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Robert Van Damme Collection

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/14/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:2005 and 2006

Director:Steven Scarborough

Cast:Robert Van Damme, Francisco D'Macho, Alex Collack, Jason Ridge, Shane Rollins, Tony Mecelli, Alex Fuerte, Jason Kingsley, Thom Barron and Marko Hansom

Body Types:buff guys (late 20's to 30's), guys with tattoos


Things to see:threesomes, outdoor sex, cops, dildo play, spit play

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

The Hot House exclusive model Robert Van Damme stars in his first compilation DVD.  Culled from several Hot House films (At your service, Trunks 2, Manhunt 2.0, Justice, Black, and Full Throttle) Robert screws pool-boys, a masseuse, a leather daddy, and several other gay porn stereotypes.   Never bottoming, but eager to give guys head, Robert brings his charisma and good looks to each scene.  Looking like a mixture of Peter North and David Duchovny, Peter is tall, very buff, tan, and has a very pretty uncut dick.  Though he isn't very convincing at playing an aggressive leather daddy (mostly due to his boyish good looks) he soars at simply playing a hot guy who is willing to have sex and make sure that everyone gets off.  It's not uncommon to find him sucking on a bottom's dick or rim an ass for the sake of bringing excitement to the scene.  As a result, the threesomes in this compilation are erotic and very entertaining.

The assortment of scenes are all quite good, with a few approaching steamy perfection.  The scene from Justicewas absolutely hot due to the aggressive sexual awakening of a suspect being interrogated by two hunky cops.  In this scenario, the suspect is a feisty little prick who taunts the cops and is unwilling to give the cops the information they are looking for.  Knowing when to assert their authority, the cops force the little punk to suck on their dicks.  Convincing verbal protests follow, until the suspect gives in an finds that he enjoys himself.  While this scenario has been played out before, here the sex is scorching hot and Robert Van Damme looks like he was born to play a cop.  Another good scene is the threesome from At your service.  Here, Robert tag teams with Thom Barron in this sensual threesome.  While all the men are there to get their rocks off, they don't mind helping each other to achieve plenty of pleasure.  Unlike most threesomes I have reviewed, this one shines brightly with good staging and simply good sex.

Here is a breakdown of each scene:

Scene one: At your service, starring Alex Collack, Thom Barron, and Robert Van Damme

Enjoying their drinks by the pool, Robert and Thom watch the hunky Alex emerge from the water and start to dry off.  Alex strips off his wet shorts and allows his admirer's to suck on his "swimmers trunk."  Eventually, all three guys form a blow job chain-gang next to the pool.  Rimming and more sucking continues until it's time for Thom to screw Alex's perky hole.  After some tag teaming, all three guys form a chain-gang fuck.  Even more hole switching occurs when Alex fucks Thom and rims his hairless hole.  At the end, Alex spurts out his load (while being screwed some more), Thom busts his nut on the ground, and Robert's cumshot lands near Alex.  This was a very nice way to start out the compilation! 

Scene two: Trunks 2, starring Jason Ridge, Jason Kingsley, and Robert Van Damme

At another pool location, three perfect specimens of manhood tan in the sun, wearing some incredibly revealing Speedos.  All three of the guys gently play with their hard members before revealing them for our enjoyment.  After a quick cut, we find all three actors engaged in some sunny dick sucking followed by a rimming chain-gang.  After that, Jason Kingsley is tag teamed by the two lucky lads.  Both Robert, and the other Jason, fuck and tag team him into submission.  Finally, the guys spray their semen all over the place.  This was a sweaty sex scene that will make you wish you also had a pool (and the sexy guys that come with it). 

Scene three: Manhunt 2.0, starring Alex Fuerte and Robert Van Damme

Alex, a hunky masseur (with incredibly huge arms), tells Robert to undress for him so that he can give him a professional massage.  Robert quickly strips down to his undies and lies down on the massage table.  Alex massages his back but then can't resist to remove Robert's underwear.  The naked massage progresses further when Alex starts to rim Robert's hole and suck on his uncut dick.  Robert then gives Alex some head before fucking him on the table.  The scene ends when Robert's balls are licked until he shoots strings of semen onto Alex's chest. 

Scene four: Justice, starring Shane Rollins, Tony Mecelli, and Robert Van Damme

Two beefy cops handcuff a suspect and bring him in for some "justice."  Back at the precinct, the cops begin to interrogate him.  When the suspect gets unruly, the cops decide to teach him some respect.  He protests but the cops force him to suck on their dicks.  Deputy Robert aggressively holds open the guy's mouth and even holds his nose so that his mouth will remain open.  Eventually the suspect starts to enjoy the taste of cock in his mouth.  Sensing a change in the suspect's behavior, Robert sucks on the convict's dick.  Robert then puts on some gloves to give a cavity search with his tongue and finger. After that, the cops tag team the thug.  During the fucking, the suspect starts to show his true colors; he's a little sex pig.  During the screwing, Robert jacks off the suspect to a messy finale, followed by two loads from the cops.  What could have been a stereotypical cop scene was in fact an extremely hot sexual awakening for a straight thug. 

Scene five: Black, starring Francesco D'macho and Robert Van Damme

In leather gear resembling something out of Conan, the muscled hunks flex their muscles in front of each other.  Francesco is the first to plunge into oral sex, sucking on Robert's pole.  Francesco then has his hole rimmed and stretched before Robert shoves in his latex sheathed cock.  Robert then pulls out a thick dildo for Francesco to ride.  Robert gleefully fucks him with the toy and sucks on Fran's dick.  From a different angle, Robert really pumps the dildo far into Francesco's ass.  Finally, the guys jack off to some creamy finales, watching each other. 

Scene six: Full Throttle, starring Marko Hansom and Robert Van Damme

Sanding down some metal (without protective glasses) in his workshop, a coworker starts to check out Robert's "tool."  Sensing that Marko wants something from him, he pulls out his cock and let's Marko have his way with him.  Marko also receives some oral attention.  Next, Robert screws Marko's well lubed hole.  Eventually the cum shots start flying, with Marko receiving a pearl necklace, followed by Robert eating some of his own jizz.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is sharp, colorful and perfectly lit.  All of the action can be seem.  Good job!

Sound: The sound suffered from some difficult to understand dialogue in a few scenes.  This was probably due to the microphone being too far away from the actor.


Extras are slim, consisting of scene selection and a photo gallery

Final thoughts:

Robert Van Damme is a handsome porn star.  He has a great body, a nice tan, and a pleasant uncut dick.  His acting is subdued, but he's always eager to make sure that his coworkers get off along with him.  There are a variety of scenes that may appeal to any particular fetish you may have, from cops to leather daddies.  All of the scenes are staged well and a sight to behold.  Therefore, this title easily comes with a recommended rating.  If you like Robert Van Damme, then this DVD should be appealing to you.

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