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Rocco's Intimacy 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 5/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Rocco's Intimacy 2
An Evil Angel Picture Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Starring  Gabanna, Lerica, Yula, Bac, Anna, Madison, Trisha, Yulia & Dana.
With Rocco Siffredi!
Runtime:  2hrs 44min
Condoms:  Yes (Scenes 3 & 7 only)

In Brief:  Living legend Rocco Siffredi continues his Intimacy series during a visit to St. Petersburg, armed with a hand-held camcorder and his big dick slung over his shoulder.  Fans of POV-style shooting will delight in Rocco's dutiful camera work, which sometimes could be mistaken for a well-produced celebrity sex tape (with lots of care for framing, lighting, and especially his choice in keen girls!).  Part of the fun in seeing Rocco indulge himself with his choice of amateur-level ladies is the thrill of the hunt, as well as seeing just what each girl is capable of in his grips.  Though Mr. Siffredi is known for his rougher style, the heaviest hand tossing is doled out in light smacks, and only as the occasion tickles his particular fancy.  Shot in a hotel room, the one-on-one privacy is somewhat hermetic, with Rocco's baritone leading the action up to the very end.  Let's get this thing started!

Scene One:  Gabanna  (with Rocco)

Wrapped in a fur-lined coat, airy Gabanna makes short work of her layers of clothes, allowing Rocco the chance to pull down her tank top and bra, revealing a slender set of curves beneath.  Her hat becomes a point of contention, though she manages to keep it planted on her head as long as possible (even later, it returns mid-fuck). 

Rocco then pulls down her pants with a firm tug, gazing in awe at her downy brown pelt between her hips.  She willfully bends over and spreads her tuft of goods for him, getting licked from front to back as Rocco shifts the camera to catch her reaction - a tiny smile.  She wiggles a finger above her pussy, sitting up to nosh quietly on Rocco's sword, her big eyes staring longingly up at him from time to time.  Gabanna only manages a few inches down her tiny mouth, but she does repeat Rocco's pleads, telling him to "please fuck me."  Settling back, Gabanna spreads open for missionary, a banging that is immediately accompanied by a reddening amount of slapping a choking.  The action flows to the floor, where Gabanna does a two-step of standard and reverse cowgirl, swilling a few swigs of Rocco's knob in breaks.  

A continuing play of missionary leads to a bit of lip and dick play, with Rocco pulling off one of her neon green socks to immerse his nose into her arch.  Despite Gabanna's mostly quiet performance, he drops a few doses of launch fuel into her mouth, the bulk falling down her knuckle and knees (she swallows all she can).  Comically, she finds her fedora, standing up, and breaks into a Broadway-style hats-off as Rocco pulls back to take it all in.
While her performance is slightly dazed and somewhat blank, Gabanna took every thump and slap with a happy face, enduring the soft pummeling with a fair amount of enjoyment. 

Scene Two:  Lerica  (with Rocco)

Stormy weathered Lerica cuts Rocco's introductory small talk short, taking her clothes off with swiftness and a spirit eager to show him exactly what she's made of.  Down to her undies, she turns her ass out at the edge of the bed, letting Rocco go down and out between her cracks, flipping over for more oral action, and finally meeting his dick face to face (erm, mouth). 

He sets the camera down to capture their ensuing 69, with a small bout of face-sitting upon him, ending the scene in a balls deep blow job in close-up.  Rocco tickles Lerica's throat a handful of times, clocking a fountain of warm juice down the edges of his gripped hand with a few solid jerks.  Lerica submerges the melange, hard, with a dewy sheen of sweat covering her grinning face.  They fall into friendly pillow talk, the deed done, which is kind of cute, actually!  A brief scene, with Lerica's quick and deadly lip lunging bringing Rocco to a harried climax.  And even though she cuts to business from the outset, Lerica glows with a warmness by the end of the sequence.  Quite nice!

Scene Three:  Yula  (with Rocco)

Buzzing like a hummingbird, eager Yula nervously giggles and clucks out her back story (student, works out 5 hours a day, likes to wear boots) as she winds her way out of her layers of outfit.  Her fidgety nature is all but erased as she offers Rocco a taste of her cherry of an ass, gliding her manicured nails across her bare pussy and leaning forward to vacuum up his stiff rod.  Rocco lays on the bed for even more oral, prompting Yula to make out with his brown hole and stick a few of her lucky fingers into the circle; he goes nuts, of course!  At one point, Rocco crushes his thighs and Yula's head as she twaddles his balls around with her tongue, her hair already messy from the short struggle! 

