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Secretary's Day 2

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 5/13/08

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Intro: "Secretary's Day 2" is a feature directed by Keven Moore with a running time well in excess of three hours.

Bottom Line: One of the finest porn flicks I have seen in quite some time!

Smash Pictures continues to cement my opinion of them as one of the finest purveyors of filth in the Valley. The girls are hot. The sex is hot. And even the dialog is pretty enjoyable.

Anyone who's a fan of white girls taking cock on camera should definitely check this vid out.

However, before I continue heaping praise on this film, I have to say that my first experience with it wasn't so good. This DVD refused to play in my computer. Well that's not entirely true, the FBI warning seemed to work ok, but then it completely locked up. I cleaned it, made burnt offering to the porn deities, and pretty much everything else I could think of, but to no avail. Annoying.

Once I fired up my trusty backup, everything was fine, but it made reviewing this vid a real pain. Fortunately, I was rewarded for my trouble. The menu gives us selections for playing the movie and scene selection, but also gives us an option for positions which I always like. The final option was for extras.

Hitting play movie brings us the additional choice of playing with the story or just continuous sex that I thought was a nice option. I choose with story, which brings us to:

Scene 1: Rachel Starr and Alec Knight

Rachel's boss, Kevin Moore himself, steps out for a bit, and she starts snooping around his office to discover (gasp) porn on his computer. She starts watching it, and next thing you know she got her hand down her panties. Surprise! She gets interrupted by a one the firm's important customers coming by to drop of some packages. Alec sweet talks her for a bit, and then presto! He's got his face between her legs.

She then gives him a lovely blowjob along with and a nice titty fuck between those beautiful jugs of hers before the fucking starts.

He fucks her doggy first, and Rachel gives us a great show with that blue ribbon ass of hers. Then we get missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl all on the bosses desk before Alec drops off his final load of the day...right in her mouth. It's all very nice.

This seems as good a place as any to just come right out and say it: Rachel Starr has one of my favorite bods in the biz, and I could hear the angels weeping in Heaven when she announced she wasn't doing boy/girl anymore. I think God might even have had second thoughts about this whole "free will" thing. She looks great in this scene, and gives us some nice dirty talk throughout. It's well lit except there is a bit too much light on her upper half during some of the missionary. You probably won't mind. I didn't.

This is an excellent scene!

Scene 2: Jenna Haze and Johnny Sins -- Anal!

Apparently Rachel's boss wasn't too happy about her productivity because now Jenna's in the hot seat. He tells her he needs to run out, and sternly warns her about messing around with the boy down the hall while he's away. She listens...not at all. In fact, she trots off with Johnny before Kevin even leaves telling him she needs to go potty.

-- sponsored by --

Johnny takes her to the bathroom where she blows him, and he bangs her in missionary on the counter before she runs back to the office. What a fucking tease!! The boss leaves, Johnny shows up, and the amorous couple heads where? Yep, straight to his office! But it's a different office this time around. Promotion? Once there, she blows him some more, then she fucks him cowgirl on the boss' chair. After that, we get some nice standing fucking, then doggy on the desk after which Jenna announces that she's horny in her butt too. Nice.

Johnny makes the backdoor delivery for Miss Haze in reverse cowgirl followed by missionary. Ah, I remember Jenna's first anal scene with Randy West. They grow up so fast! She gives Johnny a nice, long scenic tour of her colon before he pops on her tummy, but Kevin must have dozed off for a minute because we actually miss the first part of the pop. Bad director, bad!

Jenna looks awesomely cute and fuckable throughout this scene and talks dirty to Johnny the whole time. The sex is heated and well shot. And we even get to see the bottoms of her feet a few times. Sweet!

This is also an excellent -- and quite long -- scene.

Scene 3: Jenna Haze and Kevin Moore

Unfortunately, the boss walks in while our two office workers from scene 2 are putting their clothes back on. Obviously not too happy about the DNA strewn all over his desk, he sits Miss Haze down for a stern talking to. She pleads for her job, and of course, his dick ends up in her mouth proving, once again, that it's good to be the pornographer.

But since a blowjob is all we get in this scene, this seems like the right place to mention that Miss Haze's cocksucking, while admirably enthusiastic, is rather one dimensional and hasn't changed a lick since her first scene all those years ago. It'd be nice to see her stretch her throat muscles out a bit at the very least. Kinda like she's done with her sphincters. Again, I do know a patient and diligent blowjob coach if Jenna is interested in expanding her skill set, but regardless she sure is cute on her knees!

A decent scene.

