge of production. For years now, he has cultivated and expanded upon the wealth of titles in his Jack's Universe series, apparently adding new niches on a regular basis (a few new ones about to become public in coming months), but all of them using his twisted sense of humor to offer fans something almost perversely fun to check out. Well, coming next month will be the latest addition to the series with a new volume for one of my favorite niches he offers in Jack's Big Ass Show 8, the sequel to Jack's Big Ass Show 7. To say my initial curiosity was limited solely to former contract cutie Teagan Presley would be a mistake given that home state hotty Alexis Texas was also present, curvy anal princess Aurora Jolie was getting her sweet ass tapped, and skilled Adrianna Nicole was providing her usual wealth of advanced sexuality. Keeping in mind that I am a big fan of great big asses, the round rumps working the meat sticks offered up plenty of stroke material to keep us all busy. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, the light skinned black gal on the upper middle of the front cover, was up first in her hot pink outfit used to accentuate her ass. She provided some extensive tease outside the house as she pranced around; Robby following her with a sharp emphasis on her curvy (if blemished) ass. Once inside, the tease continued in a playful manner, perverted Robby giving her directions on what he wanted her to do until Chris Charming entered the picture. I know Chris is not exactly top tier talent in terms of using his large cock all that well (lacking rhythm being only one of his sins) but he was enthusiastic about working with Aurora so he gave it his all as she slowly let him service her body parts in need of oral attention. He spanked her and oiled her up too, Aurora giving him a better titty fuck than blowjob before climbing on top of him to ride his cock in her ass. He did most of the initial work in this regard, her limited bouncing getting better with time but never as good as she is capable of doing; Aurora looking at the camera too much as if doing the scene strictly for pay. They continued for several positions and he rubbed out a modest load of population pudding onto her ass cheeks, Aurora shaking them before a quick taste of his offering finished up the action.

Scene Two: Misti Love, the curvy gal seen on the middle of the right hand side of the front cover (between Alexis and Adrianna), was up next in a scene with Rico Strong, as Rico begged Robby to assist him in getting her. The "want to be in a video" dynamic ensued with Rico playing an uncharacteristically demur role as Robby talked him up; giving his usual round of baloney to convince Misti that the video, made for a European audience, might be too much for her American sensibilities. Rico was pawing her the whole time and Robby joined in, Misti's "West Coast Cookie Cutter" panties getting both men stoked up. Misti continued to undress as her competitive streak was worked on by the guys, her lips wrapping around Rico's cock as the sex got fully underway. Misti was a pretty fair knob slobber, throwing herself into her work to the delight of Rico, but she took a very long time to actively ride his cock on her roast beef biscuit (waiting until she was on top). By that point in time, she was sufficiently charged up and into the scene but it was just before Rico blew his small wad on her ass cheek. Misti had a look of accomplishment when finished but the level of chemistry was not the best in the series.

Scene Three: Adrianna Nicole, the sexy blond seen on the bottom of the right hand cover (bent over with her ass in the air), was up next in a fetish outfit used to show her ass off before she was stuck working with finicky Chris Charming on the couch. They met her outside and his role was to play a guy with all sorts of issues, treating her like shit as she came onto him. The humor was in how much Robby (as "Jack") wanted her and how much she wanted Chris who, in turn, wanted nothing to do with her. I was put off a bit by the sheer amount of blemishes on her ass but her winning nature and sexually aggressive antics helped me overcome that problem, Adrianna throwing herself on him until he went along with her desires. They kissed, she gave him an impressive if short hummer, and the messy oral led to the pair bumping uglies with the rare comment from Robby. Adrianna was an active rider from the very beginning too, showing the kind of performance that built up her fan base since her career in porn started, the scene ending too quickly as Chris jerked off a modest load of semen to her sweet ass.

Scene Four: Teagan Presley, the gal featured on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next as she modeled her new outfit that she referred to as "slutty". Jack was appreciative as the then-happy contract gal posed for him and freely lifted her skirt to give him a glimpse of heaven; Teagan commenting on how her ass was "back" though she was still sporting her ultra lean look that many have commented on. Frisky Teagan continued providing strokable tease footage when Tyler Wood, her real life significant other, entered the picture as a pizza delivery boy that turned her on. Tyler isn't the biggest guy in porn or the most widely accepted as top talent, but his recent chemistry with Teagan is undeniably solid and I am one of the few that has no problem with her repeatedly working with him as long as she is willing to give her best performances with him. The scenario here was that Teagan would fuck Tyler to "take one for the team" as a trade for the expensive pizza pie. Tyler ate her out as Jack continued his conversation with Teagan, acting almost as if her sex partner wasn't there at times but grunting in appreciation before telling Tyler to "do anything you want". I would have preferred stronger lighting and a lighter outfit but my sources lead me to believe that this was done to flesh her out a bit for broader appeal than "fans like me". Her own oral antics were active too and she gasped as she inhaled Tyler's wood, both of them showing why she was better suited to stick with a cock she liked than explore the multitude of male performers on the market. The vaginal riding was active and Teagan did plenty of taste testing too, a slight fart (pussy fart or ass fart undetermined) taking place before she sat on top of him and begged for him to "please hit me". Teagan was far less active during the anal portion of the ride but her limited vocals ("Yes, yes, yes") were occasionally broken up with some ATM. Teagan looked appropriately slutty and Tyler's tiny wad went to her crotch. The ending was kind of funny too but I won't ruin it for you.

Scene Five: Alexis Texas, the hot blond featured on the right side of the front cover, was up last as the perfect scene to close out the movie with as she took on Scott Nails. Scott brought a "surprise" to Jack in the form of a gal with an ass so large that "it wouldn't fit in the front seat." Her white mesh top was pretty sweet too but her bodacious butt stood out as the thematic lead of the movie, lacking blemishes but not quite as toned as I prefer. Alexis has made her career as a cottage industry of sorts in porn over the last year, no puns about "cottage cheese" need be made by the cranks out there. She wore blue jean shorts and teased the men nicely before the trio went to the study to see her in action. Scott kept pushing for the action to begin and as soon as her ass was uncovered, he stuck his face in her ass to suck her perfect pucker clean. The kidding about who would get to fuck her was cutely played out and Alexis gave a believably heated blowjob to reciprocate, Scott nailing her as soon as she was finished. Alexis was not opening her back door and was not the most active rider of cock in the movie but she was so tight that Scott did not last long at all; the resulting huge blast of bone batter rubbed out all over her rounded rump.

Summary: Jack's Big Ass Show 8 by director Robby D. for Digital Playground showed that with minor exceptions, the amount of delicious flesh on display was incredible, fans of the series needing to see it to believe it. I would have liked better extras and more action in some scenes but the movie was well worth a rating of Recommended for ass aficionados in terms of strokability and replay value, fans of the ladies having plenty to talk about this time. In short, Jack's Big Ass Show 8 was a blast of ass with a great cast so if you're a fan of the series, you will find next month to be hotter than usual thanks to the action here.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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