She affixes a condom to his prick before riding him in cowgirl, flipping for a reverse run, and into an all-fours doggy style play, causing Rocco to pop off inside of her.  He leaves dock and pulls her to the corner of the bed, upturning her head to feed her his collection of ivory froth like a baby bird - Yula gladly accepts!  Her overall energy veers into the spastic range during the scene, though Rocco's fucking style probably accounts for at least half of that spaniel-style floppery (I think).  What is clear is that Yula is having a great time with her partner, stuttering out screams and pangs of incessant glories.  And I would assume all that working out stiffened her adrenaline flow, too!  Time to renew my gym membership.

Scene Four:  Bac  (with Rocco)

-- sponsored by --

Rocco tends to utter the phrase "oh mai gahd" quite frequently, and no other girl on the disc earns that wiley designation more than the mysteriously named Bac, which I assume is short for a longer, less pronunciation-struggling moniker.  Understanding no English whatsoever, Bac instead opts to translate her truest feelings into action, which is something Rocco understands 100%.  She arrives trussed in a bathrobe, the folds soon dropped down to the floor, revealing a lithe and skinny pink form not unlike the nymphets of yore, her every feature tall and extended, from her fingers down to her feet.  Bac exudes a sunny disposition as Rocco sways in front of her, intaking his mushroom head with one of her hands and an open mouth, carrying on to the bed, where she displays her slenderest qualities for Rocco to dive into, so deeply and deviantly.

Rocco nibbles her dangling feet, kissing her cheeks like a prize-winning loaf of risen dough, snuggling his nose and chin into her ass and slit cracks before sticking his bone inside of her.  The camera, on a dresser, takes it all in as the doggy keeps Bac bouncing along, shutting up to slobber Rocco's knob as his hands hold her head tight, forcing a few more inches into her precious mouth.  On the floor (and back to POV), the two continue the pumping in standard and reverse cowgirl, Bac's free-flowing hair hitting her shoulders with each stride, her face contorted in a delicious twist of sweet release and libido plucking.  After a second cowgirl play, Bac rubs Rocco's cock with the sole of her outstretched foot, winnowing away until she paws a final blow job run at a steady pace.

Rocco creams down the recesses of Bac's coiled fingers, landing a few drops on his own stomach as she glows in a post-coital haze of sexual smoke.  She spiders her soiled hand for the camera, elbows on the bed, and both she and her partner seem more than pleased with the end result.  As she aways to the bathroom for clean up, Rocco turns the camera on himself, the self-shooter equivalent of "somebody, pinch me!".  This is the type of amateur gold that keeps me going, truly, with Bac's delectable effort and will to get off, as well as every centimeter of her fresh-faced looks, making it all immensely worthwhile.  Uber-cuteness: get it while it's hot, while it's here, and don't ever let go!

Scene Five:  Anna (with Rocco)

Anna brings a mostly passive mood the room once she enters, though warms up, cocktail party-style, with a small bit of conversation and tit-baring.  She and Rocco stir a good amount of report, a subtle cat and mouse that begins with a few kisses and clothed strokes, almost spoiled by Rocco's overly eager hands (she actually swats him away, cooly guiding him, in unspoken terms, to slow down).  Foreplay is something Anna seems to crave, and that is exactly what she gets!  The lip locking goes quite sensually, with Rocco studying her newly peeled-away features with his forceful gaze, soon focused on Anna's quivering quim and bare feet.  He juts a few fingers, clicking out a few light screams from his subject, hammering into her hard as she barely gains composure to kiss his lips.  She parlays an affectionate blow job onto her partner, slathering the joint up for toe-curlingly great missionary, bedside.  The position delves into a deeper pile driver assault, going into standard cowgirl, and immediately followed by a tongue taste and nipple slapping session.

