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Kent North Collection

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/13/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2006 and 2006

Director:Steven Scraborough

Cast:Kent North, Shane Rollins, Trevor Knight, Nick Piston, Thom Barron, Nick Horn, Rafael Alencar, Marc Williams, Jed Wilcox, Jason Kingsly, Marco Paris, Rod Barry, Martin Mazza, Antonio Roca, Carlos Morales, and Dean Tucker

Body Types:buff muscle boys, guys with tattoos


Things to see:outdoor sex, orgies, gang bang, dirty talk, spit play, double penetrations

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Looking like a former surfer boy from California, Kent North would be the type of guy who smiles at you while you shop for groceries.  If you are lucky enough to get invited back to his place, though, be prepared to experience one hell of an accommodating asshole.  His well-stretched asshole has seen more action in the past years than most of us will experience in our entire life.   Whether being gang raped by a group of prison thugs or screwing himself with a mini version of a safety cone, Kent is looking for the some deep fucking action.  Perhaps it's Kent's handsome, if not innocent looks, that make his sex pig attitude work so well.  In addition to his handsome body, he also has a lovely Australian accent.  Truth be told, Kent seems like he would be a nice guy, but I'm not so sure that I would trust him being left alone with large vegetables like cucumbers and carrots.

Taken from a variety of Hot House films (Mischief, The Missing, At your Service, Justice and Blue) this compilation will appeal to those of you looking for slightly rougher action than most of gay porn.  Most of the scenes are reliable porn scenarios like frisky friends by the pool or the stereotypical hotel clerk who is willing to do anything to make the customer feel welcome during their stay.  The prison gang rape scene, however, is a whole different experience.   Kent is first seen restrained in a leather harness, unable to move his arms or body.  While another slave boy is fucked mercilessly, Kent is fed dick until he is set free.   The action eventually progresses to a seriously rough gang bang for poor Trent's exhausted hole.  When he tries to break away, the guys keep returning for more and even hold him down so that he can "take it like a man."  With spit play and some seriously aggressive action, this won't be every person's cup of tea.  However, each of the six scenes in this compilation is diverse enough that there will be plenty for you to watch and enjoy.

Scene one: Mischief, starring Marco Paris, Jason Kingsley, Jed Willcox, and Kent North

In the pool, Kent and his friend squirt water on two guys tanning beside the pool.  Seeking to teach the pranksters a lesson, the hunky hotel patrons jump into the pool to join in on the splashing fun.  The water play apparently works to ignite their erotic feeling for each other because they all start to make out.  In the hot Palm Spring sun, Kent and his pal orally service the other guys.  Rimming follows before Trent and his pal are screwed by the two hunky lads.  The two bottoms occasionally try to kiss each other while they watch the other one get fucked (hot!).  More fucking and sucking takes place after that before all four of the guys shoot off some nice loads. 

Scene two: The Missing, starring Nick Piston, Shane Rollins, Trevor Knight, Rod Barry, and Kent North

After some demeaning trash talk, Kent is brought into the holding cell, strapped into a full body leather harness.  Unable to move, he is forced to suck cock and rim, while another couple of inmates screw another slave boy.  Kent is eventually let free and allowed to use his hands, not just his mouth.  The inmates then line up to take multiple turns fucking Kent's hole.  They treat him like a bitch and Kent looks exhausted at the end.  Some of the guys shoot their loads onto Kent, though they aren't done with his well lubed hole.  After that, the other slave boy receives a double penetration and some other inmates are screwed.  Kent ultimately gives one guy a facial, and some of the guys shoot all over the place.  Finally, the other sex pig is penetrated by a huge black dildo and strokes himself towards a climax.  Some of the other inmates let loose their loads as well, watching the action.  This scene went on for too long, but there is a whole lot of aggressive action. 

Scene three: At Your Service, starring Nick Piston, Thom Barron and Kent North

Sweeping in the garden, two guests confront Kent about the hotel's lack of quality.  Kent is eager to make it up to the patrons, so he offers to suck on their dicks.  Soon, all three of the guys can't keep their hands off of each other, with lots of rimming and blowjobs for all.  Kent then climbs onto Nick's "piston" in a straddle style.  Once Kent's hole is ready, Thom enters Kent's hole as well.  Both guys fuck Kent well, with lots of serious thrusting.  After that, Nick is fucked by Thom and tag teamed.  Eventually, both of the formerly disgruntled hotel patrons shoot their loads onto Kent's chest. 

Scene four: At Your Service, solo with Kent North

Kent discovers a hidden stash of dildos and lube underneath a towel.  Kent can't resist the temptation, so he decides to lube himself up and and begins to stretch his hole with his own fingers.  He then penetrates himself with a huge dildo.  Once his hole is wide open, he shove in an even larger red dildo.  It's quite impressive how far he can shove that toy in!  Finally, once he screws himself in a straddle position, he blows a tiny load onto his chest.  This scene is less hot than it is amazing for the footage of Kent's hole swallowing the big dildo. 

Scene five: Justice, starring Carlos Morales, Nick Horn, and Kent North

In a prison hospital, a patient is brought in for medical help because he can't seem to get rid of his hard on.  Dr. Kent pulls down Nick's pants, asses the situation and then tells nurse Carlos to to get down on the guy's dick.  The medical staff stimulate the patient in just the right ways; Carlos rims while Kent gives the guy head.  Dr. Kent then sucks on each guy's hard member.  Carlos is eager to fuck Ken's legendary hole, so Kent bends over for a slight prick.  Nick then screws Carlos, followed by Nick fucking Kent, and then concluding with a fucking chain-gang. To help everyone get off, Carlos and Kent hold their legs up in the air for Nick.  Nick then proceeds to simultaneously fuck Carlos, while he probes Kent's hole with a big dildo.  All the guys spray their loads at the end. 

Scene six: Blue, starring Marc Williams, Rafael Alencar, and Kent North

In a warehouse environment, Kent orally services Marc's big black cock while Rafael watches.  Rafael then comes over to join in on the fun.  The action progresses to Kent being tag teamed by the big dick duo.  Kent is then bent upward so that his ass is held high in the air.  Each of the guys take their turn fucking Trent's hole, sometimes fucking him at the same time.  Eventually Marc and Rafael shoot their cum onto Kent's hole region, forming a man made semen lake.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is colorful and sharp.  Each scene is well lit and bright.  Overall the image is great. 


Standard stereo sound  won't get most people excited, but the sound mix is fine and most (if not all) of the action and dialog can be heard. 


Extras are slim, including a gallery and scene selection.

Final thoughts:

Your likelihood to buy the Kent North Collectionwill depend on what you find to be hot.  It you like watching rough sex and deep dildo play, then this might be just what you are looking for.  However, if gang-bang rape and double penetrations aren't appealing then you might want to look elsewhere.  Overall, this is a good title and it easily comes with a recommended rating. 

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