Scene 4: Rebeca Linares, Jenny Hendrix, and Tom Byron

Rebeca, the oh-so-cute Spanish girl, is Tom's new secretary, but it seems like she's not working out too well because her English is not so good. Jenny Hendrix, -- a hot slutty looking blonde, uh, slut -- barges right past her into Tom's office and informs him that he has illegals working for him. Rebeca comes in hot on her heels to find out what the deal is. Jenny asks her for her ID and a tiff ensues. It's pretty cute, and I have no problem imagining that both these girls can be real hellcats when they don't get their way. Tom kicks back and enjoys the action as Rebeca manages to tear Jenny's shirt off. Suddenly, Jenny kisses her, and asks her how bad she'd like to stay in the country. In a flash, Rebeca's head is between Jenny's legs while Tom strokes his dick. Jenny's very good at being a bossy bitch, and I found the setup for this scene extremely entertaining. And you will definitely not hear me say that very often.

Minutes later, both girls are on their knees having a cocksucking contest on Tom's lucky rod. Jenny has an amazing throat, but Rebeca's the better ball sucker. Both girls are A-list fellators, and all in all, I'd have to say it's a tie. But since everybody hates a those, I'd suggest a tiebreaker. My place. Anytime.

The action moves to a couch conveniently located in Tom's office where the dick sucking continues for bit before Jenny saddles up in cowgirl. She savors Tom's meat like a cock crazed cooze that's been in a cage for the last two months, and delivers some fucking that stands out even in a flick filled with fine fornicating.

After cowgirl, she takes it doggy while she licks and sucks Rebeca's asshole as both girls continue their little power struggle to be the dom. Next up Jenny bucks her hips and nuts for us in reverse cowgirl. All very hot!

Not to be outdone, Rebeca announces that she can cum with a cock in her ass, so Tom gets to take a trip up the old dirt road. First in missionary, then in reverse cowgirl while he eats Jenny's ass, and finally in doggy. Rebeca is just uber cute as always and shows Jenny how a real muy caliente ass whore makes her money before Tom unleashes a prodigious but somewhat wild pitch in the general direction of their faces. Damn.

After the jizz settles, Jenny tells Rebeca that she's earned her ID, and can keep her job to which Rebeca replies that she had her ID all along and just wanted to fuck. Good girl!

This is a smokin' hot scene!

Scene 5: Dakota Brooks and Mark Wood

Kevin tells Dakota, and cute young brunette, that Mark is a big client and as an intern it's very important that she keeps him happy. You can probably see where this is headed...

Once in the two are alone in the meeting room, Mark expresses his dissatisfaction with the handling of his account. Dakota tells Mark she'll do anything to keep his business, and in a flash his penis is in her pie hole. She sucks pretty well with some nice ball cradling and a some impressive throating later on.

Then she mounts him in cowgirl on a chair before Mark fucks the piss out of her in missionary on the table. Then we get some doggy on another chair and finally Mark pops all over her glasses and pretty face.

We get good performances all the way around here with Mr. Wood doing his usual competent job of drilling. It's all well shot, but the lighting was, if anything, a bit too much in parts.

A good scene.

Scene 6: Tori Black and Rico Strong

Tori is a hot, nineteen year old brunette with a serious taste for dark meat, as you might have guessed from her name. And she gets plenty of it in this scene. Rico gets to interview her for a secretarial position with the firm. Tori is very hot in her professional skirt with her long legs hangin' out the bottom. But her interviewing skills could use some work. She sits with her legs uncrossed in spite of the skirt, fidgets constantly, keeps her hands clasped nervously in front of her, and sits with her shoulders hunched forward. Fortunately for us, this is the only area in which her skills are deficient! She admits she doesn't have a lot of experience, but you know, she's a quick learner. Oh, and of course, she's a people person too... Rico asks her how bad she needs the job, and next thing ya know, his dick is in her mouth. Tori delivers a slow photogenic blowjob complete with some gagging and nutsack nibbling, but it doesn't last very long.

Then Rico fills her fornix in standing doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl before he squeezes a meager amount of jizz onto her glasses.

Tori keeps up a steady stream of dirty talk during the scene, but it's a bit repetitive. Not to pick on Miss Black as this is a common problem among porn girls. The solution? They need to go watch some Kelly Wells or anything Tory Lane has done recently. Now there are two girls who really know how to talk dirty!

Anyway, Tori enjoys her black dick and looks great taking it. Rico fucks her for a bit with her legs together and this never really films well. Also, Tori leans forward for a while in reverse cowgirl which I'm sure looked great from Rico's point of view, but we really don't get to see it. Nonetheless, it's all pretty hot.

A good scene.

Audio/Video: This flick is all 4:3 fullscreen and the audio is stereo. The sex and dialog are sometimes at quite different levels though.

DVD Extras: We get some behind the scenes, a photo gallery, and some Smash trailers.

Final Thoughts: An excellent porn flick! Buy and enjoy...

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