Doggy and reverse cowgirl keep the action on high, and Anna bends down to suck on Rocco's burly toes, leading into a final missionary run before our son pops off streaks across Anna's eyeball-turning face, circled mouth and even a few shots into her brow.  She devours the couple of hits of seed that landed in between her lips, lost in a few hued giggles and cackles of joy.  She bundles her hair up and carries herself away to clean up, with Rocco following her all the way to the sink.  Quite an impressive scene, with Rocco slowing down his usual methods in respect to the lovely Anna, keeping the chemistry level to the brink throughout, and all for the better!  As well, Anna is relatively fearless in her sexual voracity, and isn't afraid to let herself go wild with desire.  Just plain great!

Scene Six:  Madison  (with Rocco)

After a languid meet-up along a sidewalk, Rocco picks up Madison, who takes him back to her place for a private session of strip-down and a little chat.  The undressing, as the cold weather permits, takes a bulk of time up, though the riches gained underneath are so very worth it.

Madison's ass is a thing of beauty, happiness personified (assonified?).  It's exquisite!  Just look at it!  Rocco almost loses his marbles as he guides his camera around Madison's softest features, as well as her handsomely gorgeous face.  She sits and pulls back her g-string, prompting Rocco to dine exclusively on her kitty, shifting our girl to pert her ass up high (and for him to sample her salacious back door).  Madison cuddles his prick between her lips and tongue for a few moments, leading to a possible back door entry for just a few strokes (Rocco's excited state blurs the accuracy of the targeted hole, though given what happens next, it was probably in analville).  He pulls back and asks Madison, "do you know why I can't fuck you?"  "Why?" our lady of broken dialect sweetly asks.  "Because you are too beautiful" says Rocco, as he shoots a firm arrow of load across Madison's hardly squinting face.  She seems confused by Rocco's answer, but not by the strewn sperm, with which she stirs across her face with his exhausted wang.  It's all okay soon enough, and frankly, Madison is flattered!

I do, honestly, believe Rocco when he gave his reason for not fucking Madison: the girl is too fabulous for words (English-spoken or not!).  Her looks are certainly skilled enough to pay the bills, and hopefully a future visit by our man will be in order, or else I will probably cry.  Or even better, I'll just keep myself in the Province of Blueballs and watch this scene over and over and over again.  If I had a free hand, I would be biting it, RIGHT NOW!

Scene Seven: Trisha  (with Rocco)

I'm pretty sure that the girls of middle america I once lusted after in my youth were somehow cloned within the nations of Europe, and I think Trisha is the best evidence of my conspiracy theory.  Of course, my version didn't include dragon tattoos (or maybe it did...), but it did include an enjoyable amount of fucking, as Rocco soon finds out.  Scuttling out of her tight bands of clothing, Trisha sports a modestly frilly pair of underwear, which Rocco pulls back like a stage curtain.

Trisha's asshole is a clean little dot, and one that Rocco encircles with a few of his lucky fingers.  Glancing underneath a nearby pillow, she finds a flesh-colored dildo, which she wields with a somewhat embarrassed look on her face.  Slid down into the cushions of the couch, Trisha twiddles her clit a bit before giving Rocco anchored oral pleasure.  Her method is mostly hand based, with a little mouth dipping for variation, and the action continues as she kneels down on the floor.  She almost pushes the wand to the hilt of Rocco's ball sack, but comes up for air long enough to strap a condom on his dick, readying it for standard cowgirl action.  A bit more jerking leads Rocco to flow a tepid stream down Trisha, and his, grip, the results of which she plays for a short time before the final fade-out.

Though Trisha puts forth a decent effort here, she keeps mostly quiet throughout, shifting back and forth from total interest to apathetic whimsy, and all areas in between.  Rocco's soft spurt seems indicative of this, as even his will seems to be on the fence, despite Trisha's cute physical attributes.  The overall restraint, however, dents the scene's vehicle considerably, and I'm surprised that the car didn't stop and die completely.

Scene Eight: Yulia  (with Rocco)

As Bac showed us earlier, these Euro girls really can look younger and younger, leaving us to wonder what miracle cures or foods feed such perky and bright young beauties (but that's what model releases and porn laws are all about, I suppose).  Still, I felt pangs of guilt even seeing Yulia (change the "Y" to a "J", perhaps) dash into Rocco's rented room, taking off her clothes and preening herself into poses almost from moment one.   Her English skills puff out the words "blow job" when Rocco asks what she prefers to do to the opposite sex, and that is exactly what he gets.  Once naked (except for a pair of neon pink socks), Yulia opens her braced mouth and chokes down Rocco's meat, pausing for huge inhales and crowns of spit dripping from the corners of her lips.

This treatment gains speed over the course of a few minutes, causing Yulia to become red faced and dizzy, and Rocco shoots his stars in an array across her heaving chest.  She combs the pulsing head of his saber with her equally throbbed tongue, lapping and pushing her tits together in a kind of revelry that seems rarer day by day by day.  Any girl that can make short work of Rocco Siffredi is a cyclone unto herself, and Yulia fits the bill to a perfect "T".  So dirty, so so dirty...

*Bonus Features*

First and foremost, an extra, full-length 27-minute scene with Dana heads off the section with a nice bang.  After arriving in Rocco's room, the two exchange pleasantries about phone etiquette, leading to a pull-off of Dana's cotton clothing.  Like Trisha, she also sports a dragon tattoo close to her glovebox, though Dana's bright white undies, I felt, should have gotten more coverage for the normalcy of such a garment (take note, world!).  She flashes and taunts Rocco with her bare, chewy pussy lips, leaning down to blow hard on Rocco's erect penis.

Cramming in whatever length of his shaft she can, Dana opt to head further southward, running her barbelled tongue between Rocco's buttcheeks, soon stuffing her fingers inside his ass and sucking on her traveling fingers.  The ass worship continues for a quite a time, followed by a now condom-sported Rocco to entertain Dana in classic cowgirl.  The steady pulse graduates to a reversed run, as well as another swig of his dick in between, the camera now placed bedside for a full-body capture.  Missionary continues their journey, with Rocco holding Dana's legs together and above the clouds, soon pumping down hard into her pussy while slapping her face with an equal amount of aplomb.  The fury escalates to a climax inside of her, though the joyous occasion is interrupted by a ringing cellphone (irony, defined), and Rocco standing in front of the lens, a full-bodied bag of demon seed hanging from his sheathed wang.  Dana gathers herself up, and the scene is finished.  Her enthusiasm isn't incredibly vocal, though her willingness to go down below and tickle Rocco's prostate was fine enough for me, as well as her massive missionary plight at the end of the act.

Additionally, a Photo Gallery (stills from the video), Cast List, Biography and Filmography (for Rocco), and the usual Website links bring the section to a close.  A few trailers would have been nice, but the bonus scene is well enough for a peek.

Audio/Visual Quality
The feature was presented in full-frame, 1.33:1 standard aspect ratio, which looks fine enough on a tube set, but may suffer the occasional bit of low and high lighting that comes with filming on a consumer-end hand held camera.  Though his tools may seem rudimentary, Rocco's camera work is all quite professional (unless, as in a few minor instances, his desires leave his hands shaky, near climax-time, but that's totally understandable), with the palate keeping a mostly honey-colored varietal throughout.  While most of the lighting is source (lamps), the additional outdoor light shifts the color to a blueish and white range, though the overall scheme is pretty close to natural, given the circumstances.  The audio track is a standard 2.0 channel stereo (I would have figured mono, honestly), and the mostly POV nature of the shooting keeps the utterances and screams gracefully and without detriment.  If it had been filmed by anyone else, the results probably would have been staggeringly weak, but Rocco is well traveled, and it shows in both sound and picture quality.  Nice!

The Final Countdown
With the multitudes of near-amateur self-shooter POV material out there, I am glad to call Rocco a hero among the throng of can't and won't-evers, as his shoots feature more undiscovered Euro-centric babes with a truly realistic bent to the overall quality.  Though a few scenes pass by quickly, the proof of love and care is never lost, even as Rocco lays out a flurry of face slaps from time to time (playfully, that is!).  Even if a few of the girls seem out of touch with their horny suitor, the efforts put forth overall are worth recommending, especially if you prefer natural, possibly one-time-only performers who speak dialects that could leave non-natives breathless.  Bac's humble loveliness, or Anna's soft-shelled coyness, and even Yula's nervous chattering are all beautiful for what they are, and would probably be passed up by most scouts as "too much ________" or "not enough ________".  Thankfully, Rocco has come around to share his private adventures with the rest of us, and I can't praise him enough!

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